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  1. Touché.
  2. I understand the reasoning for such stories, but I'd rather keep kesh because of obeying Guru Sahib's hukam. I don't need the dramatic carrot of bring plucked from hellfire dangled in front of me to scare me into conforming. This may sound awesome when you're a teen or a child, but the older you get the more you realise Guru Sahib is not a cartoon character / superhero who goes around doing such things. In your attempt to portray him as such, what you're actually doing is giving the impression he isn't capable of looking into the soul of every Sikh and see who is his Sikh and who isn't.
  3. Honesty and bravery.
  4. I can see why you'd assume the above to be the case, but strangely enough there is a phenomena in Sikhi where some Sikhs declare they are Sikhs of Guru Nanak Ji, whilst others proudly declare themselves as Sikhs of Guru Gobind Singh Ji (the last Master who was Guru in human form). Why do they do it? Well, I think those who exclusively opt for the first Guru prefer the less confrontational, mellower aspects of the Sikh faith, whereas those who go the second route are more geared towards the gung-ho warrior mentality. Unfortunately for both parties they fail to understand both figures are one a
  5. Just imagine being married to the object of your lust. That'll put an end to any desire on your part. I'm joking!! All of the above posts before mine are great advice. You must be determined to stop... no half-heartedness. Although in all honesty I think the poor lad started the topic under the assumption it would be anonymous.
  6. I did not know they bowed to Guru Sahib. Thanks for the confirmation, bro.
  7. Yup, it's like how Guru Nanak Dev Ji may have been, to all intents and purposes, born into a family that identified itself as Hindu, but they rejected the tenets and ways of the religion. I find the Muslim bhagats who were on cordial terms with our Guru Sahibs to be a bit of a grey area though. Did they outright reject Islam or was there a reluctance to completely abandon the faith they were born into?
  8. That's a question for the scholars and the learned, my friend.
  9. As cold as this may sound - and I understand this will sound very cold to some people - I've always thought that Guru Sahib played a role. As much as we would like to change the past or have foreknowledge about future events and be able to influence them so that our loved ones or those close to us are spared from pain or harm, maybe - just maybe - these things have to play out as they are destined to happen? That means even the sons, close relatives, and loved ones of our Gurus are not exempt from the natural order of things, and these moments and tragedies had to occur due to... karmic debts
  10. No, I believe in a perfect world your reason for having children is spot-on. I'm not saying that's incorrect. What I'm saying is that, on a day-to-day basis in terms of social, cultural, and personal reasons, not many people think, "I'm going to start a family because I want to pass on righteousness and justice to my offspring." Nobody thinks like that unfortunately, unless someone happens to be a Satjugi jeev, and we know there ain't many of them around.
  11. That's one way to look at it (I disagree BTW, but it's your opinion and you are obviously entitled to it). The other explanation is that a lot of the negative things that we are told about Muhammed might not be true. How's that for putting the cat amongst the pigeons?
  12. I'm not disputing that at all. My only bone of contention was your assertion that passing down dharam to kids is the only or biggest reason for having kids. Most people don't think that way. I wasn't passing comment on the gay aspect of your argument.
  13. They didn't want the stigma of being childless in a culture that values marriage and family incredibly highly, and judges the relative worth / success of someone's life based on whether they've attained such goals? I think in theory the desire to pass dharam onto one's offspring is very noble and should be encouraged. But life is not lived in the theory. Plus, have you seen most of our lot? They wouldn't know dharam if it came up behind them and said boo, lol.
  14. On the whole, people just want to get on with each other regardless of race or religion. Personally speaking, I just want to be left in peace to live my life and practice my religion and just basically exist with all types of people. When that doesn't happen; when others begin to encroach on my existence (and everything such actions entail), then, as a Sikh, I can't be a passive bystander and pretend as if tolerance and love will win the day because it won't.I'm not interested in asserting any mistaken sense of superiority over anyone else, and I expect the same courtesy. I find it's those who
  15. Could be. Without having walked a mile in her shoes it's impossible to know how things are for her on a daily basis, coupled with the cultural and gender related issues she's had to face. A solitary existence - albeit with her Sikhi intact - just isn't for most people.
  16. From my own experience, the difference between Sikh females keeping uncut hair and your Somali example is nobody really "insists" Sikh females must do this or that. Are Somali girls pressured into that procedure? I really don't know enough about it to say. But in terms of Sikhs, yes, most people have an opinion about certain issues once someone has started upon the path, but there isn't that level of intense scrutiny to the point where a random member of the religious police walks up to them and makes demands or lays down ultimatums. I truly do believe it is a choice on the part of Sikh fema
  17. I apologise too. I said a few things which were uncalled for. It was nothing personal, even if it may have seemed that way. I hold no grudges from this moment onwards. Have a nice evening, brother.
  18. Lol, OK, so citations please. Under what name have you been published? And I hope you don't refer me to a PTA newsletter you wrote for once, because that doesn't count. And you are not in your mid-20's!! That is an outright lie, lmao! Try again, buddy. Anything you say could be fantasy for all i know, so unless you have anything to back it up I'm sure you'll understand if im not entirely convinced. As for me, I'm in my early 30's. I was 20 when I was hit by a lorry on my way to my exams. I suffered swelling on the brain and a spinal injury (nothing long-lasting). I've spent the past 9 years
  19. I agree, there is a difference between what you've described where Sikh girls go into situations with their eyes open. I'm referring to the insidious, deceptive practices employed by some of these individuals, what's commonly known as love jihad. And that's just one aspect of the bigger problem. As for getting personal, I never threw around insults about mental illness or the like. I responded when the little dog refused to let go of my leg.
  20. How old are you? You must be mid-forties at least? You're married with kids, right? Dont you have anything better to do than spend your days lauding it over people who are, in some cases, 20 to 25 years younger than you? What are you doing with your life, lol? Do you lack friends? I imagine anyone would run a mile having to tolerate your insufferable and smug self. You're the kind of guy that's only married because mommy and daddy arranged his marriage with a girl from back home, because there's no way in hell any woman would willingly put up with a petty, insecure "man" such as yourself. Yet
  21. I'm not disputing that Indians desire our destruction. What I have a problem with is how Jagsaw tries to paint Islamic atrocities against us as if they're from some mythical age of pre-history that has no bearing on us in these current times, or as if what happened during the 80's and 90's somehow cancels out the events that caused us, Sikhs, to come into being. Mughal aggression was rooted in their complete and hysterical adherence to their belief in their religious superiority, and how anyone who resisted their desire to spread the faith was worthy of annihilation. Are you in the UK, bro?
  22. You keep coming back for seconds, yet I'm the mental one, lol? If you address me then I must reply. You're attempt at galvanising support is embarrassing; there is no "us" only "you." As for putting you on ignore I assumed that would be the end of it from that point onwards. You're clearly like a dog with a stick; you just can't let go. I know I'm a strapping fellow, but I don't swing that way.
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