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  1. I’m obviously offended by her using “Kaur” in her name (as is obvious by the thread title), and that is what this thread is about. I don’t need to “wriggle” out of anything. If I wanted to make this about caste, I would have no problems in doing so (see the other thread). Why on earth would I back down from an argument that I am trying to make on an online forum? The fact of the matter is, this thread isn’t about denigrating jatts (I have another thread for that). It’s about how shameless it is for this person to write “Kaur” in her name. Not surprisingly, you get angry bef
  2. If I wanted to suggest that she is jatt, I would have done so in plain English. I don’t need to be indirect or use dog whistles. I feel comfortable being very blunt.
  3. Where did I say anything about her being jatt? I didn’t, you imagined that I did. I don’t even know if she is jatt. I was merely pointing out that it would be more appropriate for her to use her caste associated surname (whatever her caste is) rather than “Kaur”.
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2021/11/15/arts/television/the-sex-lives-of-college-girls.amp.html This is where our society is, sadly. Why does this “actress” use “Kaur” in her name? She should at least have the decency of using her caste surname if she is going to behave like this.
  5. I don't understand why you guys keeping using the word "incell" to try to hurt my feelings. I am happy being celibate. Anyway, my family is not a typical jatt family No music allowed, no dancing allowed, no bhangra No drinking Nobody violent or hot-headed I could go on and on Sure, you can find all the typical degenerate jatt behavior if you go outside of my immediate family, but I was not close to those relatives anyway.
  6. Look how quickly this community assimilated into the mainstream American community and lost any trace of its Sikh heritage. It is a cautionary tale.
  7. By the way, you did not provide a link of a thread where I claimed to not be jatt because no such thread exists. Notice also how you keep saying "what makes you think I'm a mona" or "you are guessing here that I am a mona". Will you come out and directly say that you are not a mona instead of being offended that I am assuming things? Probably not, because you probably are a mona. You will probably have to pay some freshie a few hundred pounds to tie a pagh on you on your wedding (like many other jatts these days who don't have any living relatives capable of tying a pagh)
  8. I would say it because I don't feel any closeness to jatts. I don't drink or listen to stupid songs where every third word is "jatt," for example. Jatts are pathetic and I feel embarrassed to have been born into a community of dimwitted, immoral, undisciplined, dishonest and traitorous people who like to beat their chests about how brave they are but turn into little p***** and cut their hair the first time they face any difficulty or inconvenience. I felt embarrassed visiting my father's pind and seeing that the only singhs were 70+ years old You should go check the thre
  9. That's great. Bhai Jagraj Singh was one of our panth's true gems, and he was a much better Sikh than I will ever be.
  10. In which thread did I say that I am not jatt? You can't find such a thread, because I never said that. You just made that up, but I am not surprised since facts are not your strong suit. I am not sure why you are bringing up California vs. the UK. I've been to many parts of the world, and jatts are universally sad and pathetic. The only way I have attacked you is by pointing out that you are a mona (which is something that is under your control). On the other hand, you are engaging in attacking me for things that are out of my control (supposedly being ugly). Grow up.
  11. 1. You are jatt, so there is a 99% chance you are a mona 2. You reacted angrily when I called you a mona, so that confirms that you are one You are right, I don't have any chardikala-ness. But at least I am not a pathetic mona. I'd rather be dead than be a mona.
  12. I am actually jatt myself (sadly) No, you are wrong. If there were thousands of jatts in the opposite camp for every KP Gill, the history of Punjab would have been different. "It takes a Sikh to take out a Sikh" - so you are going to call someone like Brar or Gill a Sikh? "To take out a jatt, you use a jatt" - you seem to take some perverse pride in the role that jatts had in putting down the 1980s insurrection
  13. You renounce your faith every time you get a haircut. Instead of doing literally NOTHING (which is what keeping kesh requires), you actually make a regular effort to go out of your way to avoid looking like a Sikh. You don't like the Sikh appearance, you don't like kesh, you don't want to identify as a Sikh. What else can one conclude from your actions? Nobody forces you to do that, you do it yourself. "You started this discussion and this is the repercussions you brought up." - what on earth are you talking about when you say "repercussions"? Calling me an incell over
  14. For every jatt you can name who has done something for Sikhi, there are hundreds, maybe thousands who have been huge enemies of Sikhi. The Indian government got jatts like KP Gill and Kuldip Brar to all but kill Sikhi in Punjab. Why would the Indian government be afraid of jatts? Jatts are mostly pathetic lapdogs who are happy to do the government's dirty work.
  15. I don't understand why you are getting so angry at me Do I come into your house everyday and make you shave? Do I put a gun to your head and make you go to a barbershop? You make those decisions to continually renounce your faith yourself. You can call me whatever names you want, curse me however much you want, but that does not change the fact that you are who you are. Be a man and take responsibility for your actions.
  16. Why are you commenting on a Sikh forum? Aren't you a mona (Hindu)?
  17. If they aren't the most useless people on the planet, they are definitely up there. What a shame that such an advanced religion which has the cures for what ails mankind has been wasted on such pathetic people. What a shame that they have hijacked all of the Sikh institutions, injected the disease of tribalism into the Sikh community, and set the entire community on a path to irrelevance and extinction.
  18. Why are you worried about what western Sikhs will do when the "whip-hand becomes Islamic in the next few decades"? In a few decades Sikhs will be almost extinct, and the cause will have nothing to do with Islam or the presence of Muslims anywhere. You people waste so much energy obsessing over things that really do not matter in the big picture. Instead of worrying about Muslims, you should worry about the internal genocide that is going on WITHIN the Sikh community. THAT is the biggest issue that Sikhs face. It is an existential threat.
  19. His lies were instrumental in starting an unnecessary war that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. What good is there to say about that kind of person?
  20. Yup. There are declining moral standards in the US too. But an interesting difference between the US and UK is the religion issue. Basically anybody who seriously runs for US President will identify as Christian or Jewish (even openly gay candidate Pete Buttigieg, who was very public about his strong Christian faith). In the UK, it seems that many (or most) people seeking to be PM in recent times have been openly atheist. It would be very easy to imagine a UK PM who is atheist, but it would be very difficult to imagine a non-Christian or non-Jewish US President.
  21. It doesn't matter that he is part of a "secular" party. He is a Sikh in a leadership role. Not long ago, the community expected Sikhs in highly visible roles to not cross certain lines. For example, as traitorous, useless and secular as the Patiala "royals" have always been (From Ala Singh to Bhupinder Singh all the way to Amarinder), they knew that cutting their kesh was a line that they could not cross if they wanted the people to support them and have any regard for them. (It would be have been better if drinking sharab and all sorts of other vices were also red lines, but sadly these
  22. Not that long ago, having a "Sikh" CM who wasn't a full keshdhari Sikh would have been a shocking development. Nowadays, it's not even worth mentioning. Tomorrow, the CM will be a mona with some stubble who wears a pagh in public The day after, the CM will be a mona without a pagh Next week, SGPC members will be allowed to trim Meanwhile, clowns like Deep Sidhu are held up as panthic heros This is a community in freefall that doesn't have any standards. Degenerate behavior has become so normalized that nobody even notices anymore.
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