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  1. AkalkiFauj

    Colours In Sikhi

    That's not a joke but if you have worn red or green before and you didn't know about this rehatnama Guru Sahib will forgive you
  2. True. I'm looking for a place myself that will teach me the Dilruba or Rabab
  3. Could you get me a high quality talwar/golia made of sarabloh for a cheap price. Make sure it is a shastar that can be used in war.£220
  4. The only place that I can think of which will not rip you of is Baru Sahib
  5. AkalkiFauj

    Which countries can Sikhi look to expand in?

    South America, East Asia [China, Japan] ,
  6. WJKK WJKF I would recommend Guru Maneyo Granth Gurdwara in Slough as they have many classes and that is the nearest place that I would recommend to you. You also might want to contact the singhs of The Mardana Project
  7. AkalkiFauj

    Harnam Singh Dhumma

    He is corrupt
  8. AkalkiFauj

    Hard to find Amritdhari girl

    Use the AKJ website online matrimonial
  9. It does help. Bhai Fauja Singh made a badmas into a gursikh by getting him to do mool matar and Guru Gobind Singh gave the badmas darshan

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