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  1. download the attackment small realplayer file.... milewski_sikhholiday070416.ram
  2. what does the bani of guru gobind singh ji, jagrdang Nagardang bagardang Bajay mean? is it from dasam granth?
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXOlDa_Iezs ....
  4. raag is hukam....its in the guru granth sahib, its the first thing before evey shabdad...example Majh Mahala 5 "revealed to guru arjan dev ji in raag majh"
  5. haha no its pretty light, its not a taus it came from the taus though....taus was too large to carry in jungs so guru gobind singh gave the singhs permission to make a smaller version of the taus so they could take it horsback
  6. Ive heard this story a couple of times in katha??
  7. Hey im selling a dilruba...in Vanvouver area if anyone is interested post a reply or PM me for more details 22 sypathetic strings compared to 4...made in india...comes with case + bow.. message or reply for more details Will post pictures soon thanks
  8. Can somebody explain what this shabad means? http://www.sikhitothemax.com/page.asp?random=1 This Shabad is by Bhagat Kabeer Ji in Salok Kabeer Jee on Pannaa 1369 kbIr eyk mrMqy duie mUey doie mrMqh cwir ] kabeer eaek mara(n)thae dhue mooeae dhoe mara(n)theh chaar || Kabeer, when one died, two were dead. When two died, four were dead. cwir mrMqh Ch mUey cwir purK duie nwir ]91] chaar mara(n)theh shheh mooeae chaar purakh dhue naar ||91|| When four died, six were dead, four males and two females. ||91||
  9. Hey wjkk wjkf, a hazuria/kamarkaasa etc. could be used to keep one's hands suchay, in past time, in jungs...singhs would wear the kamarkazza to fasten any weapons and all of the singhs that had become shaheed in the battle, their kamarkazza was used as a sheet to cover their bodies. It probably reminded them to prepare for death also.
  10. yeahh, we use to do that at school too, yeah and it gets realllll hot
  11. who knows what they meant...ask a person thats into sikhi alot...maybe theyll know what they mean....maybe when kabeer ji says dont take others maybe it means dont take anything in your mind..any bad thought or something
  12. When a sikh went to battle, they tied tora into their dastars so if they got hit in the head the kirpan would not go all the way through the head the tora would stop it...you get what im saying?
  13. I think that i nmy opinion that its all in gods will....maybe the soul that becomes in the body of the clone has a punishment and sufferes from this by being a clone...somthing like that u get what i mean?"
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