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  1. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa , Waheguru ji ki Fateh If you want to be sure best bet make them yourself, as many labelling laws allow for such things to be added and not listed if a certain proportion of the product. I've listed some good places for recipes. Cakes I make at home for Bhujanghis especially Birthday stuff turn out better than shop stuff any day baked cinammon donuts: http://www.taste.com.au/recipes/20358/baked+cinnamon+doughnuts Yummly have 149 recipes : http://www.yummly.co.uk/recipes/egg-free-doughnuts
  2. Originally my advice to Pepper was to do ardas and get Guruvak as Guru ji is above all ... perhaps that would be more suitable ?
  3. listen carefully muslims will say anything and everything to keep you under their spell but truth is you have free will that Waheguru blessed you with, would you really want to stay in the company of people who believe its a good thing to cheat, attack or kill people because they are not the same as you? that would have your daughters married at nine? of course not because you know what is just and in line with compassion ... As far as I can remember you say the phrase but you have to believe it . all it says is there is no other than Allah which you believe also but you call Waheguru the se
  4. why kick yourself so much ...you are sharing a bigger love with your MUM , the biggest love ...imagine how happy she will feel to be able to share that with you again after so long. Dry your eyes, lift your spirits and recite 'ja too mera val hai ta keha mushanda' shabad everytime you feel low ... be happy http://waheguru.us/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Ja-Tu-Mere.jpg
  5. Pepper I'm not sure if you know Khalsa maths ....1 =Sikh 2 =Sangat 5= Guru How about sitting with your Mum for sangat at home and do paat with her ? I'm sure she would be glad of the company maybe now you can get that gutka to join in/follow . We used do that as kids and it's a good way to pick up bani pronounciation and have meaningful family time. Then take it from there
  6. Veer ji He has said he feels isolated and he needs to be surrounded by people of like mind doing paat, kirtan to boost himself ...there is nothing wrong there even Guru ji has said Sangat is the place to go.
  7. Look I would say if you want to stamp your love on your soul, give your head to Guru ji , yep it can be scary to make that first step but I promise the benefits outweigh the pointless worrying of a lifetime. I was nine when I decided the only place I could call home was Guru ji's feet. I went to Uni too and had those roving gangs of Dawah boys preaching at me ... they couldn't find a way in to start up. Your childhood bhagti is the saving grace I really feel that you will be happy once you find sangat
  8. ARDAS ...take hukamnama and LISTEN to what Guru ji Tells you... we are foolish we say we don't need you Guru and leave, but Guru ji is always ready to welcome you back provided you actually mean it from the heart. If you get in contact with that girl could she turn your head again? or is your head truthfully Guru ji's ? You hadn't met the girl yet got swayed so quickly is that because you were already swayed by all those Dawah vids? People who make those videos prey on those who are not fully sure of their faiths but although you have been to Gurudwarey and taking part in sadh sangat some
  9. I did read his book on my kindle and I'm sorry to say he came across as a typical want to get an asian 'obedient' wifey to tend to my every whim which I found offputting apart from his 'wide-boy' attitude and past .. I'm curious that couple of gorey singh who do kirtan are they still 3HO or are they now guruwaley ...because I did see a vid of them doing jaap sahib to some yoga based idea to mata tek on every namastang in Jaap sahib ...it did look hectic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFNnrZw5OH0
  10. veer ji read the post again it was an objection because violent treatment of sikhs , christians and muslims by Modi in Gujarat
  11. Veer ji , All kirtan is Gurbani and one shouldn't do nindia of the kirtaniya ... I know 3HO have their faults but in this scenario if they are doing kirtan they are doing good. Bhaine ji was mentioning a Surma Raagi passing any ideas who she was talking about?
  12. It is clear from the players that this is not a jihad but energy and resources grab which Gaddafi warned people of before his death . WIth oil / fossil fuels and rare metals, uranium resources set to finish within the next century everyone is scrabbling to grab the remaining untapped reserves. I say it is better to stay free-floating and train up on survival, medical, botanical, physical craft, skills because land masses are going to change, wars, anarchy, food shortages, world wide. But then that being tyaar bar tyaar anyhoo on the kaum level .
  13. Nothing is free...the golak is supposed to be used for this work unfortunately the committee start thinking that money and property is theirs ... I've heard too many stories about members clearing our bank accounts , selling property and pocketing the money... that's why we need TPV type initiatives Nobody would put their hand up unless... they have their names acknowledged somehow, plus it makes people feel if they did do something somehow Guru Ghar is theirs. I vote for ALL donations being labelled GUPT as the first order of business, and the next to refuse to list out donations , whether
  14. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh, Veero kirpa kareke chib nah paio langar de patialian'ch naam japn di josh 'ch ....heehee
  15. Afghanistan is sparsely inhabited whereas India is totally jam packed with folks . Don't see India being an easy target too much land and population to do a full frontal assault it's probably gonna be done by stealth through trade etc.
  16. Maggie thatcher and her generation of govt officials in europe , Canada and US were busy ensuring their promised defence supply contracts didn't get cancelled that's why they said nothing and did nothing , otherwise they could have done sanctions. Even today India is one of the biggest arms buyers on the globe so don't expect anypne to pay attention or even speak for us. Apn haathi aap hi kaaj savareya
  17. Aren't you glad that Waheguru tunho Sikh baneya te Nam nal jordeya bol Waheguru te anekh pappa de nas karo
  18. why you have a twin ? lol My daughter is not a twin and never had one but she is a leftie , true she has older brothers who are ident twins. She writes perfectly in mirror writing like da Vinci . To make sure she doesn't feel odd and to understand her struggles with writing I am trying to learn to write with my left hand, so I can give her tips to make it easier. If she wanted to learn tabla would it be OK to swap them around to suit hands ?
  19. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh, I wish everyone remember the truth of the Khalsa how WE are meant to be . This is really inspiring talk about Khalsa di gun
  20. They have always insisted their kids be educated to the highest levels, be professionals, get involved in politics and media know their virsa, know their religion's values , their people's shaheedi, keep their religious values and stay to themselves not marrying out only become 'tilay' in the past fifty sixty years under influence of west
  21. Personally I would have left them standing there mangde ...and seen how long they would have stayed doing pranam to Guru ji ...
  22. It is not that those lifeforms don't have souls, they do, however they cannot action bhagti they just exist tied into the needs and survival in the physical realm without a way out that's why the soul suffers because it cannot call on waheguru to express its longing for Waheguru. and you have to spend many lifetimes like that being born, suffering , dying before getting back to the HUman one where we can put a voice to our need
  23. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguu ji ki Fateh, It is a very big deal ...Guru ji di darbar vich Parmeshar sabh toun uccha hai, koi Manukh should not be acknowledged by rising up . Even Indira Gandhi was lectured on this point by Sant Kartar SIngh Bhindrawale SANT KARTAR SINGH JI KHALSA BHINDRAWALE He was invited to Ludhiana to lay a foundation-stone of the Guru Tegh Bahadur Charitable Hospital. When the Sant reached there, about fifteen to twenty people got up from the gathering and wanted to garland the Sant. Seeing this the Sant came back. The organisers went behind him and asked for the
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