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  1. remember 3HO was the site of ghor kalyug where YB raped multiple females and exploited seekers of truth for their daswand and their labour to buy personal jewels .
  2. Apart from no Gay anand Karaj , there is also the interfaith aspect of their alliance either are valid reasons to reject their 'need' to make a jaloos of sikhi to fill their photo albums . If they really had one ounce of sharam or feeling for sikhi they would not insist on their position but, do a court marriage and maybe do an ardas for blessings after. If the other guy is hindu then if they have no problems conducting such same sex ceremonies then they could have exercised a 'traditional' (sic) wedding
  3. we know what the story is wool being pulled over eyes to dissuade outside sikhs to think rosy thoughts about a government that maintains laws which are a direct cause of our children being kidnapped and comverted , our daughters being forced to live with their rapists and parents to have no real voice or standing in law or society to force the return of their children .
  4. and other news gurdwara land has been signed off to waqf board , who will be making decisions over it instead of the sikhs , then people will be complaining later on when they will sell off the land to other interests
  5. why was this not set up in Punjab , why do sikhs who have to pay through the nose for transport, medicine etc have to travel to Dehli to avail themselves of a facility their hard earned daswand paid for ? Is Dehli gurdwara only thinking of kudos in newspaper from the ruling party ?
  6. people who are descendants of Rababis in Pakistan do kirtan also they keep old tunes alive.
  7. exactly , our youth and women are crying out for true gurmat sikhiya in english and other languages , santhiya classes, katha vichar and free tanti saaz lessons not huge halls which only fill on the wedding programs . If you want to invest in structure , improve kitchen safety and put first responder training for sangat so that youth and children can return to pangat sewa
  8. Why do we need to WASTE sangat's money on enlarging GUrdwarey , better to spend money on parchaar and homeless support , look at all purataan gurdwarey small, humble places where people went to learn not to eat/show off riches
  9. it is anti-sikh behaviour because we are supposed to accept hukham and move on with our lives not fixated on the mass of cells that our loved ones once lived in . We sikhs show our respects by honouring the lessons our elders gave us and try to make our sikhi progress . We are not christians or muslims or Jewish who visit and cry over their dead every time they visit. I know in some muslim countries our bretheren have had to struggle to cremate their dead , remember the Kabul shooting victims sanskar was bombed , Guru ji taught us to be practical and keep land for the living to feed and house them. We did not give daswand to buy land for burying our dead but to do parchaar, pay for visitors' care , langar and teaching kirtan .
  10. you are so devoid of sikhi knowledge you don't even realise sikhi has ZERO PRIESTS ...and frankly a money hungry shyster who drags Guru ji into enticing people to do all sorts is not a sikh and not brave in the slightest just manmukh and aghiratkhan .
  11. they are NOT sikhs by definition because they are refusing to run their lives according to Sikh Guru Sahiban . Sikhi is not your property to redefine it, according to your lifestyles . You can get married to whomever you like ,go marry a tree but Leave SIKHI out of it because you have no idea or desire to follow it , and frankly the country is not yours so take a flying leap off a short pier. There is no Sikh LGBT community because their thoughts are divergent from all sikh thought /gurmat, what you want is back up from a faith you have zero respect for ,zero participation .
  12. https://www.facebook.com/GianiKulwantSinghji/videos/368118124378656
  13. true , English was never sophiticated enough in terms of spiritual terms to express subtle things that Gurbani can in a couple of words . Kind of reminds me about the english translations of Sameul Hahnemann's german treatise on the healing art of Homeopathy , the footnotes were often a page long because the expressions just were not there . Punjabi steeks are often like this too
  14. maryada after sunset is to continue akhand jaap of Chandi di Vaar until dawn , my point was according to time of day the maryada may change , I'm not saying don't do paath just respect the told maryada to get full laha and khushi of Guru ji .
  15. it's the roger bannister thing again, when apnay listen to sakhiaan they think we now are far removed from that experience of sikhi so when a foreigner experiences that sikhi deeply it makes them willing to take the chance to release their inhibitions and go for mission completion
  16. bro , when Bhai Anokh SIngh Babbar had his eyes gouged out , iron rods hammered into his legs why did he ask Policeman what time is it ? because he wanted to keep correct maryada of Sodar Rehras , these things are told us by our Guru Sahiban and elders because their is a deep reasoning , please follow maryada revealed to Baba Harnam Singh ji by Shaheed Singh sent by Dasmesh Pita ji . When we try to test in a cynical way it works badly against us.
  17. scared of knowing/meeting our creator - that's major
  18. solution to kalyugi mat : kirtan, kirtan and kirtan work on nitnem and sing along to kirtaniyas of old , and new the raags will help lift your spirits and the gurbani your mind , lately I've been recommended on my YT very old AKJ kirtan from back in the day when I used to go on the rainsabai circuit here in UK with Mum and Dad. It wasn't a coincidence I feel as I was feeling low like everyone is describing and it has plugged me back into the mood and hopefulness of that age
  19. new series worth watching on Netflix about the dodgy billionaires of India : bad boy Billionaires : India
  20. let the chinese water torture commence
  21. no they broke away on orders of BJP command to manipulate and run interference so punjabis stay distracted while adani industries sweeps in to snatch up land in punjab for guju pockets .
  22. ambani currently has jack because the Chinese are after him for debts of billions so he may well be scooped up by them or even ended
  23. reasons why that report was promoted https://pressprogress.ca/right-wing-think-tank-accused-of-demonizing-sikh-canadians-also-works-to-send-canadian-oil-to-india/
  24. no , they NEVER joined any protests, served jail time for independence , their only heroes Mk Gandhi was a uk stooge , Patel was anti-dalit and anti-sikhs , and Modi well yeah genocide mastermind and excuser . I've never met a guju who genuinely was prosikh , they are proud of having never served in Indian army I'm sure they have ksatriya varan in their peeps but never met one . They are proud of ripping off India and other governments and absconding with ill gotten gains . No sense of honesty if it gets in the way of profit , I suppose that's why so many converted to islam during mughal raj
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