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  1. I will never respect a Muslim or show respect to Islam
  2. Do you see this as a positive thing? i personally dont think its needed, we dont need people on the street preaching, even though technically youre just explaining the religion and what it is but ive just seen this channel and went through some of the videos and the people look like they are forcing themselves to stand there and listen hardly any of them are showing any interest, and the guys talking are a bit awkward at times they say multiple times that they are not there to convert people, etc which is true, but it looks like they desperately try to draw the people to visiting a gurdwara
  3. See, this is the problem suddenly the "precious vulnerable eldery" can look after themselves maybe theyre not about to run and convert to islam, but do they need to be bothered every day when they are goin about there business? are you happy with your parents or grandparents being bothered with this <banned word filter activated> every time they go to the shops?
  4. i support them, there is no sikh movement or even enough unity between the youth to tackle any issues within our community properly so why not give this a try from browsing this site and occasionly posting i can already see that most people on here live sheltered lives and have probably never had any issues with the muslim community, so you wont understand, all this awareness, internet groups and gurdwara meetings with pappus wont solve anything
  5. More attackss on paki businesses in lesta http://www.thisisleicestershire.co.uk/Moghul-Durbar-restaurant-attack-Police-renew-plea/story-17884710-detail/story.html
  6. look what happened last time 6 months later they do it again
  7. luton today "justice for the young sikh girl that was the victim of a serious sexual assault yesterday by a pakistani male" what justice is this goin to get you?
  8. its not back, not yet these singhs had too much saag and got excited
  9. im from the inner city and these were 2 of the things bringing me closer to sikhi i cut my hair, drink, eat meat and all that sikh unit and lion heartz talked about real issues and stuff you can relate to and understand from that i discovered tigerstyle and immortal productions, decided to research into the history of sikhism and learned more myself my parents arent that religious but i was brought up going to gurdwara on a sunday once in a while and thats about it, and i slowly drifted away from as i got older, after the age of 14 or 15 i went twice a year maybe at most and that was a 2 m
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