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  1. Nanaksar Nitnem The seva is dedicated to Baba Ishar Singh Nanaksar Kaleran & Baba Ishar Singh Nanaksar Kaleran.
  2. India Has Violated Its Obligations To UN On Peasant Rights By Gurdhyan Singh 15th March 2021 When the offices of the UN Secretary General, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and the UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights to Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and Association supported the Indian peasants’ right of peaceful protest and assembly, they were reminding the Indian government of its general human rights obligations under the UN treaties that India has ratified and voluntarily undertaken to enforce at the national level. Th
  3. https://www.scribd.com/document/32877067/anand-sarovar-life-history-of-baba-nand-singh-ji
  4. mahanpaapi


  5. "A mother who does Sukhmani Sahib once a day for nine months while pregnant and for the first nine months of the baby’s life while holding the baby or being close enough to where the baby can hear the mother reciting, will protect the child from ever straying from the path of Sikhi." Baba Nand Singh Ji Nanaksar Kaleran.
  6. Haanji Bhen ji, I am trying to find the full text but still it gives a sense of Sheikh Baba Farid Ji's intimate relationship with Hazrat Mohammed Sahib based on devotional love.
  7. it is a cosmic melodious sound vibrating throughout the cosmos. in Sikhi, it is called Anhad Naad, unstuck melodious sound, starts when Tenth Door opens with His Grace.
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