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  1. I'm sure its working fine Jacfsing2. Its just that nobody has ever quoted anything you've ever said.
  2. A little closer to home: Terry Wogan was married and had children of his own........Jimmy Saville did not. Throughout the world....across all races and creeds....the 'celibate' order has always attracted those with secret/latent homosexual / pervert tendancies who wish to hide under the cloak of 'being devoted to god' lest people find out how they cannot, in real life, maintain a normal healthy sexual relationship with an adult of the opposite sex. Never ever trust a 'celibate' man but more importantly never leave a 'celibate' man alone with your kids.
  3. Love the way Mr Singh has copied the McDonalds AND Burger King trademarks all in one go. Still think he could have added a KFC too it too. Oh wait...........
  4. No, like I said things are now very much out of control. As I said before, we should have killed this bug as soon as it appeared with the 'Murgh Donalds' a few years now. Now, its a unstoppable monster. Its only a matter of time before we get a Morrisinghs and M&S (Marks and Singh):
  5. One of the strangest and most stupidest experience of my life was when, on a visit to Punjab, someone suggested we leave our real life farmhouse on a real life farm with a real life persian wheel where we were sitting on a real life manjha in a real life rural outdoors watching our real life jattian relatives milk the real life buffaloes and instead..............go to a restaurant in a polluted city where they have plastic statue mock-ups of the real thing. In other words, leaving our real life in Punjab in order to visit a place that badly mimics our real life in plastic.
  6. Just wandering......The way you two mix up your Farsis' with your Urdus'.....Does this problem exist in all aspects of your life. I mean when you did your English exam at school did you mistake it for German and did you mistakingly do your French exam in Greek ?
  7. He doesn't. Who said he does ? He's more than happy with it all. Its not him who came on here and said anything about it. That was me. Its me who felt strongly that a bunch of Sikhs on a discussion forum mocking a muslim's religion because some in that community criticised a schoolgirl for eating food prepared by Sikhs, without realising the harsh realities far closer to home. So, rather confused to how you came to the conclusion that the little boy feels strongly about one thing or another or sees any issues No he shouldn't. He's 10 years old. Its illegal for 10 year olds to work andd ev
  8. Thats nothing......Think about this for one moment and think how it looks to all non-Sikhs: My cousin's young son is 10 years old and became amritdhari this year. He won't eat food if his own mother touches it (because she's not amritdhari) and if he does touch it (eat it) the Gurdwara says he is an apostate (i.e equivelent of a kaffir) and his baptism is revoked. Think about that for one moment : A Child won't/can't eat food touched by his own mother. The same woman from whose belly he came out of just a few years ago. See what I mean now about understanding that there are people out there
  9. Because moving to Canada from London is like moving from Jalandhar City to a small town in Bihar. You'll get a much bigger house for the price but its only something you should do once you're retired and want to live out the rest of your life in quiet. Its a backward step. And you shouldn't for one moment think I'm saying things are better there overall (as I was just talking about the employment situation) because if you ever visit downtown Vancouver and you see more hopeless homeless destitute junkies than you've ever seen in your life this side of Bombay you quickly begin to see the realit
  10. Honestly never heard of him. I lift (plagarise) my comedy directly from Paul 'Singh' Choudhry.
  11. You're obviously from that part of the world because I doubt you will ever find anyone else, ever, share those sentiments of yours. The rest of us see things with different eyes. We look at how 'Indians' came to Kenya and treated the native blacks like dirt. The rest of us fully understand why they would not like you and wanted you out. Anyway, back to the UK. Things started off bad, then they got better, and now - because society's taken its eyes of the ball over the last decade - we've gone full circle and things are bad again. Talk to our grandparents about what things were like when they
  12. jkvlondon, really sorry and disturbed to hear about the rape episode you suffered and don't for one moment wish for you to relive that horrible ordeal by asking you questions about it or expecting you to mention any more about it. What I wish to do is try and articulate that any hate we demonstrate for another religion or race will, in the end, come back and bite us too. There are never any winners with hate and bigotry. For that reason we have to understand that 99% of Muslims who are good, decent hard working people should not have to suffer hatred and violence because of the actions of the
  13. It all started with the Murgh Donalds Punjabi restaurant opposite Southall McDonalds a few years ago. We should have nipped it in the bud right there and then for things are now very much out of hand in that there is almost an epidemic at the moment with Singhs up and down the land skirting very very close to the edge when it comes to copywrite. One Singh done it. And now every Singh and his shop is jumping on the bandwagon. It won't be long before sainsbury's lawyers come calling.
  14. Really ? You mean "Europe is destroyed" in the sense that everyone is given free money by the government.....everyone gets 100% free healthcare......everyone gets given a roof over their head.......gun crime at a rate one hundreth of America.....nobody is locked up in jail unless they committ a henious crime. See thats the trouble with ignorant Americans. They take Donald Trump and Fox News as worldwide authorities on the world and so draw their opinions from what those 2 mental cases tell them. Nobody here.....ABSOLUTELY NONE OF US.....has had our lives either ended or made intolerable be
  15. The answer to your first question is the fact that Punjab was always, for thousands of years, an integral province of Persia and entirely seperate from anything we would know today as 'India' Punjab was Persia's easternmost state and its most celebrated and richest. The answer to your second question is the fact that Punjabi is the big daddy of 'em all. Nearly a thousand years older than Hindi and 2000 years older than Urdu. Being the ancient language that it is, it has influenced every language in northern India and Pakistan. It is the daddy of them all.
  16. Your penchant for arguing just to make yourself look less useless than you actually are makes you deaf, dumb and blind Dallysingh101. And there is no bigger fool than a man that deliberately closes his eyes and ears and pretends that he just doesn't hear or see. Lets try a second time hoping that you may finally snap out of that ignorant arrogant shell of yours. Its in English, not Swahili. Try reading it this time: The Persian word for crocodile is 'temsah'. The word nihung does however still exist today in those persian languages that resisted Islamification / Arabisation of their language,
  17. No I'm not misled. Children or adults that draw their conclusions from 'asking one bloke' are misled. I've spent years researching and absorbing knowledge and its the kind of knowledge that deserves alot more respect than an attempt to be trumped by something one solitary bloke told you. The Persian word for crocodile is 'temsah'. The word nihung does however still exist today in those persian languages that resisted Islamification / Arabisation of their language, such as Kurdish and Armenian where it means, as I stated before, a mythical sea monster / creature and let us remember how a perso
  18. The origin of the Khanda symbol as we know it today is the Rattray Regiment of the British Army. However, this is my thoughts on the matter from an historical perspective: Whilst it was never the symbol of the Sikhs during the time of Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji I think we have to show enough understanding of Guru ji and the Singhs of that era and appreciate the fact that their (especially Guru ji's) knowledge of pre-Islamic ancient Persian was so vast that it actually put the Persians of that era to shame. Whilst things such as the fact that Guru ji gave his sons Persian names, we Sikhs bypass
  19. Lets just analyse what you've just proposed there and see if you're correct about it being the "start of something different". The city people of Punjab....as opposed to the "rural pendus" you're blaming everything on......do the following: Habitually murder their unbon female babies Habitually set fire to their daughter in laws who don't bring in more dowry Habitually practice a Hindu/Sikh hybrid whereby they do pooja to photos and marry Hindus of the same tribe Habitually practice first cousin marriage So, remind us again why you think we'll all be onto something good if we followed the ex
  20. I agree it is disappointing and also really unfortunate that the existence of that type has now become the norm. And I say that with a very heavy heart because I am now well on my way to becoming amritdhari. Unfortnately, as things stand today, if you would ask the common man in our community what he thinks about amritdharis the answer is always that they are theives, cheaters and fraudsters. The reputation today of amritdharis generally, in our society, is rock bottom and all of us with religious / spiritual convictions have to take collective responsibility for that. In a sense, we've watch
  21. I'd rather eat food prepared by the hands of an honest bandha or budhi that does not cheat or steal than from the hands of many of those 'amritdharis' that think they're insurance fraud, mortgage fraud etc is NOT stealing.
  22. All our governments are dumb too and they're still making "mistake after mistake". I mean lets just look at the way they went after President Assad in Syria. He's an Alawaite so obviously not a real Muslim and so, if our govts had any sense, they would have realised that ths anti-islamic fundamentalist leader is actually on our side. But Isreal calls the shots. Isreal shapes the UK / US foreign policy Just as they would have, if they had aany sense, realised that Saaddam Hussain, as a baathist, was anti-Muslim fundamentalist. But Isreal calls the shots. Isreal shapes the UK / US foreign poli
  23. The only thing "funny" about it is the fact that we Punjabis are living under the rule of a foreign nation (India) who only assumed power over Punjab because of the lies, untruths and damnright fraudulent promises they made to the Sikhs in 1947. The only thing "funny" is that these poeple that were once sovereign and the regional power have been reduced to a slave like existence by their occupiers (India) whereby the one and only chance for their daughter or son to get a job is by claiming 'protective backward class' status......the one and only chance their son and daughter can get that place
  24. I've noticed another thing: People generally, on these forums, are pretty dishonest, inconsistence and damnright fraudulent, as we saw on a recent thread that was closed yesterday. The same people that hate 'missionariies' like kala afghana because he wants to cut Guru ji's limb and rightly violently demonstrate and attack him absolutely love and adore men that cut Guru Ji's limbs years ago, as if cutting off an ang of the Guru is just a small insignificant thing that should be overlooked. Then, the next day, these inconsistent men come along to the forum and attack the man that is consistent.
  25. Given how this is the ultimate warrior's position, ensuring he is forever ready for battle, I can't help wondering why either that side or the other should be enforcing their right-footed (right-handed) ideals as a ritual on left-handers and vice versa ? If one particular knee is enforced as a ritual than one way or another either the left-handers or right-handers are going to be disadvantaged as a warrior which in itself would be making a mockery of being in the warrior's position. In other words, rituals is the key word here. Our Guru, as always, gave us something quite beautiful and profo
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