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  1. I read the news report about this the other day in the Bradfor Argus & Telegraph. The Sikh spokesperson from the Gurdwara gave the reporters a list of reasons why it shouldn't be allowed and among those 'reasons' was the apparent 'fact' that "cows are holy to Sikhs and the meat plant could include the smell of beef wafting in the air" :stupidme:
  2. Just curious HSD, what and who is stopping you from going then? With free movement in the EU you have full rights to move this evening to beautiful Bavaria.....sunny Barcelona.....sweltering Madrid or charming Copenhagen. Why are you still here if its so bad ?
  3. One would imagine that the above golden nugget piece of information would have sparked a wave of discussion here and around the world. Instead, rather surpisingly, everyone here seems to be ignoring it hoping it will go away if its ignored long enough, pretending that it just ain't there. People are reading it....and then blatantly writing their message as if it doesn't exist. Well...it does exist and it is relevant. It says "Manjit's dad.... the jathedar smuggled a gold brick in his jhora........he was caught in airport security" :omg:
  4. Uh ? :wow: I saiid he's one of the most famous dastar wearing Sikhs on the planet. How did "goreh", "pakis" and "confusion" come into the conversation ? :stupidme: Seriously, we all know he wears a patka for professional sports (every other professional sikh sportsman does to) but are you suggesting that he no matter where he goes he only dresses like its an international test match ? Are you suggesting that even if he wants to go and buy a pint of milk from Tesco he wears his shorts and uniform and does muscle warm-up exercises before he goes ?
  5. uh ? Isn't he one of the most famous dastar wearing Sikhs on the planet ? (in the eyes of non-sikhs) I mean if you were to ask the average Australian, Englishman, New Zealander or South African to name one turban wearing Sikh it will be Monty Panesar. Uh ? But isn't he one of the most famous dastar wearing sikhs on the planet ? (among non-sikhs). I mean if you were to ask the avarage Australian, Englishman, New Zealander or South African to name one dastar wearing sikh it will be monty Panesar.
  6. Err...no. If you really want an update as to where Legal Singh is 'right now', I can tell you that I've just finished my paratha and will now leave for work. Although there is some truth to what you say in that I shall have to also get on the Northern Line so will experience something close to hell.
  7. Practically all jatt Sikhs that arrived here in the late 40's and early 5o's arrived on false Pakistani passports. The reason for this is because your beloved Hindustan bowed to pressure from London in 1948 by deliberately moving the passport office from Delhi to Bombay in order to make it extermely difficult for Sikhs from Punjab to get passports. Thus, with wide open borders at that time, 99% of the early Sikhs in the UK, simply went the 100 miles north and secured passports there. So....its not just my family. The same is true for virtualy all of the pioneers in cities across the UK. Learn your history. Respect your elders by sitting and talking to them. Learn from them. Spend more time doing that and less time doing India's dirty work for them by distracting talk from the real issue of Sikh human right abuses and concentrating on irrational anti-Pakistani hate instead. Think before you write. Sit down....have fingers ready at the keyboard....but before you type think!! Ask yourself questions such as 'are 16 year olds classified as mnors in the UK?'.........'Could I really be the only knowdledgable one and the Police, Prosecutors, Courts and Judges all wrong and fools for not classifying it as a rape?'. Ask yourself these questions....then type. The more you repeat lies my friend they do not become any truer. You know as well as I do in that thread I countered your bigoted anti-muslim rhetoric by reminding you that most illegal immigrants here in London are people like our own Sikh brethren, South Americans - especialy Brazilians, and white Australians and New Zealanders who have overstayed their work visa. Your lies come hand in glove with your bigotry my brother. Its a slippery slope. There is just one thing I am 'blatant' about and that is the fact that I will never do India's dirty work for them. I will never do what the hindu sarkar wants us to do i.e forget about the atrocities it has and is continuing to inflict on us and divert our attention towards anti-Pakistani bigotry instead. It doesn't take a genious to see how the voices here trying to shut me up mostly emanate from those who are proud 'Indians'. People here are not silly my friend. They know your agenda and they know mine. Mine, is plain and clear. To free my people from the yoke of Indian slavery. To get justice for the atrocities India has committed. So...as I stated before, it'll be a sad day when you can scare a Sikh into silence by threatening to label him a muslim. So call me muslim all you want. Convince yourself its true. It will not make it any truer. I am comfortable enough with my points of reasoning not to resort to name-calling and abuse.
  8. The thing that gets me about the programmes both on Sikh Channel and Sangat TV is that they have words 'D-Live' prominent on the screen, a tactic brought in from India. I couldn't understand this at first because I thought surely all these feeds from marches etc can't be live. It turns out the 'D' stands for delayed. So in other words it isn't live. In other words the programme isn't live....its pre-recorded, just like normal tv programming is. So why the need for a big 'D-Live' on the screen ? Anyway, my guess is that the sikh channels are losing viewers because of Virgin's big push. Way too many of our households have switched to virgin and only then finding out too late that the sikh channels are not available through them. I suggest Sikh Channel execs make it a priority to meet with virgin and get this sorted before there's nobody left to turn the lights out.
  9. See this is the danger with the power of suggestion. One man ignores the facts of what was done and what I said and falsely suggests I'm defending the criminals and the next thing you know everyone else develops the same inability to read and simply latches on to the falsehoods. This is not what I'm about....I'm about facts. Fact # 1: I had constantly stated from the very first message how the men in question were "evil and vile". Fact # 2: Nowhere....absolutely nowhere...has any 'rape' been mentioned. The men were not charged with any rape offence and the girl has not alleged any rape, but 99% of the comments here, including yours, are about some imaginary 'rape'. ? Fact # 3: Their charge was paying sex with someone under the age of 18. In this country paying for sex with a prostitute over 18 is not a crime but paying for sex with a prostitute under 18 is. Fact # 4: The girl's own words from the transcripts of the trial= first had consensual sex for money, with two people her own age, in early November.......................She then met Iacub, at a Diwali festival and made it “obvious” to him she was charging for sex..............................However, she told the police it was her own idea to sell her body................“I guess it’s my own fault because I got myself into it.” Fact # 5: The girl's own testimony was that when she met the men for the very first time she made it clear to them that she was a prostitute and so there would be a charge for the sex she was offering. Now. I have been the subject to alot of abuse from people here for simply stating facts. It is clear that these insults constantly thrown at me here stem from the fact that very few of you here have actually bothered to read the news story. One man says I'm a muslim and the rest follow blindly. Call me whatever you want. Its a sorry day when a Sikh is scared off from facts in the fear of being labelled a muslim.
  10. Hammertime, whether or not you like Somalians is irrelevent in this conversation as most, if not all, of them are documented. When it comes to 'illegals' in London it is mostly our Sikh brethren, South Americans especially Brazilians,Christian Africans and.........white Australians and New Zealanders who have overstayed their work visa. Now, lets leave the australians and new zealanders out of the discussion because we both know the border agency never ever bother raiding those types of 'illegals'. Because you see, according to our govt (border agency) there are good illegals and there are bad illegals. Good illegals have blonde hair and white skin. However, ignoring their obvious racism, there is up to a million undocumented illegal immigrants walking among us here in this one city of London. They are good for the economy. They work hard and they don't take away jobs meant for us. They complement the established skilled and educated labour market. Its because of them that so many of our services we require are more competitively priced. They do us far more good than bad.
  11. This is interesting because I very recently had a wonderful discussion with a friend about something similar. We sought to understand why, in Gurbani, the crane bird is mentioned so many times. Quite literaly hundreds of times and far more than any other animal. I thought long and hard about this and understood that guru ji was so so knowledgable about things. We have so much to amass before we can even begin to appreciate. I felt it was a very subtle and clever reminder to us Sikhs about what the turk oppresor really believed in. Satanic Verses. Since Salman Rushdies book we've all accepted it as being called satanic verses and don't think otherwise. But satanic verses is actually a fairly new word for the thing in question. It was only at the beginning of the 20th centure that those words started being used to describe it. The 'it' in question is actually correctly called the 'story of the cranes'. The 'crane' god was at the time of muhammed the most popular pagan god in mecca. It is known that muhammed's original teachings and original koran had a full chapter on the crane gods and how muhammed believed they were real gods that all muslims should worship. It was only several hundreds years after mohammed's death that the crane references were removed from the koran by the mullahs and maulvis, and ever since then those that mention them are threatened with death. Our Gurus knew though. They knew everything.
  12. The 'Christian' menace is surely a greater menace to us than the Muslim. Whilst the muslim one comes in the form of individuals with a zeal, but little resources, to convert others, the Christian one is extremely organised and far reaching. Just to give you an example, there is a course that is run in a few Canadian Universities, especially Trinity Western University, specifically teaching its students how they should go about converting Sikhs to Christianity. Universities teaching a degree in how to convert sikhs !!!! :wow: Think about that for a moment. I've had a look at the study modules for the course and it is truly frightening. Far far more frightening than what one lone muslim man in the high street can preach. The modules state how the student will learn how to go inside the Gurdwara, be inquisitive and friendly with the Sikhs and generally give the impression that they are genuinely interested in Sikhism. The course modules actually state how the student must learn not to give the game away too early. It teaches how it is important to first gain the trust of the Sikh community and then, after trust has been gained, slowly start making statements about Jesus etc. Truly truly frightening.
  13. And you think there's a Punjabi family out there that wouldn't threaten to throw out of the house a daughter that was stoned out her head all day, drunk every day and prostituting herself ? Its hard for EVERYONE to get a job. But everyone else doesn't see prostitution as a solution to their money problems. She didn't need social services. She wasn't being sexualy, physicaly or mentaly abused at home. Her parents were simply telling her to stop drinking, taking drugs and prostituting herself. All she needed to do was stop. If not those, what symptoms were you expecting to occur from serious drug and alcohol abuse ? And I suppose stopping drinking and taking drugs wasn't an option at all then ? :stupidme: Read the trial transcript bruvs. She herself says she'd been prostituting herself, drinking heavily and taking drugs since well before meeting what you call the '<banned word filter activated>'. Everybody in the entire world was 16 at some point. How many of them drink alcohol and take drugs ? Were you expecting good things to happen as a result of the drug and alcohol abuse ? Lets assume you don't think they should have 'honour killed' her what exactly do you expect parents to do to a daughter that is abusing drugs and alcohol and prostituting herself and refusing to stop? Did you expect them to throw her a massive party to celebrate ? Desperate for money ? What she had a majboori of bringing up small children and providing food for them did she ? She had a mortgage hanging over her head with the threat of repossession did she ? She urgently needed money for a life saving operation did she ?# No. She needed money because responsible parents were telling her to stop taking driugs and alcohol and she didn't want to stop. If you think thats desperate you seriously need to reconsider your definition of desperate.
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