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  1. Relatives of mine have said they remember the racism back when they were young in London when the KKK, teddy boys etc used to roam the streets. One pointed out that many of these people are still alive and kicking. So are their children. He said he still thinks it's still for a large part there under the surface and I agree. I still see it walking around London. Racism is so dangerous, like I've pointed out in another post, look at Nazi Germany. Whereas many of us would rather be killed than to comply with such a regime of killing others in racism, so many were so easily able to be manipulat
  2. Truth5

    Bad Thoughts

    If they are your slanderers then it's definitely possible they are thinking about u- most slanderers are obsessed with the person they slander because slander is Always done out of jealousy and the other vices- it is so prevalent in this age, and many sikhs live in fear of it instead of understanding Truly why people do it and working through it. Also, Gurus told us to silence our minds. I found that when a really bad soul was around(one lives in my house currently) because they live in attachment, u may feel that attachment and mistake it for your own- it therefore triggers attachment withi
  3. Devis and Devte can also become brahmgyanis- there isn't distinction between race etc- thats the law of Nirvair. If someone falls, be it Angel, God/Goddess, ghost or other type of spirit, Truth is always there to be practiced and to climb in the ranks again. That's part of the beauty of Truth- u can be a serial killer who even tried to kill a Guru like Sajjan Thug was or a prostitute like Ganika was but still become a sant/Bhagat. We pay off our karams, but we have been given such a beautiful gift all by His Grace. He truly is unconditionally and All Loving. We are even beaten by His grace-
  4. In Dasam Granth Sahib Ji, Guru Gobind Singh Ji relays what has been shown to him. He sets us straight about the Gods and Goddesses as there are many accounts that Hindus have given and relays these stories Obv for our betterment. There's a lot to be learned from the accounts like not messing up like a lot of the gods and goddesses did with their spiritual gifts anda having fearlessness of demons, battle and warrior hood as in the Chandi di vaar etc. It shows how a lot of his past chosen messengers and teachers have fallen from high in ego and Maya. Whenever u feel like your ego is rising be
  5. Truth5

    Being A Rich Sikh

    Ok cool- yeh I heard about charities being corrupt like that- I'm sure abit of Internet research will show the most legit ones. Satnaam
  6. Truth5

    Being A Rich Sikh

    A True Sikh dedicates Everything to God Always. It's like Bhagat Kabir Ji said- Everything already belongs to God anyway-so it's easy and so Natural
  7. Truth5

    Being A Rich Sikh

    We're all free to do what we want rich sikh so do what u feel like doing. But I would advise doing what u feel is right. I gave money to Oxfam for people who couldn't afford food etc. Kids in 3rd world countries where there may not be great job prospects starve. Many of their parents know they can't provide for them, but have them anyway- attachment to culture is a strange thing as is lust(the world is obsessed with it.) Just do good, be good, practice spirituality-Truth and listen to your heart- and God who resides there. Satnaam
  8. Read Bani and Apply it to your every day life. Do this and your blessings will unfold- u will physically realise the Truth around u.
  9. This what lust has done for an absolute Retard. Maya is One- until one rids themselves of maya completely by accepting their shortcomings and recognising Truth in Everything-and every action, people will keep being slaves to it in different ways n forms.
  10. Ok look, if I don't slander Jesus it is highly doubtful I would slander Guru Granth Sahib Ji, the light of the world. It's People that twist and corrupt the Truth, not Truth which is my Guru(Guru Granth Sahib Ji) and the Ten Guru Kings who wrote it. It's People who martyred and tortured our Gurus, who nailed Jesus alive to a cross, who massacred Sikhs and Jews in holocausts etc. People can be Incredibly barbaric in word thought and deed. I don't personally know any 3ho sikhs either, you probably know more than I do. God knows my heart so I really couldnt care less what conclusions you j
  11. No oh my goodness, Gurbani is of course not at all corrupt- Gurbani came directly from the mouth of God- It Is 100% Truth. Interpretations can of course be twisted as they have been by scholars previously and its important that people recognise that and stick to the true meanings. I apologise if I offended anyone, I would never slander a Guru or a great soul.
  12. Ok this is the last post im going to make on this topic. Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji says that in the Satyug, everyone practiced Truth. I didnt say to anyone to follow Jesus, I always say just follow truth, Practice Gurbani as it is the least corrupted teachings of Truth known to mankind right now. The gyan in there is so deep, there are so many discoveries of Truth that the Gurus had that are so beautiful and astounding. The thing is that Truth is One, it is Mool Mantar. But the discoveries are endless. So one can easily purify the heart, but the discoveries are endless. Pargas, that's
  13. Hi, Im not talking about the mantras and the rituals and yogi bhajans teachings as everything u need to know is in Gurbani- that wont change. But the postures and breathing are very effective. U look at pics of some of the people who practice this and they mostly have really youthful healthy looking bodies. Coupled with weights and running, swimming etc- its great. Im not saying this to get anyone to believe in 3ho teachings at all. Im speaking of Kundalini Yogas health benefis which i myself have experienced. U can learn on you tube videos etc. As excercise, its great. Im not going to say
  14. The whole basis of sikhi is unconditional Love and acceptance of Hukam. I have no malady, Im always hopelessly in love with the creator so im always happy- no negative being and no negativity sent my way can ever change that- try as they may. If u dont love All and are horrible to people, then you're not Nirvair and if your not Nirvair-you're not Sikh because its one of the first lessons u learn in Gurbani, in mool mantar.
  15. Jsinghz, ur a slanderer and fearful attention seeker anyway but im sure there is still hope for u to grow up and stop speaking to me like a 5 yr old throwing a tantrum. I love you even though ur messages project so much pain(hatred and insecurity)
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