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  1. Thanks to both Prabhjot Singh and dalsingh
  2. ^is there a way I can get those books without becoming a premium member? It's rather expensive
  3. http://www.c-spanvideo.org/program/308281-1 here is the whole hearing
  4. Waheguru, a real Sikh. And before the hating comments start, I would like to point out the vast majority of comments on Reddit are very supportive
  5. Haha he gave it straight. I'm just surprised that someone who has been on this website since 2005 just disappears. Maybe his thesis paper caught up to him
  6. To West London Singh? I noticed that he hasn't been around for quite a while
  7. You can get arrested for "preventative measures"? What the <banned word filter activated> is this bullcrap?
  8. I went to this hearing. I could barely contain myself during his speech. Neither could the rest of the room. Bhai Harpreet Ji did an amazing job
  9. Keep persisting man. Keep going out with those Sikhs and eventually they will include you. Also, through them you may meet other people. It's all about making an effort to stay connected
  10. You can make it lower I guess. Do the first larh more to the side than directly over, so the "V" is further down. Pagh will always come off during fight though, the triangle style is not secure enough. Try a gol one
  11. singher23

    Leather Gatra?

    Bring up my post. It's what you say when you want to raise a thread to the top so more people can see it
  12. Just be yourself man. Be confident with who you are. Don't feel that people won't talk to you because you look differently, people don't give a damn. Personality is what matters.
  13. I do take the Panth first man. Thats why I said Sikh American and not American Sikh. Panth will always have priority.
  14. Well I haven't heard of this, but one is excommunicated by Akal Takht as follows. Usually what happens is that they are called before Akal Takht to explain something and apologize if need be, and receive their "punishment" usually seva of some sort. If they refuse to come before them or don't apologize for something Akal Takht feels they should, then they are excommunicated. After that, no Sikh is allowed to have contact with them
  15. or your dastar is way to tight. if you are tying the peaked style, the folds that make the peak are creating pressure and causing pain
  16. from what i can see on the fb page its legit
  17. you have to run towards the Palki sahib as soon as you see it, and either squish your way in to carry or throw someone out of the way. Now that the Palki Sahib securely on your shoulder, you have to try and hold your position the best you can from over zealous Sikhs who will try to push you out of the way. This is best done by Hip checking anyone who tries to push you
  18. Sikh American bro. America is my home, so anything and everything that happens here has relevance to me
  19. When you comb your hair, pull it forward, hard. Going back and forth creates this problem. You need to straighten out the roots, because right now they are pointing backwards but your hair is going forwards. Pulling the hair forward should fix this easily
  20. Guru Nanak Dev Ji is the same is Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Would Guru Gobind Singh Ji ever say there are no such things as Sikhs and Khalsa?
  21. singher23

    pagh came off

    Oh. Well in that case you did the right thing. You just didn't go far enough if he is going to rat you out
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