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  1. Please can someone quote a shabad telling to consume meat? Very simple request. Just 1 specific shabad nothing else. There are shabads that tell us to consume Roti, Grains etc. But I can't find a shabad to tell us to consume meat. As Sikhs we follow Guru Ji's shabad, therefore this is where we seek guidance to live our life.
  2. It seems that threads where posts become meat vs veggie issue then that is a no no.
  3. Posters should be careful otherwise this thread will become closed just like other similar threads on this topic.
  4. Gurmantar is the Naam that you receive when you accept Sri Guru Granth Sahib as your Guru. Guru Ji via Panj Pyare gives you the Gurmantar Vaheguru and you are told how to recite it and told the code of conduct by which to live. The reason you have life is to merge back with Vaheguru, and you need the Gurmantar to do this.
  5. Firstly remove all your wants and simply love Vaheguru. Remember Vaheguru is everywhere and inside all of us. For most people Vaheguru is asleep inside them. Once one receives the Gurmantar from Guru Ji via Panj Pyare, and then recite on the Gurmantar then Vaheguru becomes awakened and you will see the light. Also always trust in Vaheguru. It isn't easy taking care of the whole universe so just let go and love Vaheguru because he always knows best.
  6. http://www.damdamitaksaal.org/ is a good place to start. It also contains area contacts for more information.
  7. Being Amritdhari is a way of life to live in accordance with Guru Ji's will (Rehat). Guru Ji's gives naam that is why it is called Gurmantar. Without Guru Ji one will not achieve liberation. Also If one is living the way of an Amritdhari before taking Amrit, ie getting up at Amritvela to do naam simran and Nitnem, devoting your whole life to Guru Ji, then why not just take Khande Di Pahul? It shouldn't be that difficult.
  8. Good idea. can't wait for it to happen. HERE'S ANOTHER IDEA. Now with globalisation maybe we could have 5 Takhts in each continent. Europe, Asia, Americas, Africa & Oceania Takhts. Maybe have a flag with 5 Khandas like the Olympic flag (this is probably going a bit too far).
  9. In 1984 there was the Olympic Games in Los Angeles. All of the world's media would have been focused on Los Angeles. Does anyone know if there was any demonstration regarding the Sikh Genocide in front of the media in Los Angeles? I tried searching on Google but found nothing.
  10. Compare this remembrance to the D-Day landing remembrance also happening today. No fighting in France, but fighting in Amritsar. It's just crazy.
  11. This is a day of remembrance. There should be a 1 minute silence to reflect on what happened. All Sikhs around the world should stop what they are doing for 1 minute for remembrance. These people are idiots and bring shame on the Panth. How can we move forward with this attitude?
  12. We live in a celebrity world, and of all the celebrities we see on the tv and in movies how many are Amritdhari Singhs with flowing beards? Guys looking like girls is becoming the norm (very strange).
  13. BritishSingh


    When you surrender yourself to the Guru then you remove me from yourself. Guru is everything you are nothing. You want to become one with Guru Ji. Netnem is not just something to be recited daily. Nitnem is to be recited and understood because Nitnem tells us how to live properly in order to break free the wall of sin and achieve Mukti (Salvation). As the 1st Pauri in Jap Ji Sahib asks the question, How do I break free of the wall of sin all around me?, staying quiet doesn't work, staying hungry doesn't work, keep taking a bath doesn't work; so what is the answer? Guru Ji says accept and live
  14. work to live not live to work
  15. This was written on facebook page of Damdami Taksaal UK Jatha Bindran Mehta: https://www.facebook.com/damdamitaksaluk?hc_location=timeline If you want us to do an Amrit sanchar in your local area please contact us via pm or on 07985 246484 For UK and EUROPE They may be able to help
  16. This is stupid. Guru Ji tells us to worship the creator NOT the creation. Krishna was a creation therefore should not be worshiped. Yes Krishna is a name attributed to the creator, just as Allah, Ram, Vaheguru, God etc... the list is endless. All these depictions of gods/goddesses are of creations. The creator is formless and has no image. Tell this to the Hare Krishna guys who are worshiping false blue guy and going straight into re-incarnation.
  17. Show them the Sikh Rehat Maryada which all Sikhs should be following. A SIKH DOESN'T WORSHIP IDOLS. Anyone who does can't call themselves a Sikh. A Sikh follows Guru Granth Sahib as their Guru and worships VAHEGURU AND VAHEGURU ALONE. Its that simple.
  18. If you go digging for gold you may strike gold with you first dig or you may have to dig 10 feet or 100 feet. We are all different. Remember Vaheguru is inside you. Just listen to your own void when doing simran.
  19. Do not want anything when doing Naam Simran. If you do want/ask for something then ask for LOVE nothing else. Simply do Simran out of love and devotion to Vaheguru. Vaheguru Ji's language is LOVE. Understanding Jap Ji Sahib was the key for me. Jap Ji Sahib tells us what/who Vaheguru is and the exact way to connect with Vaheguru.
  20. Looks like the safest way to avoid such problems is to follow bibek lifestyle.
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