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  1. Sikhs4Justice need to get off the Muslim lap and be pro-Sikh. I am a firm believer in Sikhs4Justices campaigns except when they fighting for Muslim victims of Hindu state violence. Because that is not our fight and Indian muslims who are (15% of indian population) 150 million strong themselves are not campaigning against modi and BJP. So why should we Sikhs get involved? Muslims never stand up for Sikhs during issues we have with the Indian state. Therefore we should mind our own business and let the Hindtva's and muslims fight it out
  2. As predicted many Sikhs displayed their slave mentality yesterday and indulged in the hindu festival of rakhi. How many hindus take part in our Sikh festivals? Do Sikhs also take part in muslim festivals like Eid? Do christians in punjab celebrate vaisakhi with us? No they keep themselves to themselves in their communities and their grooming vulnerable poor Sikhs to their faiths undercover. We as a kaum need to start to question ourselves what are we doing, are we following other faiths and their festivals more than our own? If so we need to change that. How many gifts we give on christmas, d
  3. We should put pressure on paul uppal to follow suit that would pile real pressure on cameron and make paul uppal electable again. If he has any brains and sense he will make sure cameron doesn't hide from 1984 issues. Sikhs are waiting eagerly for what the British did to our people in 1984 before and after. We need compensation and we need full support and pledge to recognise Khalistan.
  4. Everyone knows the corruption of so called punjabi Sikhs. That is a given, what is especially disappointing is that most white westerners who embraced Sikhi are not following Sikhi but some hybrid form of it. We had American white Sikhs like gursant singh who himself is vocally against 3HO type Sikhs and those of SikNet for their corrupt practises. We had french white Sikh who embraced Sikhi now living in amritsar wondering where the Sikhs have gone because they are being corrupted by westernised lifestyles, maya, by hindunisation by the indian majority community and other anti-sikh practises.
  5. Does anyone find it ironic and hypocritical of islamic terrorists in Iraq/Syria of Islamic State / ISIS / ISIL accusing the yazidi' of being devil worshippers yet these muslims are doing the very acts that the devil (ie their shaytan) would enjoy and encourage (ie murder of innocents, paedophilia, rape of women and girls, destroying other peoples religious and ethnic heritage, committing genocide/ethnic cleasening, etc.etc) http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2721043/U-S-drones-fighters-carry-four-new-air-strikes-protect-stranded-Yazidis-attacks-Islamic-State-jihadists.html
  6. I hate Sikh channels coverage of Kaabadi they put me off watching it. I did however love channel 4's coverage of it when they used to show it a few years back. Kaabdi needs to be played on soil and sand not on grass and not in big stadiums where spectators are miles away from the action. Also hunting and archery and gatka is also sports that Guru Ji's encouraged their Sikhs why aren't they featured? All sports need to be covered the excessive coverage of kaabadi on Sikh channel is beyond absurd and very harmful to the viewing numbers.
  7. Because thats how everyone refers to them and they see themselves as separate from the mainstream orthodox Sikhs and Sikhism. They are hippy new age types and not firm and strong against idol worship, fire worship and other anti-sikh activities. Let me ask you a question since you defending them so you must be part of them. Where did any of our Guru's part take in idol worship or fire worship or say its ok for Sikhs to join in with muslim or hindu practices that they saw was wrong and taking people away from worship of the one creator. Our Guru's spoke out against those elites those priestly
  8. Sikh channels absurd use of kaabadi on their channel and endless use of pre-recorded boring kirtans sung by fat and half a sleep people who look bored themselves to be there and can not sing to save their lives they look as inspiration as a bag of potatoes. Sikh channel management shows they have run out of idea's and clutching at straws with such stupid programmes on. If a Sikh wanted to listen to kirtan they can go gurdwara or go to youtube or other websites and view them, the purpose of a Sikh channel should be to engage with the community to highlight issues to create solutions to keep th
  9. This is not issue of 'White' Sikh or Punjabi Sikh or 'Black' Sikh. This is an issue of core beliefs and fundamentals of Sikhi. Didnt take long before a hippy came to defence of another hippy neglecting what stance our Guru's and gurbani takes against idol worship and other things they rejected or did not par take in because Sikhi is a different and unique spiritual path. A Sikh follows the Guru's path not makes up their own as they go along adding new age, buddhist and hindu rituals and religious beliefs as part of their lifestyle set up that is what you call a fake sikh.
  10. There are a few white american Sikhs that practice authentic orthodox Sikhism for example gursant singh he is very proactive against 3HO type fake Sikhs. And always exposing them in his websites, facebook and youtube videos. The founder of SikhNet is from jewish heritage, not a bad thing but he has been raised by yogi bhajans hippy nutty ideology and not authentic Sikh core beliefs. If it came down to a war for Sikhi these type of Sikhs will run away or convert to another faith they would not fight with arms and proclaim proudly they willing to die for Sikhi. This is when we know a community
  11. Btw the founders of America george washington etc were firm freemasons and freemasons are known to hate Christianity So what we have going on in middle east is one hell of a ideological battle for control. The Christian influence is being reduced because it is no longer useful to control the masses, land and resources. So they know the next logical step is to take over islam, hijack it and there for muslims are easier to control by their imams so thus they are to be placed in charge for the freemason elites to control via their proxies. Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan were not attacked by the fr
  12. Mongols under genghis khan and his successors did exactly the same thing as what the blood thirsty islamic barbarians of ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State/Whatever name they invent next.................. are doing They are basically destorying not only christian and non-muslim heritage sites and people but also muslim and abrahmic hertiage ...key important tombs and shrines of prophets important to 3 abrahmic religions. The mongols later were converted to islam and became mughuls they did what they did spreading their carnage east towards india. Similarly we have the modern day mongols of Islamic sta
  13. shes not a sikh girl her surname just sounds punjabi. Theres loads of punjabi christians, ravidassia cultist's and other hindu punjabis just because someone has an indian punjabi name dont make them a Sikh or a particular religion. Also that guy being a model he will probably dump her after cheating on her or finding someone better looking lets face it she isnt really model material now is she lol Admin should delete or rename the thread to say "punjabi girl"
  14. We need to make rakhi into an insult so that when rakhi is tied on a Sikh it reminds them of slavery in hindustan rather than any rakhi of their sisters.
  15. How do islamic and Christian TV channels fund themselves? They do it through advertising not begging for donations from their viewers and community. The only donations they ask for is when they need charity work or appeals in diaster relief or towards converting others to their faith. Sikh channels should shut down asap if they cant fund themselves through advertising and other good business models. Anyone who donates to any Sikh TV channel that doesnt listen to the sangats wishes and needs is a fool wasting their money.
  16. Just hope she doesnt fire and idol worship like some other white fake sikhs that been exposed lately who are conning westerners with fake version of sikhism mixed with new age nonsense.
  17. Tomarrow hindustani slave mentality sikhs will be celebrating rakhi to show they are not free. Lets see which so called Sikh will become victim to hindu assimilation.
  18. I witnessed alot of that activity. Once during the end of the vaisaki nagar kirtan I saw two pakistani muslim freshie looking guys smoking near the sangat in a mocking and confrontational manor. I saw some Sikhs walk past and say nothing, so I decided to walk up to them and tell them to move themselves from the area if they wanted to smoke as it was disrespectful.... they werent pleased but they knew if they tried anything on the sangat would smash them up so they left grudgingly. Sikhs need to stand up for themselves and be much more pro-active and aggressive when dealing with anti-sikh elem
  19. She is just another muslim standing up for muslim issues. Whereas our anti-sikh people in Punjab, india or British parliaments are standing up for their parties agenda's rather than for Sikh issues and our kaum.
  20. Dont think we should donate to so called "sikh" channels that are there to make a profit than serve the community. What have they offered the community so far? Nothing much just some news events that are relevant and some good discussion programs but what about parchar in english? How about investing in youths and in sahajdhari's coming into Sikh? No steps been taken and when donations are required they make the same old lame excuse and come begging to the sangat in embarrassing appeals What kind of business model are these guys running? absolute disgrace and amateur clowns.
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