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  1. Are you so <banned word filter activated> dense that you don't understand that, for example, 1% = 100*0.01%, meaning that there are 100 times as many Sikhs susceptible to getting attacked, but 1% and 0.01% are both very small percentages?
  2. In no way are a "majority of arrivals" in the Richmond Hill area Sikh. Did anybody in this thread suggest that? In your other post, you asked "Where's the fear of numbers?" What numbers are you even talking about?
  3. Who said it is a "stronghold?" Just because an area has relatively more Sikhs than other areas, that doesn't mean that Sikhs have large numbers there. Sikhs have tiny numbers everywhere in the US. They are just slightly less tiny in certain areas.
  4. Sikhs are targeted and attacked at relatively high rates everywhere in the US. You hear about it happening more in certain areas because those areas have more Sikhs to attack.
  5. The Richmond Hill area is the only area in NYC that has a substantial Punjabi population. It is not known to be a dangerous place. Punjabis move there for the same reasons they move to areas with relatively large populations in the UK (or Canada, or any other country).
  6. I bet their families were thankful that at least they were cohabiting with other "Sikhs." I have a Canadian cousin who lives with his widowed mother --- and his Vietnamese girlfriend. But hey, at least he didn't move out of the house!
  7. I am actually generally very skeptical of Sikhs who fit this description. I find that more often than not, it is just a phase that they are going through, and once the novelty wears off they will revert to form.
  8. I don't doubt you are right about the "pockets" in the UK. But I must say that, generally speaking, I was very surprised when I learned how lax most UK Punjabi families appeared to be with their children. Families tolerating their sons and daughters (!) being out late partying and coming home in the middle of the night. Girls drinking openly in front of their parents at parties. Girls wearing revealing clothing while still living at home. When I was growing up, no Punjabis who still lived with their family could get away with that. They could only do it by moving out of the house. Anyway,
  9. The "decent Punjabi culture" you speak of doesn't appear to exist in any substantial way today. Anyway, Punjabis (and Indians more generally) lack critical thinking skills, and that is probably partially due to the intolerance for out-of-the-box thinking that you point out (and lack of promotion of creativity more generally, I would argue).
  10. This is a good point. I have known many elderly Sikhs who partake in certain Hindu rituals and believe in certain Hindu superstitions. I am convinced that many Sikhs have Hindu roots that are much more recent than most people would imagine. There are lots of signs of this. For example, I have met some people whose ancestors from the early 1900s or late 1800s had "Hindu names" (i.e. a more "Hindu sounding" first name, and no "Singh" in any part of the name) and/or did not keep their kesh. There was an interesting thread on SikhSangat a few years ago regarding religious census figures in Pu
  11. Why do stupid Sikhs put people like Bhupinder Singh on a pedestal? Because he wore a pagh? The Patiala "royals" have consistently been traitors who look out for their personal interests above all else. That has been true throughout their family history.
  12. All of the complaints about white people are really old and tired. I used to hold some resentment against them when I was a teenager. Then I matured and noticed that all groups of humans have their shortcomings and transgressions. Anyway, the world is becoming less white with every passing day. Soon the "white" countries that you complain about will be mostly led by nonwhite people. And they will be doing the same things they are doing now. It's a universal hunger for power and control that is the problem, not skin color.
  13. I was hoping that I wouldn't be found out, but now my secret has been exposed ...
  14. They all had haircuts except for one guy who was wearing a patka (UK style, where the joora is tied at the back, not the top) and had a trimmed beard.
  15. I just passed through Leicester Square and there were some Punjabi “street performers” dancing to the “3 peg” song. I feel sorry for the British Sikhs. You guys probably can’t escape from such buffoonery!
  16. Poetic genius? You have got to be kidding. Lyrically he was very simplistic. How often can one rhyme thug/drug/slug/etc.? It’s no wonder he was so prolific: he obviously put very little time into his lyrics. Illmatic era Nas set the standard for street poetry.
  17. His fatal error was that he started to believe in the thug image that he manufactured for himself, got gassed up, and assaulted a known gang member without thinking of the consequences.
  18. And yet all of the Sikh actors in the movie prefer to look more like Gobind Ram in real life than like Bhai Jagraj Singh Toofan. Also, notice how when monay/trimmers play singhs in movies, they don't have enough respect for the role to actually grow out their beards. They will instead wear a laughable fake beard. Contrast that with many non-Sikh actors who will show real respect for their roles by growing out their beards and striving for authenticity. Is there a more pathetic community than ours?
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