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    Are Arabs turning their backs on religion?

    Making them seem morelike the rest of the people as we all know what hyperadherents are like for a country's stability
  2. jkvlondon

    Nishan Sahib, when did we start using the Khanda

    Isn't the moon an emblem of the babylonian gods that illuminati follow ? I.e. Baal because the way the kirpans go around the khanda look like the bulls horns around the moon...or am I imagining things?
  3. jkvlondon

    Nishan Sahib, when did we start using the Khanda

    My guess is after independence because pictures of morchey just prior have purataan jhanda. Plus it seems based on the ratrey khanda
  4. In the current climate which is not supportive of sikh values , should we extend this model to keep our earnings to help our own? http://dailysikhupdates.com/worlds-first-sikh-bank-is-in-canada/?fbclid=IwAR2brXUNUSxP4CViGUPjDc7WZrO_1pgHW7ODZH084hZ-1OPvaqyZW9npcIo
  5. I kind of got this as a kid by thinking of Waheguru as the universal set and creation as a superset within that, yeah bit of math geek back then
  6. The main reason why caste was re introduced during the British raj period is because that is the only method by which they could control such a mass of people using the brahnwaad soch to further their own agenda, plus the brahmins were quite willing to increase their control of society . These missionaries have been bitten by the all western approach to doing analysis of our faith's scriptures and history that 'scientifically provable' is the hallmark of the truth. They were created to become a class of 'sikh intelllectuals' to poke holes in everything sikh an agenda which suited both delhi hukamats: british and 'hindu dominant' Singh Sabha lehar started with great intent but was also infiltrated with disrupters of sikhi aims
  7. well n Germany and France they are pushing for laws to allow this to be a norm... as well as recognising incestuous relationships as valid
  8. Ernest Trump This was the same kan4rwho used smoke his cigars whilst thumbing through Guru ji ...As for aryas they are prone to spout nonsense to undermibe sikhi at any or allchances, guddhey lok
  9. Guru Nanak Dev ji told the qazis at Mecca that they shoul not accept war booty/proceeds of paap to cleanse it for the muslim invaders as it does not please Allah . It used to be the practice of such raiders to send a percentage to make the rest halal instead of haram . Thinking on it never in our history have we accepted donations of dubious means for our gurdwarey because our daswand/bheta has to be from kirit di kamai, that's why we can say without doubt that the bakwas that bahmin are saying abour darshani deor are looted from one of the mandirs in jaganath is laughable
  10. Please note the receipt for returned item was signed by the head librarian but it was a partial return but then the army officials inserted a line saying for full library contents , this is the dirty game being played on one side with the SGPC Badal dal doing the other damage like selling gurdwara lands donated to Guru Sahiban or bought by them and lining their own pockets , so books and arms are small portable items to sell . https://indianexpress.com/article/explained/the-mystery-of-missing-articles-of-sikh-reference-library-5789595/?fbclid=IwAR2X76zN6ZV4vzgClDlY5yI5MruHzThVe1RDfA9hBusvrpEtJ9s4W5Bx-Yc#comments
  11. Lots of saroops and artefacts being nicked from our museums and gurdwarey and being sold on , because they have no history to be proud of themselves. Figures are bandied about but we know that iit changes hands at high prices
  12. What did our forefathers do they looked at our personalities and matched them to someone who would complete us in our lacks e.g. Hot head with calm sabha , even down to looks , they even looked at the families to make sure their kid would fit in and find love of all kinds familial and marital. just because they didn't name/say it explicit'y doesn't mean they didn't consider it i.e.they were doing the thinking and selection on her behalf . Sikh ideal of love is heavy on the spiritual so in those households they would lean more onto that criterion , because where thereis a meeting of minds, respect, friendship and love follow. BTW this was explainedto me by bazurg .
  13. The western system was if your daughter married her wealth would automaticallt go to the husband, there was no concept of alimony for women after divorce, if they weren't actively stigmatised as the bad one , because divorces would not be granted on basis of violence but only on adultery, that was only if your father decided not to save money and stuck you in a convent and pass your share to your brothers.
  14. What you call pragmatism our Gurus called selling your children and wrote specific instructions for what your duties were in looking for a life partner for your child. , there was a level of care expected not like the other faiths, who openly condem women as gateways to hell, kalankan, slave like, to be beaten when ever you want and for the slightest pretext. Men were expected to treat women as their spiritual equals, entitled to do bhagti, entitled to be loved (keypoint please note , this is Guru Teg Bahadur ji's bachan) , entitled to not be Married to relatives or oldmen , not to be sworn at, harassed, badgered for daaj, not to do fasts for his longevity, not hit, not abandoned if barren, to kill her daughters, or expect to vacate the familial home ince widowed or commit sati - these are concepts that our Gurus put in place.
  15. There are differences anyway because of styles of handwriting like kanna which gives vowel sound a , used to be written like a dot in older saroops .
  16. Dig out the relevant information please as I haven't read about them being punished as obviously Guru Pita ji was in war footing at the time, it sounds out of character because he didn't punish sikhs in dehli for denying their faith but expected them to take up a second commitment i.e. Second chance.
  17. Thing is masand is a high kirdaar person selected by Guru ji and sangat , this constant lambasting of our term is wrong , it would be more befitting to criticise such people as acting like MAHANTS because the only masands that were punished for their crimes by Guru Gobind Singh ji were the murderers of Baba Ram Rai. They were the exception to the rule whereas all mahants abused their positions to introdude anti-gurmat practices like murti puja, expoitation of sangat, molestation, rape even murder whilst preventing freedom of sikhs to exercise their faith's practices.
  18. Have heard that Professor sahib singh ji's reading was a bit superfical/literal in some parts of his work on Guru ji so taking that into account cross reference with other steeks .
  19. The great Sarbans daani Guru Gobind Singh ji followed in the traditions of his vansh to never think beyond 'tera kiya mitta lagai, har Nam padarath Nank mangai'
  20. This article enumerates some of the received goods remember more than 512 saroops were taken so this is only a tiny fraction
  21. Found this piece not the one I originally read that was in gurmukhi will post it when I find it https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/punjab/gk-rare-copy-of-guru-granth-sahib-sold-for-rs12-crore/786103.html?fbclid=IwAR2EtzNumDklvoeiWufP38DMeaSEJJm6ALdfZgdrg_Z4ldtaw7EVySz2k-0
  22. jkvlondon

    Sikh Father and Son beaten by Delhi police

    Close up of the scalp cut which if people didN't know was used as a pretext for theDad's dastar to be ripped off to staunch the 'bloodflow' which was not visible when the fat git sat on top of Singh ji. I say good he deserved it , corrupt scum

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