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  1. I too need Pda software Looked far and wide and i can't find the software

  3. Don't wanna insult anyone, but fact checking is always important. Not too tough in the internet age. I dug this up after a quick search of Pizza Hut's site- http://www.yum.com/nutrition/allergen/allergen_ph.asp To sum it up, it doesn't look like any of the crusts have egg in them, but they might be prepared in an area where eggs are used.
  4. I'm running a macbook pro with 2 gigs of ram, 2.6 intel core 2 duo processor, and the program did not work for me. I was able to open up the application and see stuff, but was not able to get any search results. BTW, I'm almost certain that all Macs now sold have minimum of 1 gig, so you shouldn't have any problems with ram there. I'm certain that I have the Java SE 1.6, because I downloaded the update a couple of weeks ago for it. I wasn't able to get anything to really work, dictionary, hukamnama, banis, slideshow, and search gave me nothing. I was able to get the gurmukhi keyboard to work, but that seemed cluttered, and I was confused because it was all out of order, i.e., not in alphabetical order. Hope your programmer can sort out my problems.
  5. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh, Is it not manmat to do kachi bani to generate money on the stage because all the old bibiya go crazy when they hear "mehrawalea shahiya rakhi chana de kol" Is it not Manmant to sit on chairs and eat langar when its Gurus hukkam to sit on the floor. Bhai saab you answered your own question in your question anything that is not done in accordance to Gurmat is manmat, therefore kirtan not done in accordance to gurmat sangeet is manmat, because we are doing what according to us is right and not what our Satguru wants us to do. Rehraas is meant to be done at night, so in accordance to your statement that reciting gurbani is reciting gurbani, it can be done at any time of the day. Bhai saab, why cant you fathom that Satguru gave us a direct order, and we overlook it? Kirtaniya are depriving you the sangat from experiencing the meaning of baani by not doing gurmat sangeet, as there is no better way of expressing baani than gurmat sangeet. This is because music is a universal medium. Like i said before if we were all to do Gurmat Sangeet, this problem with kachi baani would not occur. Out of curiosity, I must know. You just said that Rehras is meant to be done at night, and that is true. But then why does Rehras contain shabads in raag Asa? Asa is a morning raag is it not? And I'm sorry, but I don't see how not performing gurmat sangeet is depriving the sangat of the bani's meaning. The meaning lies in the words that compose the shabad doesn't it?
  6. Honestly, looking at that pamphlet, they're more likely to convert some of their own guys to sikhi than the other way around.
  7. It is certainly doable, but anything made wouldn't be released until june. I'd wait until then to see if anyone made anything, and then raise the issue again.
  8. First thing I thought when I saw this new skin was "Impressive". Keep up the good work :TH:
  9. like mskcan said, man is neither but more commonly known as an omni-vore. My personal opinion is that I see too many negatives to meat than positives. From a purely scientific stand point, there is always going to be risk because Meat will carry disease. Mad-cow, undercooking, food poisoning and plenty of other diseases and bacteria are unnecessary risks, and are reason enough without other implications to not eat meat. In response to the article, does it really matter if vegetarians never become mr. universe or mr. world? These are trivial things, but I suppose that is more important to body builders than it is to me. That being said, I do know some exceptionally strong people that happen to be vegetarians.
  10. I opened up STTM 2 and it prompted for an update. I complied, but what was in it? Is there a readme somewhere that i'm not seeing? I don't see anything different...
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