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  1. Amit12

    Your Holy Book

    Yeh we do have holy scripture at home, most of the young 'uns have the mobile app version, And before singing, our scripture is meant to be understood, contemplated, and practiced in life and then yes as it is written in musical Raags. It is evident that it is also meant to be sung.
  2. Amit12

    Islam and Sikhi

    Why can't you guys stay in your own faith and embrace the difference ?
  3. Amit12

    New Zealand attack

    Uhuh ? What are you suggesting then ?
  4. But tjere are countless panj piyare there, every gurudwara has their own panj piyare with their own maryada. How do we know who is right.... ? Which ones are ACCEPTED ?
  5. Amit12

    Questions about Sikh religion

    there are mentions of Christianity in SGGS, isn't it? "KATEB" means the people of Book. or maybe you are only talking abt, Jesus.
  6. Accepted by whom ? Who has the authority ? Who can judge ?
  7. Amit12

    Why are muslims so evil?

    The moment you turn a philosophy into RELIGION.... It turns EVIL. Even SIKHISM is EVIL.
  8. Amit12

    Why are muslims so evil?

    There are 1.8 billion muslims in the world.... How many have you met ?
  9. Amit12

    Sikh History

    Can't register there, Is it only for British sikhs ? They ask question wayy tooo unpopular for any sikh outside London to answer it.
  10. Amit12

    peshi questions

    Lol, don't you have anything else to do bRuh XD. Asking for Peshi if someone hits your Butt .... (Assuming you are a boy ) .There's something called HUMOR bRuh....
  11. Thanks for sharing, i need to study this verse, cuz if we read this verse as per the given translation then it contradicts many other verses of Bani.
  12. Amit12

    How to tie round swag turban

    "SWAG turban" LooooL Do u have any photo of what you're currently aiming at... ?

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