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  1. The fundamental problem here is a clash between sikh values and contemporary western values. The west wants an individual to be unarmed, no reference to violence, the government/police in power and an all round defendless/weak person in society. A Sikh is a soldier, keeps weapons, worships weapons, gives authority to Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji only, teaches shaster vidya to his children. Expect to see more of these clashes. Instead to addressing the issues by saying 'but we are peaceful and believe in non-violence' etc we should be more direct and tell them 'we are the ancestors of warriors and we worship/keep weapons so sorry if it's not your cup of tea'
  2. Head trauma is such a broad term. It' means nothing. If I smacked you in the head you too would technically have head trauma. We don't know the severity of this boys injuries but that's irrelevant since all he did with his pag is cushioned the boys head. As I said before he would have accomplished that far better with his bare hands. I might have understood if, for example, the boy had a major bleed which needed stopping. Not only was removing his pag unecessary, it was plane daft.
  3. He could have without doubt supported that boys head with his bare hands. Next time I'll take my pag off whenever anyone needs a bit of first aid. Good one.
  4. That question is absolutely warranted since only then can removal of his dastar be justified. Look at the pictures - it is being used as a mere cushion. That does not justify removing his pag and certainly would not save the boys life.
  5. Can you tell me which part of removing his dastar helped to save that boys life? It's all sensationalised hype,
  6. Doesn't change one fact. Removal of his dastar was absolutely UNECESSARY. Right whenever Guru Granth Sahib Ji are passing over I will remove my pag to show my respect. Good one.
  7. That's not the point. Removing his dastar was a completely unnecessary over- reaction. He did not have to cover up a naked raped women. He was just proving a cushion for a boys head.
  8. Conspiracists have the lowest IQ
  9. He could have taken his top of but that wouldn't have generated any facebook likes. Taking his pag off was unnecessary. I think this Singh is a lalu and I would have slapped him if i was there. The west are ofcourse loving this news because they see a Sikh 'breaking his religion'.
  10. Wtenever muslim terrorists blow something the response of the rest of the muslims is the same every time, 'it was the Amsricans'
  11. People will exploit Sikh principles out of context to support their agenda. Let's look at this one- Guru Nanak Dev Jis shabad is often posted around of Facebook. 'Before becoming a Muslim, a Sikh, a Hindu, or a Christian, let's become a human first'. The odd thing is those who post this often have no intent of becoming Sikh at all.
  12. BBC is hell bent in distorting Sikhi and labelling Gur Sikhs as extremists. No different to Gov of India. Kaum de dushman.
  13. Newsflash: Muslim boy marries Sikh girl in Gurdwara. Meanwhile Sikh boys debate amongst each other on online forum. Debate is not what we need. We need action. I feel demoralised.
  14. You are the typical British punjabi who knows nothing about Sikhi or Sikh identity yet people like you are the first to preech. You're not the problem however proliferation of people like you is the problem.
  15. It's impossible not to be judgemental unless you're a cabbage. Again your just throwing western nonsense at me uncle Ji.
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