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  1. Do you still have these recordings of baba hardev singh? I would really like to listen to them thanks!
  2. Prof. Surinder Singh, or follow Jawaddi Taksal, they have a lot of recordings of great Raag Kirtani's, like Dr. Alankar Singh, Prof. Paramjot Singh, Prof. Kanwerdeep Singh, Bhai Harjot Singh, etc. (theres so many I can't name them all haha) and all of it is in Nirdharit Raag as well, meaning that it is sung in the raag that it is prescribed in, for example a shabad that has a sirlekh of Raag Asa, is sung in Raag Asa
  3. Har Amrit Bhinnay Loina tune is ektaal
  4. Guru Maharaj writes "Asa Mahalla Pehla Vaar Saloka Naal" in the sirlekh and so from the litlle budhi I have, I feel that it should be sung in Raag Asa then. There doesn't seem to be room for personal modification. Just my 2 cents. Bhul Chuk Maaf Karne
  5. he sacrificed himself as a counter to the injustice that was going. He was opposed to the tyranny that as going on the, the forcefulness of the rulers and as such stood opposed to it. thats what i believe, and have learnt, bhul chuk khima, please correct me if i am wrong
  6. You should pick up one of the instruments that guru sahib blessed us with, whether it be the rabab that guru nanak dev ji got specially made by bhai firanda and sang with while travelling the world, or the saranda which guru arjun dev ji created himself and did kirtan with, or the jori, not tabla (jori is much more different, tabla is a newer invention), which was created by bhai satta bhai balwand in guru arjun dev jis darbar, or the sarangi which was brought in by guru hargobind ji, or the taus and dilruba which were created by guru gobind singh ji. all the guru's did kirtan with these instr
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