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  1. this is the thing we have people coming in and setting agendas through these kundalini organisations and nobody is double checking what they are putting out as actually the truth.
  2. sometimes the gloves have to come off because it has got to such an impasse most of our girls are being picked off by other dharams , to be brainwashed into their cultish thinking and into marriages where their intelligence /earning potential and fertility is being taken advantadge of by other panth dushts .
  3. Iss bahman nu problem tahin disda kionke koi navin 'simran' aank naal bhaine nu samaja rehi aa , kion avdi khadar jameen het rakh rehi aan? eh koi tariki nahin aa je tusi avdi izzat di khudh nilami kardi aan likes vaste . Je oh koi aavin geet gah lehndi jide vich Kaur nu befikar ho ke kanj4rpana vich diggo tan bahman ne essdi gunn likhda . Sadde ginte duniya 'ch ghat rehi aa kionke musle te bahman dono love jihad shuru kitta . Apni betian te bhainaa nu khudh jaggana hoga te sikhi bare sikhauna hoga
  4. him and his brother in law Badal have playing games of musical chairs whilst both minting it from ill gotten gains ripped off from punjab's and SGPC managed assets ,whilst pushing all oppressive bills into the legislature
  5. well you can be disinvited from darbar for disrespecting maryada of Guru ji's darbar , honestly they couldn' t wait until well after , outside . This is not chaste behaviour , kaam and othe vikars are supposed to be left outside the door of the building , both of them should have been told go do your vivaah in court if you cannot keep your minds clean for the short time of the actual Anand Karaj . In future she can be told that she can do her manmat in her own home and not to darken Guru ji's darbar with her narcissitic ways. This kind of makes the case for rollout of BOS wedding course to all
  6. well give they are 1.2 % of canada's population they could swing seats easily
  7. he was hardcore defender of Yogi Bhajan and claimed that the ladies who gave evidence against YB in court about his abuses and later the lady who wrote the book were liars or trying to blackmail him . Pretty low behaviour . All the white 3HO core had amrit in 1970 under orders of YB to do with his visit to India to showcase his 'conversions'
  8. because I only ever heard of the secons Ajit Singh adopted son of Mata ji who then turned out to be rotten
  9. I would doubt it 100% because the Ram Mandhir priest said it was untrue about babri masjid being built over Ram birthplace , it doesn't seem likely that Guru ji would be bothered about fighting over birthplaces of anyone because in His Bani he says they are not important , and also in life he never believed in samadhs etc in fact preached against such things .
  10. That Vikram is the nasty egotistical guy who tries to put down Singh who wrote the expose of Yogi Harbhajan and his mangling of sikhi
  11. technically he's kind of right since very little is original now most pop music is samples taken from all genres from all ages . it's the disneyfication of music why think up something new when you can recycle ? It's green innit
  12. so this is how Gurbani' s power is used and abused by white 3HOers to big up their names , it is great that Gurbani actually helped Belinda but like most white people she fell for the 'Baba in white' image of the spiritual vampires of the 1960-70s because their lives are bereft of naam and dharam. Now these people who were named are facing a crisis created by their Baba ji's sexual sadism , but instead of saying well he made up the whole thing and was a predator , they are scrambling to distance 'kundalini' yoga from yogi Harbhajan and cary on monetising gurbani pangtis for themselves
  13. who taught plantcare and cultivation to Guru Har Rai ji who created an exquisitely stocked medcinal garden and animal treatment place ? obviously it was his father and elders , Guru Harkrishan ji OK due to his age he is exempt . The point was they never showed disgust and rejected people who were poor, sick in need .no job was beneath them , Guru Gobind Singh ji even retied dastars and tended wounds of his beloved khalsa , Guru Teg Bahadur ji stripped himself of clothes to give to a naked child . Khalsa is the lowest of the low and because of that they became the highest model .
  14. ok Jenner's vaccine (root vaca or cow) was Cow pox NOT small pox so this was not isopathy identical disease agent but homeopathic in nature because it was similar , he used techniques translated from indian/persian texts but caused fatalities in some of his patients whilst looking for correct method/dosage . Most post renaissance medicine was rooted in Eastern medicine traditions as the Europeans only had leeches, tripanation and heavy metal treatments under their belts as their predjudices against herbalism was rife with women and men being burnt at stakes/drowned for witchcraft due to succe
  15. Guru Sahiban all tilled the soil to show us that all professions are blessed and our prayers invoke blessings on the farmers, the sellers, the cooks along the way to our plates before we even take a morsel ...some people need to remember to be humble because they are nothing without the blessings of the masses
  16. really all these women became sikhs where did you see that? I see a lot of dressup indian brides
  17. Gurjant aren't you of gaelic celtic ancestry? If so , your people were the first to experience the jackboot of Anglo-saxon/norman imperalism
  18. the biggest insult is removing the evidence of history by removal of the original bullet holes , they are destroying Punjab's history to claim we had zero claims to being a major part of the independence movement :
  19. no he's English but has lived in many nations farming so of course he has picked up an accent
  20. there is some truth to this as Modi's govt dropped many tonnes of ammunition for afghan govt troops use but obviously the USA taking thousands of support staff for aircraft hangars away meant that this will largely not get used by them but by TAliban
  21. I remember watching a documentary where the youths were crying because they do not have access to quality education because of their kuffar status , the labelling of their homes businesses by yellow flags , the constant pressurising for becoming muslim, being beaten by schoolmasters etc . It sounds like they had a tough life and yet conversely held a position of respect due to their lack of hera pheri , they would hold people's money for them , transport it to others .
  22. the numbers don't make sense if you do a tally of number claimed airlifted against remainder counted at gurdwara Sahib my guess is there is around 650 people
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