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  1. Defo. We need to repair modi too!
  2. The corona plague...
  3. My grandma tells me how there were some gujjars in her pind and they made tea for people. My grandma saw them spiting in the water or milk
  4. True. Let’s just all become vegans and vegetarians.
  5. And I didn’t mean Jhatka for Millions of people .
  6. In the natural way you see... The animals should be let free into the wild. Whoever wants meat can get an animal themselves or do shikar.
  7. If you do paath and keep maryada, a shaheed singh will protect you. However, when you go further away from gurmat, the shaheed singh will go too.
  8. Not so much meat but it is industrial meat. The Jhatka method of the Nihangs is way more humane and sustainable.
  9. You are supposed to wear your Kirpan at night if you are amritdhari.
  10. Everyone should know this by now. This video has been out for so long but yet people don’t know.
  11. Akjjjjj!!!!! Why hasn’t there been a Amrit Sanchar by Budha Dal Uk in ages!
  12. I know that Guru Nanak Dev Ji said in Japji Sahib that there are many planets. Patala patal lakh.
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