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  1. Actually dhumma is so stupid ,even more . from his shakal he looks illiterate.
  2. ya Dhumma s kamaai increased manyfold by licking badals feet.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXb3QaBI6zA Pehl Basante Aagman by Bhai Balbir Singh .
  4. Why not open WWE schools inside Gurudwaras ? Khalistan seems most stupid and horrible idea to me . pure disgrace to guru panth... sharam karo kujh ,tusi aah dasde o baharle goreya nu sikhi barey ? lahnatt aa.
  5. stop fighting inside Gurudwaras ,especially West Gurdwaras.
  6. A long beard, a saffron turban and a kirpan slung across his shoulder, its khakhi strap looking distinct in the kurta — for anyone meeting him for the first time, Gopal Thakur looks like any other Sikh from the region. It’s only when he speaks that you can sense a distinct accent. The 40-year-old labourer, performing “sewa” at Gurdwara Partakh Darshan on the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) campus, came to Chandigarh from Bhagalpur district in Bihar. Admitted to the PGIMER with severe chest pain last year, Gopal took shelter at the gurdwara and started doing “sewa”. A year on, the man who came here as a Hindu is leaving as a baptised Sikh: Gopal Singh. Converted to Sikhism to lead a “dignified life”, Gopal says: “I feel good while doing ‘sewa’ at the gurdwara, and being a Singh, I am respected more.” Gopal is not the only one. Many Hindu and Dalit men, women and even children who had come to the PGIMER for treatment have converted to Sikhism during their stay here. Most are migrant workers hailing from far-flung states, such as Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and Jammu and Kashmir or from the neighbouring country Nepal, who take shelter at the gurdwara in absence of “sarais” for patients and their attendants. Other than free food and shelter, needy patients and their attendants are given lessons on the teachings of Sikh gurus. The gurdwara has not only changed their life but identity and outlook as well. From Devi to Kaur Anandi Devi, aka Pooja Kaur, came to the PGIMER two years back for the treatment of her son, who was hurt in an accident. “Priests at the gurdwara helped me during my difficult time and allowed me to stay here with my child. I do ‘sewa’ at the gurdwara and for it I am paid `2,000 every month,” says Pooja. Sitting in another corner of the gurdwara, 19-year-old Rajesh Kumar, who hails from Muradabad, is learning to tie a turban. “I was brought here after meeting with an accident. After undergoing treatment here, I chose to stay back at the gurdwara. Now, I am planning to embrace Sikhism,” he says. Rajinder Kumar is yet another example of a person who was touched by the love and affection received at the gurdwara. Hailing from Nepal, Rajinder came to the PGIMER way back in 1990. Today, he is settled here. “I had spine tuberculosis. The gurdwara helped me; people here gave me shelter and funded my treatment. They offered me a job. I got married in the same gurdwara and decided to convert,” says Rajinder. Teenager girl’s unfulfilled wish The youngest patient who the HT came across at the gurdwara was 14-year-old Shikha Bhardwaj from Darbhanga district in Bihar. She was suffering from uterus cancer and was undergoing treatment since January this year. Shikha had enrolled for a visit to Anandpur Sahib to embrace Sikhism and had shared her plans too: “My parents have sold all their property to fund my treatment. We do not have any other place to go. So, we stay at the here. Moreover, I feel good while doing ‘sewa’; it gives me some hope.” Unfortunately, she could not survive cancer. Baba Tarsem Singh, a “kar sevak” at the gurdwara says: “We saw that many people were getting cured by doing ‘sewa’. Many patients pray here for quick recovery. Looking at people’s faith, we thought of spreading awareness about the importance of a Guru.” The gurdwara has organised three trips to Anandpur Sahib in the last six months; wherein nearly 100 people embraced Sikhism. http://www.hindustantimes.com/punjab/sewa-at-guru-s-home-prompts-them-to-embrace-sikhism/story-LbCUC4Fp5GdvDzGfu0kEIP.html
  7. The Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) is contemplating to pick eminent Sikh kathavachak (preacher) Giani Pinderpal Singh (49) as the Akal Takht jathedar to replace the beleaguered Giani Gurbachan Singh. The development comes in the backdrop of the controversial decision taken at the radicals’ Sarbat Khalsa to ‘appoint’ former Punjab chief minister Beant Singh’s assassin Jagtar Singh Hawara as the Akal Takht jathedar. As per reports, speculation is rife in Sikh circles that a person like Pinderpal would be acceptable to Sikhs in India as well as abroad, be it moderate or hardliners, to head the highest temporal seat of the community. “A person like him (Pinderpal) can certainly help bring the Sikh community out of the current crisis, but it remains to be seen whether he would accept the post of the Akal Takht head or not,” said SGPC president Avtar Singh Makkar, adding that it was premature to reach any conclusion. Pinderpal, who hails from Tharwa Majra village in Karnal (Haryana), lives in Ludhiana. Sources say he is being persuaded by the SGPC and other Sikh bodies to head the Akal Takht. In August 2008, he was approached by the SGPC to take over as the Akal Takht jathedar after the ouster of then jathedar Giani Joginder Singh Vedanti, but he refused the offer. Talking to HT on the phone, Pinderpal said, “In the current situation, there is an acute deficit of trust and faith among the Sikhs. No Sikh believes in the other. Moreover, when there are two jathedars (one appointed by the SGPC, the other by the ‘Sarbat Khalsa’), it is very difficult for both to prove who is the real one.” Evading queries on being approached to head the Akal Takht, he said a priest could not be a leader. Pinderpal, a product of Gurmat Missionary College, Rupnagar, is known to focus on Gurbani rather than criticising the political set-up in Sikh institutions. Considered to be in the league of preacher Sant Singh Maskeen, he has a popular slot on a Punjabi TV channel for performing ‘katha’ daily at 9am. He got upset with the SGPC when he was told late last month to wind up his scheduled 10-day ‘katha’ on the fourth day because of his comments on the Panthic crisis, made at Manji Sahib on the premises of the Golden Temple. http://www.hindustantimes.com/punjab/preacher-giani-pinderpal-singh-approached-to-head-akal-takht/story-Xr4dzNnbxmT3SUH4xbLYAI.html
  8. AAP seems good option. Maan is rejected several times by Sikhs of Punjab.
  9. if voting system is corrupt than why even western gurdwara s have voting system ?
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