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  1. Demo Link: http://ipsthemes.com/demos/themes/?product=pulse
  2. We use google adsense. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AdSense
  3. STATEMENT ON GURBAKASH SINGH BY NDP HUMAN RIGHTS CRITIC WAYNE MARSTON New Democrats are concerned about the condition of Gurbakash Singh, a protester in Punjab who has been on hunger strike for 37 days to highlight the treatment of prisoners detained under counterinsurgency laws in India. The Punjabi-Canadian community has expressed concern that some prisoners have completed their sentences and are being held beyond their terms. Many are also worried about reported irregularities in the application of law, and escalating tensions that could further disturb the peace. New Democrats urge the government to work towards a peaceful resolution to the situation.
  4. Gurfateh, Do you meant PM inbox etc?
  5. Please send us PM or email sikhsangat@live.com. Thanks
  6. Found this picture and someone put caption of Akali Phoola singh. Is this real?
  7. Please Support Us Click on this link Below and download for just 79p All proceeds are NON-PROFIT Dharam Seva is a registered Charity. Special Thanks to Pali Bhupinder Singh for this project. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/a-warning-to-delhi-1984/id717429093?i=717429156 Dharam Seva Records - A Non Profit Label. Artist - Milind Gaba Music - Milind Gaba Video - Offstage Creations Concept, Lyrics and Directed by Pali Bhupinder Singh and Edited by Shahbaz Singh Label - Dharam Seva Records FACEBOOK - http://www.facebook.com/dharamsevarec... WEBSITE - http://www.dharamsevarecords.com YOUTUBE - http://www.youtube.com/dharamsevarecords TWITTER - @dharamseva INSTAGRAM - @dharamseva
  8. We need volunteers for our forum. We need to pass on our responsibility to the next generation. Anyone (including Gupt ppl) wants to contribute then pls contact me via PM. Person with graphic and programming, social media skills will be awesome !!
  9. How about we ask you as to why should we tolerate the likes of you guys? The rules of this forum, which were made ages ago collectively, state explicitly that we do not encourage discussions on Ragmala and meat, not because we cannot discuss them, but because the Maryada of Sri Akal Takhat gives every Sikh the right to choose on these matters, and so it would not be in the interest to further bisect the unfortunately and already-torn apart Sikh qaum. Yet, because of whatever unexplainable disorders some people suffer from, there are individuals who keep popping up from time to time to raise these issues. How many of you actually give a damn? Or you just want to argue to prove yourselves right every single time your fingers touch the keyboard? The fact that this thread has not yet been locked should be seen as a favor, and the fact that you two are still able to post freely without being dumped back into QC should be seen as a bigger favor. Now to answer your question. Why was your comment removed? Go back and read the rules once again, you will get your answer. Singh123456777, if you don't like the way this forum is moderated, here are a few suggestions: (1.) Send us a list of changes you would want to see. We will go over them and try to accomodate whatever we can as you are a fellow GurSikh brother. (2.) Get used to it and make sure your posts don't violate any forum rules or offend any member. (3.) Don't post on this forum.
  10. It was one of the admin who decided to block you from posting. One of us will post reply here to state the reason.
  11. Thread Closed - (Send request if sangat wants to re-open this thread) Admin Note: UkLondonSikh + harj1ts1ngh + isingh1699 - All belongs to one person. Please be aware that we do not allow duplicate ids on our forum(s). New ids will get deactivate in few days.
  12. Mehtab Singh veer, Only five veer and others There is no need to throw insults at each other, especially when it comes to discussing other religions. If we are not on the same page, doesn't mean we throw mud at each other. As others have posted, being Sikhs it is our right to stand up for what is right and vouch for the truth. If the truth in Gurbani seems bitter to some, that is not our fault. If the ugly truth about their beliefs shows them the mirror and they panic, that is also not our mistake. However, as Mehtab Singh said, it is not a bad idea to approach genuine seekers with compassion, but at the same time stay alert about miscreants who have harmful motives. Please refrain from any further personal attacks. We have had valuable opinions so far and would want more thoughts. ADMIN
  13. If you have an issue with a particular Jathebandi, instead of launching cheap attacks, why don't you go sort it out with them? Or report them to Akal Takht if you're so concerned about the Panth and find something wrong or anti-Panthic about them? From past experience, knowing that this will turn into another Sikh bashing Sikh thread, it is being closed.
  14. Thanks to satnam Singh and his team for covering up this event doing both live video and radio feeds. Keep it up !
  15. We would like to encourage sangat to invite such credible speakers who are not just good speakers but are knowledgable in such subjects. If you like any help to hold such conferences in your area, please do so and if you need help then contact us and we will help you in the process. Anti-dasam Granth brigade in California are running around and they are definitely loosing ground. We and sangat should be thankful to the extreme hard work done years ago by akhand Keertani jatha of California (dr. Prabjot singh) - ekhalsa.com. Their determination is the reason why California got the strong base of dasam pathshah bani and reject preachers like dhunda to enter popular gurdwaras. Videos will be up by sikh sangat radio on their YouTube account.
  16. We will try to get the reply for the above phamplet by the seminar speakers/organizers.
  17. If anyone having trouble with video relay then they can listen to unbreakable audio @ http://sikhsangat.net Dr. Gurtej Singh speaking now.
  18. Audio message from sri akal takht jathedar sahib played for 5 mins in the beginning of conference. Sardar Gurcharanjit Singh Lamba now speaking.
  19. Hanji, we are recording it and will be posted on sikh sangat radio YouTube account. Bhupinder Singh of San Jose gurdwara speaking now. Next speaker will be dr. Gurtej Singh from Sacramento.
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