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  1. Yeah, I got access towards it, but that was only because I had to disconnect the previous log-in system, I rarely use this account for that reason especially with and I had lost access for this account, (and I will continue with @Jacfsing2.) Me and @Sukhvirk76 are not the same person and this is a general conversation of lost accounts and making new ones, as you can see this account isn't on quality control or banned. But I lost access so I made @Jacfsing2.
  2. Can anyone tell me how we can delete our account? (I already have a different account on this site, and couldn't log-in on this account for a long time due to forgot password wasn't working).
  3. Before we go any further, I just wanted to say that if you do marry someone who's not a Sikh, most likely that has come through your hukam, in the same way they most likely weren't born into a Sikh family. What you can do is try to assist the lost soul to find the Guru. End of story.
  4. The 2 reasons I stated are very true, in India, the Sikhs have started speaking Hindu, they grow up learning Punjabi, but all their friends speak Hindi, all their teachers speak in Hindi, when they find their future spouse, they speak Hindi, and finally they speak Hindi after their married and with their new families. This is a real threat.
  5. Yes, but if you live in an area where there are no Punjabi people, it seems like a lost cause, why bother learning Punjabi if it has no use in our daily lives?
  6. Sikhs are so small of a minority, that they really won't use it in their lives. My family members have forgotten the Punjabi outside of gurbani, and don't write it on a daily basis. Punjabi people are also a small minority outside of some really special places. (I personally don't meet Sikh people on a daily basis and am usually the only one in a crowd).
  7. Taksal doesn't believe in separate Amrit for females, I personally agree with Taksal.
  8. Hazur Sahib has a different Amrit Ceremony, called "Kirpan da Amrit"
  9. All of this can only be done with Guru Sahib's grace, you can not win by yourself.
  10. The reason that people,(Khalsa, don't think you'd understand what that is), would protest a Gurdwara interfaith marriage is because it's not the way. You just have to get a court marriage to be able to marry a non-Sikh.(We should go back to the old days when only 2 Amritdharis were allowed to marry from Anand Karaj, there's too much poison ideologies going on-site you being an example).
  11. When Vaheguru wants to give you a full beard he'll give it to you. I haven't gotten new facial hair for 3 years, (I'm 17) I think it's just a process that comes at times. Some people in my family are 30 and don't have a beard(they never cut their Kesh), some people are in their young 20s and have full beards. Harbans Singh had a small beard when he left this world.
  12. When you get rejected by a girl: "It must be black magic!" There are some things that you probably did that made her go away?
  13. SSD

    Kali Bein

    http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=56mDJAu8fXQ You really have to watch both videos to understand the concept. Guru Nanak is a form of Vaheguru, but Guru Nanak never asked for his body to be worshipped.
  14. Simple answer: Excommunication! This all only started when Darshan Singh Ragi betrayed the Panth.
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