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  1. This is brilliant! So what exactly happened though? How did everyone come together and sort this out? Can you imagine how made up the little kid must feel? To be made to feel so low and miserable by those idiots because of the religious path he was on, and then to have elders stand up for him when he needed it the most. That kind of ekta is what's needed. Excellent stuff.
  2. Modern day jatha culture is a shadow of what is use to be in the past. The chief difference being there was always the unspoken understanding that the Panth comes before anything else; no Jatha or its spiritual leader, etc, was better or above any other jatha. It was just a different flavour of Sikhi, but like I said, the understanding was the Guru and the Panth was supreme, and that we are ALL brothers and sisters. Nowadays... where to begin, lol. Power, ego, status, wealth accumulation, inter-jatha politics, jatha vs jatha ideological struggles, the fighting of verbal wars via proxy between
  3. How dare you ask such a silly question! They're all totally behind her. They don't want her to ruin her life by being stuck in a loveless, arranged marriage to someone of her cultural and religious background, because, as we all know, love marriages are totally not built on physical attraction, and the love between the two partners in such marriages never fades or wanes at all resulting in no divorces ever. It's a universal truth. And you're an extremist... a God-forsaken terrorist for attacking the beautiful couple on their special, magical day./sarcasm
  4. Like Italian there's phrases and sayings in Panjabi that don't quite have the same impact when translated in English. I don't think it's being rude tbh, as long as there's not a deliberate effort to alienate a non-Panjabi speaker from the conversation. It's just a relaxing way to express yourself in the language of the old country, hehe.
  5. I'll give you a detailed explanation in a few hours. I'm a bit tied up at the moment. BTW, I'm not against the concept of jathas. I just believe, as with most things in modern religious practices, they've been co-opted and corrupted from within so much so that they serve to weaken and destroy our faith as opposed to unite and bring us closer to Waheguru.
  6. About time this trend was noticed. You'll get hate for this but the Truth has to be said. People get dewey-eyed and emotional when they observe an increase in young dumalla-wearing GurSikhs over the past decade or so, as if it's an indication that Sikhi is flourishing in the West. What these same people fail to do is scratch the surface and observe these youngsters closely. These young folk are like any other teenagers from around the world; they're searching for an identity, looking for somewhere to belong, wanting to be part of something greater than themselves. All noble pursuits. Yet, some
  7. It is. Her upbringing and home life seemed to be one huge confusing contradiction. I have no sympathy and fail to identify with those of a promiscuous nature, but had this girl been guided away from those temptations and pitfalls it's pretty clear she had enough about her to be successful in any profession she chose. Aside from the bank jobs and associated criminal matters the rest of what this lady got up to is par for the course for most modern Punjabis, even those from apparently settled homes and "normal" lives (the pre-marital relationships, the consumption of alcohol, the relentless ad
  8. Hello, I would like to have my forum name modified to 'MisterSingh.' This will end any speculation as to my gender. Thank-you.
  9. I've just checked and I'm pretty certain I'm not a woman. Plus, how do my posts suggest I'm female, lol?! I agree with you on the whole, but just chill out. Can't go through life so tightly wound; gotta laugh at some things. Now if you'll excuse me I have to return some videotapes.
  10. I'm not a woman I'm not supporting or even admiring her actions. I'm just saying you don't often hear of our girls in these outlandish situations. Yep, she's a criminal and clearly messed in the head, but she obviously is very smart - book smarts not necessarily the other kind - and has the potential to do good. She says she reconnecting with Sikhi after all she's been through, so that's great I suppose. Edit: I just realised my screen name sounds so gay. I'm not referring to "missing a Singh" emotionally but the other way, like a target. Either way I'm changing it. How do I go about doing th
  11. I read this article earlier. Fair play to her, lol, she's got balls, more than most Asian guys. I'm not glorifying criminality BTW, but she's original I'll give her that much. Her life would make a brilliant film, a Scorsese epic, hehe.
  12. Need to be cleverer than that. Can't be going all ISIS on these degenerates even if we think they deserve it. Use head not heart. Punishment should be in proportion to the crime committed. Above all, the whole world doesn't need to see it on YouTube. That's a complete nonsense, and no, it doesn't scare people even though we may think it might. If anything, it emboldens others to escalate matters if they think they can get a rise out of us. Unfortunately, subtlety and subterfuge have never been our strong points.
  13. A combination of a lack of true understanding of Sikhi and spirituality / faith in general, a claustrophobic and materialistic Punjabi culture, unempathetic and emotionally sparse people, and an overall bad attitude to life. The crux of the OP's argument is, "If God and Sikhi was of any worth, I'd be rolling in money and my life would be comfortable." The REAL tragedy is that God has to bear the brunt of our own misunderstandings. He can't be affected by such slander, but we damage our own jeevans by doing so. Yes, I've been through incredibly hard times that would make people's heads explode,
  14. If they have any sense nobody should be making videos. News will spread by itself.
  15. How did this come about? We have a clear picture of the guy in the pink T-shirt, so it shouldn't be too difficult to locate him. Find the young kid, then find these idiots. Are they Sikhs? I'm not kidding, some of our lot back home have a very questionable sense of humour. I dread to think what kind of negative mental affect this has had on the young child in terms of demeaning his Sikhi.
  16. I think Jesus was a highly spiritual, elevated being who wanted people to connect to God. I don't believe he was God as his followers say. Dasme Paatshah can discuss or mention or pass judgement on such matters because, frankly, they've earned the right to do so. We haven't. Anyone with even an iota of spirituality in their soul (if spirituality is defined as a universal, creedless quality) would shudder to slander or even mock another person of God. We aren't Guru Sahib. We aren't even similar to his true Sants and Mahapurashs. Look where we are now - anonymous nobodies stuck in Churasi Lak
  17. You see, I'm in two minds about stuff like this. I believe that if you're truly genuine about your faith and you aren't attempting to rip off the innocent, mislead the gullible and vulnerable, or incite hatred and violence against anyone else, it's OK to be... passionate like those guys, hehe. It's not my cup of tea, but then the world is made up of different types of people which is great. However, if it's all one big fraud and deception for whatever purpose, then, no.
  18. It's like something out of the Twilight Zone, lol. Should it even be a question?
  19. How was he able to walk out with a saroop without being stopped? What was everyone doing at the time? And then buried the saroop?! Stupidity. I wouldn't be surprised if this was a way of inciting some Singhs to violence and worse in order to demonize Sikhs.
  20. The Ridley Scott film 'Kingdom of Heaven' was released a few years ago. It's a film about the Crusades from the perspective of a Christian in the holy lands, and even before release there were Islamic scholars decrying the film as racist because it deemed to show the likes of Saladin doing what they did best, hehe. Sure, I wouldn't take history lessons from Hollywood, but as you said, the Crusades are a very sensitive subject for both sides even today.
  21. In some parts of the U.S. it's crazy town when it comes to the evangelicals. It's full on End of Days, apocalyptic, Judgement Day kinda vibe, lol. It's one of the reasons the support for Israel is so vehement amongst these people, because they believe only through Israel will many Biblical prophecies come true regarding the destruction of the world and other things of that nature.
  22. Guru Gobind Singh Ji instructed us to study and analyse the other religions. Of course, he also said that our faith in and knowledge of Sikhi should be firm enough to withstand any scrutiny from others or even our own mind when questions arise. Considering we don't live in a world where there is only Sikhi and Sikhs, "opposite religions" are incredibly significant to us; that is if you don't want to spend your entire life with your head in the sand. You do know meat eating is permissible for some Sikhs depending on maryada and / or jatha? What does that say about us according to you, lol? I'v
  23. Most major religions offer apocalyptic predictions featuring their enraged Messiah / Prophet returning to Earth to smite the evildoers and the unbelievers. Muslims believe the Imam Mahdi, the prophesied redeemer of Islam, will rule the world for a few decades. But it'll be cool to see them all return.
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