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  1. What did the singh tell you? To do a jaap of this or just read it once?
  2. What nkj did apparently. I don’t believe it but I’d rather be safe than to be sorry.
  3. And Kamalroop has a farla and still does!
  4. Just stay away from them I guess. Don't get to close even if you don't believe the alligations.
  5. Just make sure all you guys read it so that you know who to stay away from. Just read the names and not the stories.
  6. I'd rather be safe than be sorry. Read up on Manvir
  7. Hardcore Akj The Nervous Indian. You've got a whole gang.
  8. On real sikh issues? its shocking hunna
  9. I do listen too the katha he does but I'm not geting close to him
  10. We can't lie though that they do a bit of sewa.
  11. Search up Nkj Exposed on youtube and real sikh issues on google
  12. Even any one who looks like them
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