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  1. Chardi Kala sewa,( with nirmata and gurbani being recited ) is being carried out by Baba Harnam Singh at Amritsar during the construction of the yaadhghar EVERYDAY ! This one SIngh got ill and parallel to the yaadghar sewa, Baba Harnam Singh also fed and gave medicine to the ill Singh. Bhai Amrik SIngh Ajnala seems to be lost, not found his path in life, filled with anger and bitterness. People -meet with Baba Harnam Singh, go with an open mind, his positive chardi kala energy itself will convince you that this mahapurkh is here on this earth with a mission which very few people have yet to understand. I hope Bhai Amrik SIngh Ajnala will also see this one day and with humility accept Baba Harnam Singh as mukh sewadaar of the Taksaal and may Bhai Amrik Singh Ajnala also one day be blessed with undertaking sewa with Baba Harnam SIngh ji.
  2. I'm sure not to long we will have halal written on coke tins :biggrin2:
  3. Great for Surjeet SIngh, but very cruel for the family of Sarbjit Singh, after the mix up. I wonder if Indian authorities will reward Surjeet Singh or compensate him for the time he did. Still great news for the innocent family of Surjeet Singh. http://ibnlive.in.com/news/surjeet-singh-crosses-wagah-arrives-in-india/268304-3.html http://www.telegraphindia.com/1120628/jsp/frontpage/story_15667203.jsp#.T-x9z7We6f8
  4. If true regards Shanti advocate, respect to him for his bravery.
  5. I am with Baba Dhumma - Sikh Mayor Amritsar- Jindabaad Jindbaad!
  6. I have mentioned in another thread - Badal is a politician - and politicians usually go back on their words - maybe he said those things so opposition will just 'shut up' for the time being.
  7. come on singh135 - i know did not mean the above and it has come out wrong - as i read it ''demoting a monument with room with SGGSJ in it' Besides Politicians always go back on their word - So Badal will hopefully go back on his - and in a years time - we will have photos etc in and part of memorial I think Badal may have just said those things just so he can move on - and keep BJP quiet (hopefully) Remember is just a politician - not our leader - and far from a religious leader also.
  8. Why dont we have Congress looking after one channel and Khalistani looking after the other !
  9. Olympics 2012 – I.P.D urges UK Sikhs to write to MPs to stop Indian Human Rights violators entering the UK Posted by Editor on Jun 23rd, 2012 // Comments off Syrian officials today have been denied entry to UK for the Olympic games, pressure has been put on Britain’s Government not to allow certain Russian Officials and the Son of the King of Bahrain to visit London due to- all the mentioned -being alleged human rights violators. I.P.D has highlighted the human rights violations of Sikhs by the former Punjab DGP and former Indian Hockey Federation President Mr. KPS Gill and former Indian Parliament Member and current President of the Judo federation of India Mr. Jagdish Tytler. Sajjan Kumar ( member of the same political party as Tytler) currently facing prosecution for the killing of Sikhs in Delhi 1984 was mentioned and comments were also made on DGP of Punjab, Sumedh Saini who is facing prosecution of extrajudicial killings while serving under KPS Gill. HOW CAN YOU HELP We request UK Sikhs to write to your local MP, 1) Download the letter template and fax it online. Click here to fax online 2) Print the letter template and fill in your local MP name and sign at the bottom and send via post. DOWNLOAD LETTER TEMPLATE
  10. http://panthicdal.com/europe-news/uk-sikhs-to-write-to-your-mp/ The above thread and the one posted above was started by it seems IPD - these guys seem to be doing good work - but not shouting about it ! I think they should appear more on our Sikh Channels - they appear to have more of a youth presence who are in my view taking a professional approach. I have downloaded and sent to MP.
  11. dont get excited by looking at old pics and stating the obvious ............... learn from these documentaries even though they may be biased
  12. Patwant Singh, glad that i had met him, sad he has now passed, he is spot on, ' let him (Mann) fight elections, let him come to power if the people support him'', (I am not a Mann supporter) but read between the lines........... as this still applies today.
  13. Surprised - you guys not seen this video - i have still got this on VHS ! Why is that interesting that bittu would set boundaries afterwards, he did not have control then, as he does not have a clue now - Sohan Singh ran things - and he sold out.!! yes this video also included the bhog of Singh Soorma Brahma,(although briefly) as well as other people who are still in Chardi Kala ! This video shows the utter chaos that was - during the movement - and you can see that no-one (sikh jathebandi) had control even after sarbat khalsa - that's why it came to a horrible so-called end - Police knew that they could end it if given a free hand - and Beanta did - when he came to power.
  14. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh Here is the Audio - so you can now just listen to the letter http://youtu.be/p6ldfv2Dlss
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