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  1. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh Its good to have shastars in front of Maharaj ji
  2. I normally put in 4 tablespoons of everything. You will need desi ghee (or unsalted butter), wholegrain atta, sugar and warm water. 1) Put ghee in whatever you’re using to cook and put your gas on to low-medium flame. 2) When the ghee gets sea through put the atta in and start stirring immediately. (Make sure that the ghee doesn’t get hot or your degh will be lumpy). 3) Cook on a low flame and keep stirring or the degh will stick to the pan. 4) When the traditional smell of degh starts to come and the mixture is golden brown put the sugar in. 5) add in the hot water. (Tip: Put it in slowly. You don’t want your degh to have too much water. The degh should come together and shouldn’t really be stuck to the pan
  3. Plus I got my Kashere upside down and the wrong way around so I must have been half asleep
  4. Thanks ji. This will help me alot
  5. Even though this isn’t in the topic, I was half asleep at amritvela and I accidentally took out both legs out of my kashera. Should I go for Pesh?
  6. If I tell you the truth I haven’t. I should so I will try
  7. AkalkiFauj


    I got my kashere in a twist and I m half asleef and accidentally took both legs out pf my kashera. What should I do?
  8. When I open my eyes after a while of simran, everything seems blue in colour
  9. I think that Kalki Avtaar and the 96k fauj are going to come soon. What do you guys thing
  10. I think he got knoked out on day and forgot what religion he was. I bet after he woke up and saw his kesh he thought he was Namdhari and he wanted to be Christian to [as there the biggest religion at the moment]
  11. Theses jehova witnesses be knoking on my Nani ji's door trying to sell her Prabhu Isha but they fail every time. Even though she is'nt Amritdhari, her Sikhi is very strong. And when I mean strong, I mean stronger then the strongest thing on earth. She has seen the miricles of bani and of Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji Rara Sahib wale.
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