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  1. I'm all for social mobility. I mean, where have those who've studied at Oxbridge or Ivy League establishments led us so far? If someone from humble beginnings can make it to the top based on hard work and determination, then fair play. What I do have a problem with is the aforementioned celebrities, especially Indian celebrities, sticking their nose in business that is of no concern to them. More fool the Indian public who elevate these personalities to levels where they assume their opinions and thoughts are required. Absolute nonsense.
  2. What kind of a world do we live in where the modern equivalents of court jesters, kanjar and kanjariya are dictating what happens on the international stage? Is this how far modern humanity has fallen; that we take our cues from such people?
  3. As someone who has never drank, and hopefully never will, you're spot on, brother. As much as I despise the drinking culture that's rife amongst our people, they will resent anyone - even khadku type figures who may have their best interests at heart - who will hope to impose those kind of cold-turkey methods of abstinence on the population. THAT'S how you get external agitators stoking these conflicts in order to encourage the population to betray and sell-out orthodox religious types who've managed to seize power. Over what? Yes, sharaab! You show people why it's wrong to drink and you make them not want to drink. That takes time and patience. Sweeping in like a bunch of mentalists and throwing around religious decrees is setting yourself up for civil unrest somewhere down the line; societies built on fear and restrictions - even if those restrictions are just - eventually break down.
  4. This topic started as the retelling of an astrological event and ended up as an undercover pro-meat thread, lol!
  5. I'd troll the Indians and support the British on this one, lol.
  6. In all honesty there is most likely truth in the above video but the above is being posted to start caste wars. Don't fall for it, forummers, lol!
  7. That's an unfortunate side effect of certain people choosing to bypass the spiritual and mystical aspect of Sikhi and instead choosing to view our faith as a broad philosophy on life, and our Gurus as nothing more than Confucius-type figures; incredibly wise and learned but no more than men. I find there's a growing number of Punjabi-heritage, western born individuals who've rejected organised religion that are the driving force behind attempts to strip Sikhi of its "holiness" for want of a better word. I wouldn't go as far to say they're being malicious (there's genuine respect for our Guru Sahibs amongst most of these people) but they can't be bothered with the "blind faith and Almighty" aspect of it all. So, they try to pare Sikhi down to a philosophy that doesn't require any effort on the part of the believer. You'll see most of these types of people in the UK, a perfect example being someone like Sunny Hundal.
  8. The #BlackDiwali thing doesn't make sense. On one hand we've been quite vehement in our assertion in recent times that Sikhs do NOT celebrate Diwali, yet some are trying to launch a movement that highlights Sikh discontent at recent issues, that hinge on the word 'Diwali'. Shouldn't it be #BlackBandiChorDivas? But I suppose that is a bit of a mouthful and isn't as catchy as #BlackDiwali. Still, it kind of conveniently overlooks the fact that many gianis and parcharaks have been at pains to emphasise in recent years that, for Sikhs, Diwali is irrelevant to us. It's like wanting to start a movement called #BlackEid or #BlackChristmas; yeah, the message behind such phrases aren't ambiguous but how exactly does it relate to US?
  9. Turn-coats. Further evidence, if any was needed, that Sikhs just hate other Sikhs doing well.
  10. When they ask questions about Rehat Maryada and Sikhs in general, I hope you'll be prepared to give the relevant responses. Don't tell them it's acceptable for Sikhs to have a quick peg-sheg after a stressful day's work or anything like that, lol.
  11. There's the assumption that in most of these cases the Sikh girl is the unwitting victim. C'mon guys, outside of this issue, how many Sikh females in this era do you know that's walking around clueless. I don't buy that. I think, in this day and age, there is NO way girls can be hoodwinked in such a blatant manner. Sexual abuse of minors at the hands of these Muslims is a COMPLETELY different issue and I'd never argue that such problems are due to any fault of the victims. My problem is with girls of uni-going age, etc. My suspicion is that when some of these girls get caught out, they play the victim knowing full well it's the only way they'll be able to weasel their way out of any wrong-doing on their part. Most of these girls consider themselves incredibly sophisticated and smart, more so than their male Sikh peers (who they look down upon), yet what kind of sorcery does a Muslah possess that she becomes putty in his hands and takes leave of her senses? Not buying it at all. I applaud and respect the likes of SAS for the seva they're doing, because it's a darn sight more than what I can currently do for Sikhi, but I hope Bhai Mohan Singh and his associates are a little more discerning when it comes to getting to the root of each individual case they encounter. I would hope they ask the girl a few tough questions about exactly what transpired, and her role in it all, instead of whisking away these damsels in distress and them never having to be held accountable for their own part in these sordid little encounters. I hope I'm not coming across as harsh, but if we give the impression to Sikh girls that you can have your fun with a Muslah but when things get a bit serious and the Muslim takes it to the next level, don't worry, becausr Singhs will come riding to your rescue. That's not on.
  12. The likes of ISIS thrive on the restraint of the west. They're aware about how eager the western press is to jump on humans rights abuses by western governments in warzones, and ISIS make the most of the West's pulling it punches. I tell you, if we didn't live in such a reactionary and PR obsessed world, the west would've carpet bombed or nuked the hell out of a lot more places and nobody would've known. Innocents, civilians, nobody would've been spared in attempts to get to the bad guys. But that'll never happen and the other side knows it.
  13. As usual, you've completely missed the point, Preet Ji. Just so you know, where I live the police have advised residents not to open their doors to "trick and treaters" if the kids aren't accompanied by parents. There's been a disturbing trend of grown men knocking on doors, pretending to be kids (some people don't think to look through a window before opening the door on Halloween, because the homeowner assumes it's little kiddies at the door) and then forcing their way inside and robbing the homeowner. So, no, I'll not be throwing my door open to potential criminals who wish to enter my home, in a deluded attempt at Sarbat da bhalla, when my own bhalla will be in serious danger.
  14. That's what happens when a group of people has had the jack-boot on their neck during history. The assumption is that's how it's always supposed to be, unless there's a turnaround, and to be fair to Muslims, they've turned it around in a manner that inspires fear on the part of their past masters. Yes, the multitude of side effects are completely not worth the tiny benefits, lol, but they've done it nonetheless.
  15. The 6ft+ "kids" with stubble and a visible Adam's apple are having a laugh when they knock on the door at 9.30pm. You're having a laugh, fella, walk on, you aren't getting any sweeties from me at this time.
  16. Yeah, absolutely. Again, it ties into the perception that Sikhs in the UK are a softer touch and we should be loyal lapdogs and unassuming, and whenever we stand up for ourselves (however you'd like to define it) we are being "naughty" and need to be put in our place lest we get ideas above our station.
  17. If he's on Twitter, that could be a good way of asking that question. Funnily enough, the Daily Mail might be interested in something like that when Modi comes over. It won't be a huge scandal, but a little kick to Modi and his British supporters in the Labour party would be a chance too good to pass up by the Mail. The Guardian will never touch a story like that because of their Labour ties.
  18. It's this kind of a) Obliviousness to the reality of the reasons behind these actions, or b) Crippling political correctness due to the fear of being labelled as intolerant or racist, that emboldens others to follow their example. Some white folk in the UK have lost the plot IMO. Worringly for everyone, white or otherwise, these people are in places of influence and the impact of such foolishness and moral cowardice will affect us all... apart from those disconnected from reality, far and away from the ground level results of such attitudes.
  19. You have to wonder if the attack was partly carried out due to jealousy, considering two of the trio were cousins of the girl, and we all know about the Pakistani predilection for keeping it in the family when it comes to marriage.
  20. That does happen unfortunately, but the gay Singh's parents aren't arranging his marriage time and time again so that a girl can come over to the west and then leave him. Their goal is to see him settle down and start a family. They're probably as mystified as anyone else about why their son's marriages are ending in divorce. Unless the sly bugger is telling his wives-to-be that, once they're over here, they can leave after a while because he has no intention of being "with them".
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