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  1. Read the contents in the following link which illustrates the inspiration behind Nazi ideology and Hindu Brahmin cast and social order. This is exactly what is needed to expose the so called peace loving Yogic Hindus to the world. Savitri Devi: The mystical fascist being resurrected by the alt-right http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-41757047
  2. Watch the video and read the verses "I Get Out" The song that speaks of how false this world we inhabit is and how maya has crept into every walk in society. We as the 'Khalsa' have the antidote to this disease but we are the ones that are most affected by it. From the management of our religious and political institutions and down to the way we live our own individual lives, we embrace 'Maya' and forget the very purpose we are on this earth for. If we can be brave enough to 'get out' then we would surely be in position to achieve our goals as community.
  3. In Punjabi there is saying 'moot vich machiyaan maardaa'. You are doing just that! The guy is an Amritdhari Singh who happens to be the grandson of 'Seva Singh Theekriwala' (famous freedom fighter during the British Raj). He comes from pedigree that is not brought up to remain silent. He was awarded the 'Sikh of the Year in 2013' but was refused a visa to travel to Amritsar receive it because of the voice he raised against the 1984 state sponsored genocide. He has not backed down to this day. 'Hardly the actions of someone who is repressed'! The Canadians gravitate to Jagmeet
  4. He's not a politician he is an activist who was persuaded by his friends to enter politics and make a real change. There's nothing untrustworthy or sly about Jagmeet Singh. He has never compromised his Sikhi or beliefs along his meteoric rise in politics or his youth. He is truly a lion amongst today's many sheep. "Sava Lakh Khalsa"
  5. The most credible Sikh in politics today! Onto to the next phase for sure.
  6. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/jagmeet-singh-chosen-as-new-federal-ndp-leader/article36451452/%3Fservice=amp
  7. To understand the reasons for your frustration you must understand that there is no platform in India which allows for a full Gursikh to make moves in modelling or the movie industry. The bigwigs simply do no want to see Sikhs in any positive light. Harry Baweja was discouraged at every step from making the Chaar Sahibzade movie by all the producers he pitched his project to. He eventually ended up with Ponty Chadda who agreed to finance the movie out of his respect for the Sikh faith. Even the likes of the late Jagjit Singh (Gazal Singer) was mocked for supporting the Turban and full Bear
  8. You missed my point completely. The point was not about a handful individual Indians who are well informed or have the capability to forge their own opinions about Sikhs from their own independent research. My point is that the people in power in India have an agenda to defame Sikhs and feed their false narrative to the majority. You could see in the video that there was one guy who was well informed about Sikhs but all the others had been drip fed a negative viewpoint of Sikhs. The same tactics have been seen in Pakistan with their attitude towards Pathans and Bangladeshis and the t
  9. These kind of opinions are formed from a slow exposure of anti-Sikh propaganda. To make any Bollywood movies depicting a Sardar they must fall into 1 of 3 boxes. 1. Make the Sardar into a loud comical clown that loves to drink alcohol, eat chicken and dance at the sound of dhol beat. He has to wear comical shiny turban and support a comical beard and be of very low intellect. 2. The Sardar has to be a ultra aggressive hero who is always ready to fight in unbelievable scenarios. This is usually in war film where his national pride is above his faith. 3. The Sardar is a
  10. I already stated that the referendum has no legal biding on the government of India. It will however if successfull pave the way forward to United Nations to express the will of Sikhs. Also remember this is global referendum which will be conducted online so there isn't really anything the government India can do about this. Believe me the government of India is trembling as this is something that will put the spotlight on India in the international community. Remember this will also probably trigger Kashmir and other states to follow similar steps.
  11. Steps are already being taken to move towards a Sikh homeland. 2020 referendum is going to happen. All we need for now is the Sikhs in Punjab to tick yes box in 2020. The rest of the problems such as negative Punjabi culture, cast issues, substance abuse and female infantacide can all be taken care of once we are in the driving seat. The problem lies in actually selling the referendum to the Punjabi Sikhs. It's only 3 years away and the last thing you want is for it to pass everybody by because it wasn't marketed and sold to them effectively. I also know that the referendum will h
  12. All of the above problems you mention are not Sikh problems. In fact they are problems you inherit from the host nation- Hindu problems. When you live in land which is governed with laws to protect and promote Brahmin beliefs this naturally rubs off on the minority communities which live in the land. The same happens to migrants who live in the west only that secular hedonism rubs off on them . Now if we were to just imagine if the Punjab was governed by Sikhs and the laws in place promote and protect Sikh culture all the above problems disappear. It really bothers me when Sikhs star
  13. The one thing that baffles me is how on earth did the Sikhs back in Punjab sign up to fight for the British during their campaigns in India after such a short period of time that had elapsed. Also why did they volunteer in masses to serve in the WW1 and WW2 to help the British again. The memories of annexation should still have been fresh in their minds. Also I find hard to digest this romanticised Anglo Sikh relationship of loyal Sikhs and a beautiful friendship nonsense that we are still fed today. Sometiing tells me the British still fear Sikhs to this day and view us as a thre
  14. Sartaj was the Duleep Singh for 2 hours. I had my reservations and felt it was wrong to portray such an important event in Sikh history with a well known celebrity as he would overshadow such an important figure in history. But believe me you forget who is actually playing the role. He also sings a song in the backdrop of the movie 'dardan wala desh' it cuts you in two. Don't worry about the slow pace as it's been done this way on purpose and you will understand this when you later reflect on the movie.
  15. I'm glad the movie lived up to your expectations penji. I'll probably take my parents to watch the Punjabi version. I couldn't fault the movie either. The initial slow pace and the subdued character of Duleep Singh gave the viewer a real feel of emptiness and lack of purpose in his early life. Whilst watching the start of the movie I felt that Sartaj may have been deliberately given limited dialogue because of the lack of acting experience but as the movie progressed and Duleep Singh became aware his faith and heritage you could see the confidence and awakening in his character. This
  16. The movie does have a big name in 'Sartaj' but yes it definitely does not cater for the lalloo panjoo crew. I just dont get how even UK born panjabis who are well up for other period dramas and other mainstream western movies but are not interested in watching a film which has been directed to specifically target their tastes and something that is relevant to their own history. Anyways I hope the ticket sales start to increase over the next few weeks as I would love to see the team behind this movie to work on similar projects in the future.
  17. Just watched it last night. Watch the English version as this is original format of the movie. Brilliant movie, executed very well and a real eye opener of the events surrounding the life of Duleep Singh. Really sad and tragic. I certainly came back home with something new I had learnt. Really poor turnout at the cinema considering it is only screened once a day and this was the second screening of the opening weekend. Everybody should go out and support this movie! It's simple if the revenue is low then you can forget about producers taking a risk on Sikh history related movies in
  18. There absolutely must be one in order for us to survive, preserve and flourish. However it needs to be one that echos our Gurus ideals, not just a name on the map.
  19. Secular governing for Sikhs in a potential homeland leaves us in a situation where we are held back from spreading our Gurus message as well as preserving and protecting our religious identity. These are I feel the very reasons we have a demand for a Sikh Homeland and what's the point of having one if we build up walls around us which constrain us from spreading and experiencing the Gurus teachings.
  20. You could be right! Maybe I am viewing Ranjit Singh through a lens of modern Sikhism. I also view with a lens of bitterness when I look at the present state of Sikhs in Punjab with the negative culture and secular lifestyle that has been adopted and led to our weakened position. I can't help but link this to Ranjit Singhs life as he is a role model to majority Punjabis and even to Badal who has quoted on many occasions that he has followed the blueprint of Ranjit Singh when it comes to governing Punjab. My biggest issue with Ranjit Singhs rule is the 'secular' part as Sikhi took the b
  21. I do understand your point of view in respect to of what Ranjit Singh achieved in regards of managing a state and hostile enemies together with managing the people within the Kingdom. We are however instructed to follow the example and teachings of our Guru and the best example I can draw from with my limited knowledge is 'Miri and Piri'. Ranjit Singh showed vast skills in 'Miri 'but completely lacked 'Piri'. The two together are and should be the guidance model for any Sikh State and without these two I'm not sure if it can be called Sikh Raj. Maybe this is where my expectations of Ranjit
  22. I agree Ranjit Singh does not belong in the same category as Badal but should be held accountable for his anti Sikh practises and association with non Sikhs which ultimately put an end to what should have been 'Khalsa Raj'. Had Ranjit Singh been living his life according to Gurmat and put his faith in the Panj Pyare the story would have been very different today.
  23. Your statement vaguely lumped the Misls together: and "the guy that posted right after me decided to insult the Misls even more". I have no intention to insult Misls or Sardars! I have merely tried to state that at certain times during our history individuals such as Ranjit Singh, Badal and countless others have misused the support given to them by GurSikhs. At no point was support given to individuals or statesmen for personal conquests and expansion only for establishing Khalsa Raj. I apologise if I have offended anyone!
  24. The misls were 12 clans ruled by 12 chieftains and your assuming it was these clans that were consolidated into one and ruled by one Chieftain who established Khalsa Raj. No this would not have been possible without the support of everyday GurSikh man and women of Punjab who gave their blood and souls for establishing Khalsa Raj not a kingdom for a Chieftan/Monarch of a secular state. The Chieftain Ranjit Singh and the previous Chieftains of the 12 misls misused the support of GurSikhs to establish Kingdoms or rule turfs as you put it in their own names. The same has been seen in recent tim
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