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  1. mostly its like shifting the fat from the least dangerous places to the most dangerous not a good swap.
  2. don't worry even if you get to pneumonia stage you can survive and recover fully
  3. that was your interpretation not what anyone actually suggested ...
  4. these are real people in real pain, 4 days and counting
  5. So did some sikhs who were convinced that the end goal justified any means by hindus in INC, my point is both are fascist in their own ways so don't think that you are getting any pass from either. You like labelling people don't you but truth is you cannot sidestep the duty assigned to sikhs by the Guru because it is inconvenient. All it takes for evil to thrive is for the good people to do nothing . people who have no one , still have sharan in Guru's house if they come , and if someone comes to a sikh for help we are duty bound to do our best. These women and children have gone through the same things as our widows and children did in 1984 , house invasions then murder and rape torture .If people didn't help ours back then does that mean we do the wrong thing now like them or do what our Guru ji said?
  6. this is the mentality or lack of ... we are dealing with apology for the incessant swearing he does but it seems he does not know how to speak, anyone who can read hindi can you translate the reply to the tweet about help of gurdwarey http://www.punjabspectrum.com/?p=22739&fbclid=IwAR2WuHIy_Wa9PVpFGZCCwC_ya_Wic_5u-Zy2IAMOGaP4dxpvQpLO9pVjfVI
  7. modi spent the first year mouthing off to multiple nations bordering his own and nearly started conflicts on two borders , China and Pak , he had verbal diarrhoea . They are not concerned at all with hindu refugees unless they are Kashmiri Pandits, Ihave never seen them boasting as usual with pictures saying they've built anything, gave them a living allowance, place to stay, passport so I suspect it is all a ruse and excuse. They've never done anything for their country even during the struggle against the British in fact, they were in British pockets during early 2oth C. They are trying to reverse history and get revenge for it on muslims who couldn't afford or want to leave India. Civil war will leave them free to loot the country fully without let or hindrance. they are just thieves - so maybe true to their arabic definition
  8. fascism and nazi fanboys AKA RSS go together , they don't care about faith issues or reality they are just warped bitter losers looking to destroy others to make themselves feel better
  9. this is what I am thinking they, the BJP have already attacked and removed sikhs from their paid for and cultivated land and businesses of decades if not century whereever they have got in , Rajasthan , Gujarat etc the amount of robbery and looting is in the ten of CRodes but these guys somehow staying quiet they will be spared of a similar fate to Jains and Buddhists , its just a matter of time . If people don't fight this law change on a whim , they will revoke sikhs citixenship too ...in fact the RSS mouthpieces have hinted similar bloodshed for us is waiting .
  10. you cannot claim our rescue attempts happened prior that was my point so there was no 'reward' element expected by us . What happened to her was disgusting and the poor girls is still stuck in limbo getting her head done in by muslim consulers at the women's refuge . Her only solution is leaving the country but she is trapped on all sides by different elements.
  11. 1. it is still kalyug as it was then 2. He said also to never trust ANYONE who gives a saugand, kasam, soun on any Granth or pir/pegumbar so that precludes hindus who were the majority of the army attacking guru ji at Chamkaur Sahib also, the INC primos also gave saugand, Captain Amrinder gave soun the list of examples is long. 3. I don't trust anyone until I see them in action , because talk is cheap.
  12. look if you guys are going to drag religion into whether or not people deserve saving , I will bring up Gursikhs who do the right thing no matter the personal cost because we do as sikhs should do , not what society thinks we should do .
  13. the particular girl had been tagged by the family who kidnapped her years before when she was 12 so let's not try to make fake connections . The girl's kidnapping happened before Langha opened , before Kashmir curfew before we rescued any girl or boy . That is the truth . The individual family were scum , that's why the brother tried to incite stoning of Nankana Sahib. He was arrested and done for terrorism. Since when do we do things which are good only for reward? where's the nishkam sewa ? Didn't realise compassion had a price tag ...
  14. Well I do not think that someone who is running for their life in such extreme situations should be ignored , sorry to hear that all you guys would because of some political issue ... look at the actions of the people you are helping are they being chased because they murdered or raped ...no because they are a teen girl or housewife whose had their male family members beaten/ burnt to death or even a small kid who running from baddies .... BJP aren't your buddies either , they were in there goading, joining in raping just like congress sponsored criminals in 1984
  15. one question : why was Bhai Taru Singh Punished ? Were there any less muslims ?
  16. not really surprising , remember it is an authoritarian regime so they can control the media, people and their response. Interestingly USA is totally messing this up 700 in voluntary self-quarantine in NY , SF also making statements about quarantining but someone in california with no travel history or contact with china has covid19 so it is outside the usual suspect group now . please do not panic make sure you are supplementing vit d , vit a , vit C , drink green tea daily (interferes with replication in body), protect lungs with liquorice tea/malati cha. eat fresh fruit and veg to boost antioxidant and mineral levels in body . Wash hands regularly and alcohol wipe door handles, toilet flushes , light switches in the home and office , DO NOT TOUCH eyes ears, nose mouth as these are entry points for the disease and stay away from crowded spaces and mass transport as much as possible . 82% experience this as a bad cold, 15 % as a severe flu and 3% if allowed to enter pneumonia stage die , but please remember if you prevent the pneumonia you will survive .
  17. well muslim bibian and bache whose father/husband have been murdered deserve some protection don't you think or does sikhi asool go out the window, what about the one that Guru Gobind SIngh ji taught us : the fallen on the battlefield become our brothers and deserve our help even if they are the enemy, when they pick up arms again we will resume battle . Our tradition is not to strike against those unarmed, fleeing the battlefield , elderly, women or children BUT if they do turn around and do something violent against us we can and should protect ourselves and our own.
  18. he is another hindu 'holy man' full of misogyny and suspected abuser . But the point is Raam didn't know she was pregnant that's why when Luv and Kush met him in the jungle he was surprised , guess Jaggi forgot that little detail.
  19. maybe explain to her that Indira was Gangu Brahmin da descendent so had lifelong hate for gur sikhs and sikhi just like her dad . She was determined to kill us and attack Harmandir Sahib from before 1981 more than three years before Sant ji went to the Akal Takht.
  20. because there is a weird power structure in the capital police is under centre control, army is under centre control, water cannons -centre, nothing that could quell the mobs is under DElhi CMs control so Kaejriwal was left standing ...
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