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  1. dallysingh101

    Parenting and weight

    Okay, I'm posting this video because I'm noticing that a few apnay parents seem to have some sort of 'weight blindness' when it comes to their children (and themselves). This video shows a cat but the principle is still the same. How comes certain parents don't have the intelligence to recognise that they are overfeeding their children (and adjust the food accordingly), when the evidence is right there in front of their eyes? Do some suffer from some sort of strange 'reverse anorexia' where their visual perceptions are distorted to the extent that they look at their morbidly obese kids and see a slim person? Or are they too clueless about biology to realise that the weight can lead to all manner of illnesses?
  2. I don't agree with a lot of Icke's more outlandish stuff, but this is interesting: Sikhs should keep aware because it might help explain the establishment's persistent covering up of grooming, that our own community has experienced.
  3. dallysingh101

    Why do we cremate?

    A heavy part of Indic dharam seems to be a separation of the eternal (paraatma), from the impermanent (maya), so maybe that's why they don't really value the actual vessel? Plus it being a hot region, those bodys would start to decompose really quickly. Maybe that plays a part? I don't think our bodies being cremated or buried really plays that big a deal on what subsequently happens according to Sikhi. It's not like say Islam where a body being burnt has significant impact according to beliefs - where having no physical remnants means that they will be unable to rise again on judgement day as per their prophecies.
  4. You also keep threatening to permanently leave but never do. Give the dramatics a rest maybe.
  5. He's already posting on another thread.
  6. Thanks for posting that brother. Here we have that word poora coming up again, which another brother queried recently on another thread: I think a better translation of this pangti would be: The creator administers full (or complete) justice. Please, let's not start excusing this demon. You know recently I came across a shocking chariter in CP, that covers some high status bloke trying to use one of his 'advisors' to groom a young boy (which he didn't pull off). In that chariter the predator is described as an animal.
  7. dallysingh101

    Which countries can Sikhi look to expand in?

    That'd be a really strong selling point. I wonder why no one thought of it before?!
  8. So was M15 purposefully suppressing information too? Margaret Thatcher personally supported one of her MP’s who had an alleged “penchant for small boys”, MI5 files disclosed to a public inquiry reveal. An MI5 lawyer told the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) it was “a matter of regret” that the service considered only the national security implications of allegations of possible child abuse by Peter Morrison, Conservative MP for Chester, and did not pass information to the police. The lawyer said MI5’s review of its files uncovered no evidence to indicate the existence of a Westminster paedophile network and nothing to suggest any attempt to cover up a child abuse ring in parliament. But the witness, who gave evidence anonymously, admitted that memos and a letter from 1986 had discussed claims that Morrison had a “penchant for small boys”, and there was nothing to indicate MI5 passed the information in its possession to police. The inquiry heard that two 1986 memos were written by Eliza Manningham-Buller, who went on to be the director general of MI5 between 2002 and 2007. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/inquiry-child-sexual-abuse-peter-morrison-paedophile-tory-mp-thatcher-mi5-westminster-police-a8818151.html
  9. Well, whichever way it works I don't think Karma works like that. Too many people have gotten away with too much for that. I don't think charity and doing the horrendous stuff he did cancels each other out like that. And the 'charity' itself just seems like strategies to access more prey and obfuscate his personality. I don't think Saville threatened to out anyone. I think it was just a quietly accepted norm in higher british society of the time. Tolerated. These things were considered minor or non-issues. Come on, when you're out there in the real world 'open-secrets' aren't exactly uncommon. I think people knew about him, and a lot more. Thatchers known to have knowledge of certain paedos and still gave them prominent government positions. The high ranked political paedos Ronnie Kray 'associated' with were never charged. One successfully suing a newspaper for defamation. See the below about open secrets.
  10. I think the triggering factors for his 'revelations' are a lot less mysterious. I think he was privy to certain rumours, or open secrets due to his career in the media. He probably picked up more and more snippets of information until he realised he was actually seeing the surface of something much bigger and started looking into that. His outlandishness in the early days might be down to the shock of the shear evil and extent of what he was uncovering.
  11. dallysingh101

    media brainwashing

    Yep, and with the harder addictive stuff, it's a business that expands and creates its own markets unlike any other product.
  12. Funny I was thinking something similar too. Maybe his 'lizard people' conception comes from interpreting his experiences from a western mindset, whereas culturally we might conceptualise such 'lizards' as daints or asuras, i.e. in mythological terms, his own cultural doesn't have that scope so he's manifested that force/energy as 'lizard people'???
  13. dallysingh101

    media brainwashing

    I thought you were implying that it was the ease of growing green that was central to this phenomena when you said: Thing is, those guys are also dealing with coke, smack and meth.
  14. dallysingh101

    media brainwashing

    No I meant it's much wider than just 'green' as in marijuana. I know greed is central to it.
  15. dallysingh101

    Nishan Sahib, when did we start using the Khanda

    Some good points there. I wonder if the claims that certain areas of Panjab having a higher rate of radiation occurring in the environment is linked to dumping radioactive waste? hmmmmm
  16. dallysingh101

    media brainwashing

    Come on, this thing goes much wider than just 'green' Ranjeet.
  17. dallysingh101

    media brainwashing

    Well, I think you should read the thread a bit more carefully. There are a couple of people who've aired views barking up certain trees. I'm not saying black people have any 'special reasons', I'm was making the point (to those that seem to require it), that there are often socio-economic and historical factors behind certain behaviours. There is nothing 'special' about it. You can look look at how colonisation has affected other communities like Aboriginal tribes and native Americans too. Communities get beset with all manner of problems usually alcoholism, drugs and criminal issues that they never had previously, subsequent to their 'interactions' with certain other groups who've marginalised them and and attacked their social/political structures. I don't associate with lots of 'ghetto blacks' I did however grow up in a very mixed area and have interacted with lots of different races, although I'm now living in a very brown area compared to other places I've lived in before. As for my musical tastes, they are very varied and include rap and lots of other forms. That all being said, apnay need to be infinitely more conscious and savvy of certain socio-politico factors and how they can potentially impact on our own community.
  18. Love the pi55 take. But seriously, what can you do with clumps of people who have been brain-washed from a state of semi-illiteracy (at least!!!), to largely unquestionably accepting an identity, that looks to me like it's been imposed on them largely for the benefit of another community? That's a question we all need to ask. I know there are a fair few intelligent Juts who would interpret the historical political narrative similar to how I do (albeit provocatively for shock value and to keep some of you people engaged and entertained at the same time too). You know a good few apnay like to bury their heads in the sand surely! You have to put things out in an interesting challenging way. This is surely simple to comprehend?
  19. dallysingh101

    media brainwashing

    Well my point was that we've got some of our own who are doing this in certain places, now we all know we aren't all ruthless hard-drug dealing criminals. Not all black folk are murdering, drug dealers criminals either. There might be socio-economic reasons for why so many go down this route in any case. And systemic racism may well play a part in this (amongst other things). I'm under no illusion, I know not all black people are angels, but at least try and understand the things that go on around us in an independent, realistic, truth seeking fashion.
  20. dallysingh101

    media brainwashing

    Boy, I hope that wakes up some of those people who've been putting the boot into black people then. Have a look sangato, apnay are doing the same thing. Maybe people need to realise that environment, culture and circumstances can play a big part in such behaviour, and maybe that it isn't down to some innate criminal tendency.
  21. dallysingh101

    media brainwashing

    Yes. But don't forget social factors that influenced how their society developed too. These things aren't small. Losing a parent in childhood (in whatever way) is proven to have major implications for the majority of people who experience it. Given what they were facing with the constant violence, moving around and being totally unsettled due to slavery is a BIG factor too. Anyway, you care to try and explain why apnay in certain areas of Canada are doing the exact same thing people are castigating kalay for? I mean the drug dealing and apnay on apnay violence.
  22. dallysingh101

    Modern-day singhs being weak.

    I have to post this just to give some much needed perspective to those who (for whatever reason) need it: https://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/metros-deadly-gang-war-going-after-a-familiar-cast-plus-new-players Vancouver police Supt. Mike Porteous explained that those linked to the RS were known as the Grewals, the Kangs and the Dhaliwals after leaders of each faction. They had carved up the Lower Mainland into areas where each ran dial-a-dope lines. “They were traditionally at odds with the Sandhu-Sidhu group, which is more of an Abbotsford group,” Porteous said. Those loyal to Jimi Sandhu, who has since been deported to India, and his associate Sandeep Sidhu, were connected to the UN side. Underlings in both groups began battling several years ago on Townline Hill in Abbotsford, leading to assaults, shootings and murders. The violence spilled over into other communities and even to Edmonton, where Sidhu’s brother Navdeep, 24, and Harman Mangat, 22, were shot to death in January 2017. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chandigarh/gangland-traps-punjabi-kids/articleshow/66114671.cms Police in Canada have stated that 33% of all gang and drug violence in Vancouver is by Punjabis. The Canadian media have released several news reports where the Punjabi community was targeted to show that guns and violence in the community was a major problem. http://dailysikhupdates.com/police-33-gang-violence-drug-crimes-punjabis-canada/ https://www.surreynowleader.com/news/watch-new-targets-video-takes-aim-at-gang-violence-in-surrey/
  23. dallysingh101

    Nishan Sahib, when did we start using the Khanda

    Whenever we come back to being our own people again globally. The first thing we should do to symbolically announce this to the world is to bring back the true nishaan on every last Gurdwara in the world. I don't know when that time will come, but that will be a powerful statement. More powerful than renaming Calcutta Kolkata, Or Bombay Mumbai etc.
  24. dallysingh101

    Nishan Sahib, when did we start using the Khanda

    What's interesting is that there was a short period when it wasn't exactly fixed like this, and if you seek, you can find variants e.g. from 1914: You are right, this one looks exactly like a coat of arms, notice how it still retains the dhaal symbol on the flags. Interesting.
  25. How about you Jagsaw, how do you explain your shocking volte face? Singing one sad sycophantic song for years and years and then abruptly singing the opposite tune and going on like you never espoused the completely opposite opinion only a short while ago? Is that the kind of backbone you've got? Mental mate. Stop forgetting to take the meds.

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