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  1. simple solution stick them on a plane to Rwanda , I'm sure people will be glad to send them rather than refugees from war torn places else go to my proposal , drop them in a desert region with supplies and let them make their own way back to civilisation . A paedophile is by definition unfit to be a parent or role model , until the families lose their right to remain this ish will not stop .
  2. fluid rich foods are super important as dehydrated bodies are prone to disease , brain fog, muscle weakness etc. read the book 'quench' to understand how to get superhydrated without drinking water by the gallon and running risk of dying from overdilution of tissues salts in bloodstream.
  3. carbs without fibre true but not true of wholefoods you get full real quick so really hard to overeat ... people are fatties because they eat denatured proteins and fibreefree carbs . Black beans are the real deal if you want satiety and protein gains .
  4. our bodies recycle protein so we do not need as much as is believed , the human body at the most rapid tissue growth point manages to do this by breastmilk which is between 1 to 6 % percent protein , nothing more . Most fruit and veg have at least four percent protein just eating normally should give enough protein without straining liver and kidneys .
  5. these noodles have caused issues with stomach /intestine blockages so i would not recommend
  6. they are waiting for the second coming which is NOT equivalent to khalsa raj because that coming is when the righteous will engage in war , the unrighteous will be removed from the planet.
  7. no Jesus created the orthodox school which also included gnostic teachings , catholicism was a created 'church-like' structure to mask the roman empire and protestant of luther was trying to go back towards orthodoxy . forget about protestant of church of England it was purely an exercise in haumai of henry the eighth. and today there are many many jathey of christrians calvinists, lutherians, baptists, seventh day, jehovah's witness etc etc
  8. OK I had read this story when it came out , his family were duped by her family , he was a fool because marrying some hindu girl so quick for love , paying for her to complete requirements for residency in Australia , then surprise surprise she complains that she doesn't want to be married anymore , and scraped the bottom of the barrel to make allegations against the family which will land them in prison. The guys was reasonable looking but was a stupid person because he was overeager to pay her way, instead of taking any money or giving money he should have told her to save her own money
  9. how many institutions did we have when they were hunting our people in the forests , when Bota Singh ji and Garja Singh ji put a toll station on the GT road to delhi? it is rehit first then the rest will come if you signify you know better than Guru ji daily do you think Guru ji will have your back?
  10. punjab and haryana reps on bakrda dam board have been removed so now non punjabis are in charge of all the water descisions remember the false floods done by captain well the AAP?BJP nexus will be even more devastating to punjab . Chandigarh goverment posts are no longer reserved for punjabi/haryana people and are being filled by non punjabis just as the only reps going to delhi are nonPunjabis
  11. https://www.facebook.com/watch/live?ref=watch_permalink&v=2102016169966836
  12. the sarpanch was a female it was her husband who was attacked on first attack he ended up getting sidelined and these scumbags arrived a second time in large numbers to attack and carry away the females , thankfully they were met with bullets and they had to rethink . They of course called an imam and he arrived for the cameras claiming he came in peace but look he had a shamsheer in his hand . The communists farmer leaders sided with the gujjars rather than the sarpanch and villagers
  13. look folks it is like this : vote for Congress - vote for brahmanism wrapped in a secular wrapping vote for Akali Dal Badal - vote for brahmanism wrapped in dharmic/secular wrapping vote for BJP - Vote for RSS hinduvta in brahmanism wrapping vote for AAP - vote for RSS Hinduvta in secular wrapping vote for Akali Dal - Mann vote for only dharmic outfit but not enough Candidates being put forward IN OTHER WORDS, HOBSON's CHOICE First things Bhagwant Mann did waste 2 krodh to do matha tek at gurdwara to bury the rulechange his party put in immed
  14. IMO you are not a sikh if you think sikhs who sacrificed themselves for the dignity of Harmandhir Sahib are mistaken in their actions . Every warring country is made to do reparations for damages done Sikh kaum is due this too.
  15. be prepared to hear how they would rather take up islam as it is not the religion of the slavers , they do not know the real truth that all three abrahamic faiths enslaved their people and justified their exploitation, hinduism would never respect them or even accept them , buddhism might but it would not serve their communities' needs for up liftment , only Guru ji's sikhi has that power and those who are religious in the black communities are slowly shifting towards Guru ji's camp. Patience and understanding is needed and probably a new system of non physical golak (too tempting in poor
  16. they suffer from racism towards us too and have this envy becaise in their minds we havent been under the jackboot as much as them . Frankly it is ignorance due to Anglo manipulated history where sikhs are way down on the contributions list to independance fight , most people do not know about the anglo sikh wars including apney it is shameful. If both groups were made aware of the truth of sikhi and its many defences against annihilation from all quarters they will take pause, and in that pause you can drop knowledge on the sikhi way of life and outlook that made us take on the might of empir
  17. watched the whole thing it was good but maybe a little anticlimatic ending , given the build up
  18. and zip becomes jip , my Mum often switches the sounds, of course we take the mick by telling the kids stop being layji
  19. fashions come and go but sharam hiyaah is something to consider when asking for your Isht's blessings
  20. that was me being sarscastic , they love trotting out their supremacy due to their northern fair roots ...
  21. The Aryan Hindu Brahmin faction starting with Kashmiri Pandit Gangu through to Suchanand
  22. A nation which does not remember what it was yesterday, does not know what it is today, nor what it is trying to do. We are trying to do a futile thing if we do not know where we came from or what we have been about. Woodrow Wilson
  23. gol dastar literally round dastar normally Guru Sahiban are shown with this style or persian/dumalla style
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