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  1. Does anyone have a pdf or copy of gaini zail singhs memoirs please? Thank u :)
  2. veer ji could u please post a link to it ... and any suggestions of pages with really interesting bits? Thanks so much...waheguru ji chardikala bakshan
  3. i'd love to watch it :D! make sure you post your link!
  4. its sad how its nearly always the women and later when they rub off the negativity onto the men they will be like 'oh what can we do, meh tha kehndi a challo koi na but eh ni manndeh' LOL !!! I know!!! people always talk about others faults and then moan that everyone they know are useless / all their relatives are for themselves, but only if they would talk about peoples positives then maybe they will begin liking people....You know what I always try to remember is, everyone thinks their doing right nobody does something whilst thinking 'Im going to do this bad thing' everyone thinks their d
  5. Awww bless!Lol i feel sorry for u... particularrly when it comes to parents and it all gets emotional and ethical. Its common that parents find it difficult to face bad comments from children because they want to be looked up at and when children start picking oyt faults they feel hurt as they have put in so much to raise you and all thrh really want is love... quite ethical really fo you keep their hearts or do you do put a stop to it?? Best thing is to japp naam because by doing that you are not only peaceful yourself but you create an aroma around you that make people around ypu peaceful
  6. I always thought about this too! Baba Nand singh ji used to really sit on tiger skin???
  7. I have a cousin who has over stayed in the UK for about 7 years, i was wondering if there is any girl who may have overstayed or is prepared to get married to someone that has... he is a very kind and rehatwaan gursikh and has only over stayedto help his family, so please no silly comments please because i think its very stone hearted if we categorise people without understanding them, i think its quite amazing when you think about it - all the pain they go through for their family, to get them in a better position ... Anyway my cousin is aroumd 35 and has a very succesful and well runninh
  8. hahahha SEEE! you just had to disagree, that's why I can't agree with you because you'll always disagree with me!!!! even though this is the first time we've spoke LOL anyhow you shall be hurt! there's no escape muhahah
  9. Unfortunately i seem to be going thorugh a similar phase and weirdly it feels quite good to see that im not the only one suffering :lol: I always think about doing some sort of voice exercises but i havent really found any .. does anyone know any? As we're talking about this, i remember hearing a saaki i THINK it was Bhai Balwinder Singh ji rangila who's father did kirtan but wasn't very good at it as in voice wise hence people use to try to discourage him so bhai sahibs mother would always ask for kirtan di daath for her children and with the blessing of Guru sahib ji they all have beautifu
  10. amazing! veere a humble request, please keep posting imspiring saakhis! amazing to read!
  11. HAHHAHHA your hahah made me laugh even more!!!
  12. veere please share some saakiya about baba ji .... you were blessed with the sangat of such a great mahapursh and you must remember that not everyone has the lucky opportunity to find a true saint. Be strong, do not cry instead make a promise to baba ji before they go, that you will at least fully follow one of their bachans ... this way you will make your jeevan saffal and be blessed with baba ji's khushiyan... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WR-iYHq7FAc
  13. waheguru jiii whenever baba ji use to see 5 singhs together they use to make them stand infront of guru ji and do ardas for duniya di chardikala and ask for our forgiveness.... dhan guru nanak
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