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  1. That is exactly what evolution is. Species evolving new traits due to mutations in the genome. There is overwhelming evidence for evolution, and it's pretty much is true. Anyway the way I see it, whether evolution happened, or didn't happen, either way it was Waheguru's hukam. And no, humans did not appear on earth the minute it was formed. Homo Sapiens have only appeared roughly 200,000 years ago, the Earth was formed 4.6 Billion years ago if I remember correctly from Biology
  2. "New Jersey and New York are the states with the highest abortion rates in America. These states are simply baring the fruit of their karma. Hopefully Gursikhs, in these areas continune reciting Gurbani during these turbulent times so they can endure Karmas wrath. Prayers are with sangat from these areas." Disgusting thinking. Anyway for those wondering what the situation is, lower manhattan is still without power, as is much of queens and Staten Island. I got out thankfully. Subways are still flooded mostly
  3. no one names earthquakes or dust storms. Only hurricanes, and that is because there are so many of them each year it makes it easier to identify and so everyone knows which one you are referring to
  4. Like in Jamaica/Richmond hill area? Strong winds and rain. No real fear of flooding, as some places are in zone C which has a flood risk from a category 3 or higher hurricane only and still more places aren't zoned. There is a likelihood of power loss though, it's been flickering in manhattan
  5. It's pretty bad right now in NYC, not much rain but extremely windy. Some parts of the city and subway have already flooded, and it's expected to get a lot worse
  6. Thank you to all who have replied and sent me PM's. I have been doing loads of paat and that has calmed me down immensely, and hopefully soon I will be able to give my father a call or visit him and tell him the truth about how I feel about this. But he has to follow his own path in the end and who knows which way that goes. It's all Maharaaj's hukam in the end
  7. Although I'm not one to criticize, because I've made plenty of mistakes in my life, here is a piece by a former member of 3HO who has left because he claims many of their practices are dishonest and directly violate rehat. You may have already seen it, it was written by the same person who made that video the day after the Gurdwara shooting in Wisconsin urging Sikhs to take up firearms http://gurmukhyoga.com/forum/index.php?id=344
  8. WJKK, WJKF I debated posting this in Gupt, but then I figured I, what the hell, might as well do it here. Just to preface, neither me nor my father are Amritdhari, although one day I hope to be My father has never been the most religious man, but has always kept his kesh and gone to gurdwara regularly. However, in the year or so a very large change has happened. He started not always wearing a Pugh when he went out, just a small joori on the back of his head. At first it was only quick trips to the store nearby. Then he started doing it more and more, and now, unless he is going to work or Gurdwara, or someone's house, he almost never wears a Pugh. He also has stopped going to Gurdwara, last time he went was almost 2-3 months ago. I never said anything, because honestly, it's none of my business. My mother, who, on the other hand, is fairly religious, didn't say anything, but I could tell she really did not like this. About 6-7 months back he started trimming his beard. Not close, in fact, you could barely notice it, just enough so he didn't have to tie it (I am not trying to justify trimming ones beard at all). Again, I didn't say anything. 2 months ago, I left to go to college where I currently am. Last week when I went home, he talked about how he had started reading Richard Dawkins and whatnot, and that he had arrived at the conclusion that "All religion was basically B.S". I didn't say anything in response, just left the room. Today I saw him again. He visited me where I go to college, and again he wasn't wearing a Pugh. But this time, is beard was visibly trimmed closer, now it was obvious. As I ate lunch with him, he brought up the fact that he was thinking of no longer wearing a Pugh at all, and perhaps cutting his hair one day. He asked him what I would think, and of course I told him that I wouldn't like it at all, but obviously he is free to do what he wished. I acted as if it didn't really bother me, but it does. I sit here typing this as tears are falling down my face. I'm not asking about how to convince him not do this, but what he has said really hit me hard. I don't know what the <banned word filter activated> to do, or how to deal with this. What if he actually cuts his hair? I don't think I would talk to him again. I really, really want to go to Gurdwara to think about this but there are none nearby. Any thoughts about how to deal with this would be very much appreciated
  9. 6-8 meters probably. You find a girl yet? (serious question)
  10. I thought it was funny. I think what you are referring to is "Kenyan style" pugh
  11. Also, how often do you wash your hair? When I was younger, I would sometimes go 2 weeks or longer without washing my hair (super disgusting, I know). As soon as I started washing once a week or even more,my acne cut down drastically
  12. singher23


    I don't think that's how it works man. You could easily say then all Sikhs are jews
  13. I'm probably in the minority, but I am glad that the SGPC is doesn't comment on Khalistan or 84 or whatever. That is not their role. Their job is to maintain Gurdwaras, that's it. It's the Akal Takht's job to do the commenting and whatnot. The less the SGPC is involved with Sikh politics the better
  14. Drink more water, eat more fruits and veggies, and go to a different dermatologist and see what they say
  15. Difference is is that when the Mossad did those missions to hunt down escaped Nazi's, they had a country backing them that was friendly with the West. We have no nation to support us
  16. Double posted by mistake. Delete one of them. But you'll probably just delete them both so what does it matter
  17. Ok this is actually starting to get ridiculous. Anything the Mods (Not sure which ones) don't like or go against their opinion are starting to get deleted. This happened before in the thread that Auzer created, and it made quite a big fuss, and it is happening once again now in various threads that Curioustoknow has created. Mods, at least inform us of which posts and are getting deleted, and WHY they are getting deleted.
  18. "We hit the BAN button"? How can that be interpreted in any other possible way other than to think that person got banned?
  19. I read this post perfectly fine. Maybe you would like to re-word it so people can understand what you really mean
  20. IF it actually was Sikhs who were behind this attack, I would be proud and disappointed. Proud because they actually tried and disappointed because they messed up so badly. As regards to whether it was a wise thing...there comes a point in time where you know justice is not going to be served, and you become so, so angry because it will never happen, that you just need to do something. And even though I'm sure that those people knew who attacked Brar (assuming they were Sikhs), that this would cast Sikhs in a negative light, they decided to do so anyway. That was because they believed that punishing him was more more important than the way Sikhs were viewed in the eyes of the general public. There will be those who totally disagree and say "Why did you do this our community, you tarnished us in the public's eyes", and then there are those who agree. It basically comes down to this, would you rather Brar punished for his heinous acts than be viewed highly in the eyes of Britishers.
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