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  1. Oh. I think, with the advantage of 20 20 hindsight....tthat he was accused but never convicted by the govt because the govt created it's own frankenstein.
  2. Don't get the question there veerji. Maybe rephrase or explain?
  3. I think you've confused British Sikh Council with Sikh Council UK lol. BSCUK, to my knowledge, don't actually operate in the UK.
  4. Wow you've lived a long time and my my what a long memory you've got...hahaha As long as man has existed,so his ego has caused him to attempt leadership of his equal man. After Baba Bahadur Singhs Khalsa raj, Ranjit Singh used considerable skill to unite a fractious 12 misls. The moment he was gone, the British were easily able to buy anyone to do their bidding for them...and have left that legacy for anyone else to utilise ever since. Of course the committee system is a remnant of our colonised past but...even in the panj pyaraa system, there is division and ego, don't kid yourselves the
  5. Good idea. I'm seeing it on Facebook as well and no one is actually showing the letter, just written versions. I believe it's real, but confirmation would be nice.
  6. Mate are you for real? Genuine feeling? They weren't playing games or sat at computers like you. they were engaged in guerilla warfare with a terrorist state. Stakes were high. lives of their friends and families had been taken as well as thousands of innocents. Harmander sahib and akaal takhat attacked several times and Delhi had witnessed a genocide. And you think the kharkhus were playing politics of malignment? Joker. Put the books down and step away from the keyboard, before you offend someone.
  7. 100% plus much more...that's the already known public version. He had many rumours spread and doubt sowed about many many true jujharu soorbeer jhode.
  8. Completely agree, but knowing about longowal, badal,tohra and even balwant finance minister makes overlooking someone like Sandhu a very amateur mistake.
  9. Brother this info is contemporary. It was being spoken about and reported by Singhs and things like Wangaar magazine (the original one, not the Bhai Baljeet Singh Khalsa one of today). It's so hard to substantiate now that.....debates are all that's left to do. But to suggest that a mahapursh was deceived by a 'coward' into a closely trusted position is to assume that Sant Ji couldn't see into the hearts of men, especially those who spent days, months and even years with him. To realise how operation bluestar really ended you must forget everything you know and have been told till now....
  10. With respect, for someone who wasn't even born when these events took place and now reliant on books by people like AR Darshi, who I think is not the worst of the novelists pretending to be academics and historians, you actually expect me to entertain a debate on whether Harminder Singh Sandhu.....one of the closest Singhs to Sant Jarnail Singh Khalsa....was a traitor/coward? Hahaha Have you ever read a book where it wwas said that Sant ji had given Sandhu special insrtuctions for post conflict? No you haven't. We didn't lose the physical war until we lost this media war. That was Sandhu
  11. Tyrion is just a desperado rss cyber warrior. His job is to misinform across various sites and threads. Indian "Hasbara"...joker. Its actually quite entertaining to watch the lightweight attempt to convince Sikhs that we have imagined history and only he actually KNOWS our history. Wow Tyrion what would we do without you? Hahaha
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