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  1. feel confident in what you do and wear. confidence doesnt necessarily come from looking good tho...or thinking you look good. comes down to perspective right? you may think you look bad, but others may disagree...vice versa. been there done that lol felt that even. Been wearing a dastar for almost 2months now. i went with the first style i tried- ghol. looks very much Taksali...i love it!lol! penji once you get into it, its amazing. i can noootttt express the feeling penji. just go with the flow... wear a dastar and walk out alone, explore, go shopping or something. lol enjoy the funny looks you'll get, laugh it off lol just enjoy! i too live in a totally gora town. hey good luck with it all Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh jii!!
  2. veerji how old are you? i would advise you to go find your sangat. travel. take time out, one way ticket to amritsar, stay there and take it all in, come back when your ready. its just a phase veera, it'l be over in a jiffy have hope and know your Guru is with you. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh jii
  3. Veerji could i have your contact details please so UNITED SIKHS can contact you directly if need be regarding the petition. Thanks
  4. The above petition email is going into UNITED SIKHS mail list circulation now
  5. 75 views. not a single reply. wow guys. big pat on the pack. the auction has ended. The Pothi Sahibs have been sold. probably in the post in a jiffy bag somewhere being thrown about. It's these quick responses that have gotten us where we are today.
  6. Veerji just seen this post. I have sent the petition to my contacts hoping they will send it on to their mailing lists. I am actively involved with UNITED SIKHS so have contacted them too. Hope to get the ball rolling asap. Thank You
  7. WAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA, WAHEGURU JI KI FATEH JI http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261081050569?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 ONE 1850'S POTHI CONTAINING 'Japji Sahib, Anand Sahib, Sodar Rehras, Sukhmani Sahib, etc' FOR SALE ON EBAY. POSTAGE WORLDWIDE. reserve of $1000. I know these are genuine as will any other ebayer. his feedback is 100% positive with 154 sales to date. I have the name and number of the singh auctioning these. he has offered to post these to me from canada to the uk i.e. jiffy bag etc need i say more. ANYBODY in Canada, Calgary able to pay a visit/purchase these just to ensure they are in safe hands and stop the auction??? PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR CONTACT INFO. do not want to post his personal details in the open...although i dont see why not since his acts are so distasteful. can we pool together funds to purchase at $1000? i do not have these funds otherwise i would've myself and had a contact in calgary collect in person.
  8. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh ji, I've been attending weddings since ever basically lol typical. But its soon to be my own. So basically someone in the family found/recomended a girl for me to my parents and things got rolling from there. I plan to take Amrit in the near future. I want to get into keeping rehit before i take Amrit so i know i can commit to keeping rehit instead of taking Amrit and then seeing if i can keep it or not. The proposed girl for me is not kesdhari at the moment. I'm hoping here journey will lead her onto this path soon. Now both families are typically punjabi. Hardcore partiers etc. 1) I just want the Anand Karaj to take place, Guru ka Langar and we all go home. I realize this is a dream world fantasy of mine. Does anyone think this could be possible? I dont listen to music, i dont dance drink or eat forbidden food- i dont want all this to take over my own wedding. So can there be a compromise as im pretty sure both families will never agree to a total no party policy. Hows no meat no alcohol and i will not be dancing like a lunitic? Just food, deafening music and people dancing... And when should i make all this clear to the girls family? I think this could potentially be a deal breaker. 2) Is the Kurmai and Chunni ceremony Gurmat? I've seen how the groom is given dried fruits nuts etc in his palla/parna thing and then fed a shuwara/dried date. I don't understand what this represents so am questioning whether this is Gurmat at all. I've seen this take place in the Darbar Sahib. What is this all about? And can I take part in all this? 3) The maiya/mehndi which takes place on the days leading to the wedding. Haldi doh stuff is applied to the groom/bride-to-be. I really dont fancy that. Too intimate and spray on fake tan would do the same job! Pretty sure this is not Gurmat. 4) Groom & Kalgi- this is a no no right? How come this happens all too often? Why is nothing said/explained to sangat before/during the Anand Karaj? And the groom holds a sword- any reason? 5) Can this all work out between me, a kesdhari hoping to soon take Amrit, and a non kesdhari girl? Pul chuk maaf ji.
  9. about 9ish years back i know of jatha of bibiyan (who i wont name as im pretty sure they wont approve) got together and protested at Sri Akal Takht Sahib. They were beaten with danday by the SGPC force or whatever they call themselves. I know one bibi personally who left with broken ribs.
  10. This is what the Sikhs think of the EDL: http://www.google.co...Wri4DQDA&zoom=1 EDL protesters abuse elderly Sikh man in Dudley. Continuing our theme of photo’s of English Defence League (EDL) thugs abusing and intimidating England’s ethnic minority communities that started here…. EDL abuse Sikh man in Dudley, photo from the Birmingham Post. This photo appeared in the Birmingham Post on May the 4th 2010, accompanying a story entitled ‘English Defence League rooftop demo in Dudley ended by police’. They even parades on EDL rallies, like a trophy, the odd isolated Hindu or Sikh religious extremist pursuing the agendas of the Indian far right, in their anti-Muslim ‘united front’. However, it has always been clear from the start that the majority of their followers on the street are young white men, many of whom are only to happy to tell you hate they ‘hate all P*kies’, and often all black and Asian minorities in general. The very first protest held by this movement in Luton ended with groups of EDL supporters attacking random asian people and their businesses. The EDL could unleash a pogrom not only against the English Muslim communities (terrible as that would be in itself), but against all of the English black and ethnic minorities in general. Given the percentage of EDL followers who are ignorant racist and drunk, most would find it hard to tell a Muslim from a Sikh anyway. Sikhs Against the EDL backs ‘Love Leicester, Hate Racism’ Demonstration EDL attempts to build links with extremists in Sikh community Monday, July 2, 2012 Luton, February 2011: Sikhs demonstrate against the EDLThe national press has belatedly latched on to the English Defence League's attempt to exploit a Sikh protest that took place in Luton
  11. are you an EDL agent? coz u blumin well sound like one! EDL are racist scumbags, the worst sort. Divide and rule tactics, same bullsh*t as always
  12. and who do you think would be the next target ey?? Sikhs are the next in line based on religious attire
  13. since i know people from huddersfield, i wouldnt have much trouble identifying which are hindu bibian and which are our own. a small close knit community in hudds. you can write to him, guarnteed you wont get a response. i would urge every concerned Singh to visit the Guru Ghar for themselves and see what goes on day in day out.
  14. This is not religion. its people. manmukhs thinking they can control a Guru ghar. i dont see the connection this has with religion- anyone being put off or not.
  15. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh ji, Veerji i just turned 21 in july. I stopped shaving/Kes katal from march 2012 to date. I've been tying a Dastar for 3weeks. My beard is about 2inches long. so 2inches in 5months. It wasn't easy. there were many times when i wanted to give up and shave. getting th london tube and having people stare at me each and every day like i was some sort of a threat lol. also the scruffy stage about 3months in...not good lol. Veer just believe in Maharaaj and all those thaughts will be dispelled. I was totally into my looks with slick hairstyles etc but when i made the decision to keep my Kes, i wasnt going back. All Guru jis Kirpa. I was able to keep my Kes coz i believed in Guru jis Kirpa 100%. Once you do keep it, you stand out from the rest, your unique, no longer blindly following the ways of society- that is an amazing feeling veer, be proud of it. Have pride in the appearance Maharaaj has given you. Believe in your Guru and all your jobs will be done for you. Just look at how much your Guru has given you. Can we not even keep our Kes at the very least for our Guru? Theres reason behind everything that we're ordained to do. Its to our benefit so if we're keeping our Kes, its for our own good. I now have a beard which im actually quite proud of (lol), a tie a dastar which has so so many benefits- a completely new found respect. I stopped eating meat 5months back too- feel healthier, feel better in my self. I didnt drink so that was cool. Veer trust me, if i can do it, anyone can. my friends are witness to that. Good Luck Veerji! My limited knowledge, pul chuk maaf ji.
  16. I came across the following site, they've also a facebook page: http://www.islam-sik....info/index.htm "Welcome to the world's first and currently only Islam-Sikhism da'wah (invitation to Islam) initiative. Our new and improved site contains more articles and material than ever before, and all praise is for Allaah alone. We ask new visitors to read About Us before jumping to premature conclusions. All rebuttals received shall be published in full providing they adhere to the universal rules of debate, i.e. they must be in response to articles on this site and specific to the subject chosen." Just 3 of the articles on the site listed below: 'G*ru Game Hunters' : http://www.islam-sik...anim/anim01.htm 'The attributeless W*heg*ru' : http://www.islam-sik...eo/sifaat01.htm 'The neglectful G*ru N*nak' : http://www.islam-sik.../neglect01.htm. What are we doing about this? can we report this site? how to ban it? its full of baseless cr*p.
  17. practice practice and practice a little more. How did you learn to walk? Or speak? or ride a bike? drive a car....you can see where im going practice practice and practice a little more. How did you learn to walk? Or speak? or ride a bike? drive a car....you can see where im going
  18. UNITED SIKHS serving Langgar at the London Olympics as Bhai Fauja Singh Ji relays the torch.
  19. No, Punjabis in general are not a religious community. our culture has messed us up to the max. our youth are so confused as to what is and isn't Sikhi. We MUST distinguish religion from culture and ensure our youth dont get stuck in this jaal. people doing toof bati etc to photos, jaat paat, if you sneeze you cant go out, black cat blah blah bullsh*t. Sullay? I fail to see why you opted for that term over Musalmaan/Muslim. please have respect for others if we want them to reciprocate
  20. it almost never happens coz our Gurdwara committees are made up of uneducated, poor english speaking freshies. applogies if i offend anyone but thats the reality of it. so who's going to do the english speaking/parchaar? Many many Gurdwaray are no longer places of worship but a social place for gossip etc <banned word filter activated>. The committees are the root of the problem, we must sort them out. get our youth involved. start with young and work up. Love for Guru has to be instilled in every childs heart, with this they will grow up and remain attached. I speak from personal experience. to be honest I can only think of one Gurdwara in the UK to which ive been to who actively involve the youth. Seven Kings Singh Sabha Ilford. They've a gym in the Gurdwara premises which attracts so many teenagers who would otherwise be getting into wrong company or whatever. This is the kind of initiative we need to take. Pul chuk maaf ji
  21. S4NGH


    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh ji lol why not?
  22. S4NGH

    Retake Amrit ?

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh ji learn from your mistake. ask yourself why you skipped your nitnem. and then sort it out. simplezz i personally dont think you have to go for peshi. If you feel you have to, no harm either. Pul chuk maaf
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