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  1. my question..... . *Deleted*
  2. WOW, all you could get from that paragraph was something that was NOT EVEN IN IT
  3. number 8.4 and 8.5 is very discriminating taking into consideration that we live in a very diverse society now.. just saying.Not everything that akaal takht says is right ( talking about the points 8.4 and 8.5 precisely ) , for example forgiving RAM RAHIM for his actions... we gotta use our minds as well..
  4. Dear "So worried Brother", Today's fight with others is more Intellectual than physical Fight. How do u even prepare for fight when you dont know the rules..... Brother.....
  5. lol, out of those 60% Turbaned Sardars.... 90% doesn't have basic knowledge of sikhi. Congrats on that milestone btw
  6. Brother, Know the context of the Book... It's like you are Reading the book but you already have made up an opinion about the book without even knowing the context. The Book is not about everyday life of a Shopkeeper or a Labor worker, my friend. This book,in my opinion, is for people who are involved in defenses or who are managing big organizations who often have to face competition in their respective fields... It has nothing against Sikhi because Sikhs under Guru SAhibs have also fought while taking into consideration their advantages and disadvantages and also their opponents' Weaknesses and strong points and exploited them with Full force... Be a Sengh, Man... You are thinking like NAAMDHAARIS XD
  7. What are the reliable Books to read about Akaali Phoola Singh ? Are there any books written Solely on Akaali Phoola SIngh ?
  8. Dont try converting, it can ruin even a HEALTHY relationship. Both of you just focus on Achieving Godly virtues that Gurbani Describes, im sure qoran describes that too... live a virtue-full life, what benefit is there even if she Converts ? does Guru Benefits? NOOOOOOOO. Do you Benefit from that? probably NOOOOOO. aFter all living a virtuous life is the True ESSENCE of SIKHI..... The Outer Dress Code doesnt matter at all. you liked her because of her Qualities, Her Gunns ( Virtues), If those were AvGuns. As a Gurmukh SIkh, you wouldn't like her at the first place i'd suppose. You liked her Virtues, i'd say Help her elevating her virtues even more. and forget about the Converting Ritual, ITS POINTLESS.
  9. Lol, im in moderation here as well, Seems nothing is different here anyway.
  10. That is what he said...... As we know that rehrass is combination of many banis, therefore, In rehrass, people only read ਬੇਨਤੀ and Benti Ends at "Dusht ........ Leyo bachaayi".
  11. Wow, Where did you get that information from ?
  12. Yeh we do have holy scripture at home, most of the young 'uns have the mobile app version, And before singing, our scripture is meant to be understood, contemplated, and practiced in life and then yes as it is written in musical Raags. It is evident that it is also meant to be sung.
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