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  1. It's like they want to drive the forum into oblivion?
  2. Thing is, any community can get stagnant and stuck in old, out of date thinking (our lot are no exception and most of us can see this). It's important to get fresh blood, and fresh eyes on things (i.e. fresh unencumbered thinking and planning) so that people don't just continue with the downward spiral.
  3. Plus to hordes of goray who have a deeply engrained supremacist mindset (whether this is concealed or not), this is a nightmare because it flies in the face of their deeply held convictions that goray are inherently smarter than indians. Sunak (with Javid?) have managed to outmanoeuvre their favorite ring-wing Boris. The world's gone topsy turvy, and Downing Street is gonna smell like a chicken tikka masala/jalfrezi/bhuna now! Ahhhhhh...... it's all gone to the dogs! Ahhhhhhh!
  4. Exactly. He'll be a convenient scapegoat. The day after he became PM, I saw so many goray with depressed faces on the way to work. I overheard some goray builders talking about 'someone's gonna shoot him I reckon'. I don't know if he'll last long. A general election may get called. This is traumatic for a lot of goray who'd never thought they'd see the day.
  5. I remember when he was running against Truss he pledged that he'll change the law to give leaders of grooming gangs life sentences. Let's hope he gets that one in quickly.
  6. https://www.sikhawareness.com/topic/21078-priti-patel-slandering-uk-sikhs/
  7. We need to be ready to slap them down as they come out.
  8. I think the toxicity is often mental/psychological (as opposed to physical) these days i.e. abusive, coercive behaviour and language.
  9. I remember when this happened. Anyone who grew up when I did, in this country (who wasn't a closeted wallflower) wasn't remotely surprised. I remember at some point I mentally juxtapositioned how Stephen Lawrence's mother projected herself in the media, and I remember thinking Ricky's mum's accent wasn't helping her - that's the reality. I think Ricky's case was swiftly swept under the rug. But by then it was one of many dubious cases brown folk whispered about. Now we know a lot more about how the police operate (especially in the past), especially when it comes to men and women of colour, and what we know of umpteen shoddy 'investigations' into serious matters - I think we can guess what went on. I mean, these people also covered up for the mass grooming of underage Sikh females - can we expect any better? Rogue cops who shame the Met: Sex assault, racism and misogyny... damning report exposes criminals at heart of UK's largest police force - and why they are hanging on to their jobs Hundreds of cops getting away with sexual misconduct, racism and misogyny Excoriating report lays bare the scale of misconduct festering in the Met Police Baroness Casey's report commissioned in wake of the murder of Sarah Everard Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley said officers in question should all be sacked https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11322011/Rogue-cops-shame-Met-Report-exposes-criminals-heart-UKs-largest-police-force.html
  10. -Sidhu Moosewala- I'm randomly adding the name because it will probably make ten thousand more people watch this...............
  11. It's like a pattern from the state: Downplay grooming for decades, and now the same with race attacks. Also, some of those attacks on Sikhs will come from certain other brown people - who've these mfs have along history of covering up for.
  12. You've completely failed to mention the systemic abuse they've been receiving from the hands of other 'Sikhs' for generations and how this has led to this.
  13. That's not entirely true, decades ago, it was common knowledge that the Taliban founder/headman Mullah Omar, held SIkhs in very high regard and had given them protected status. It was only after foreign jihadis came in (and Mullah Omar had to hide from US capture/execute parties) that Sikhs started to get seriously abused.
  14. What I started increasingly noticing when I started studying original texts is that there are countless informative, relevant sakhis like those above with a precolonial, internal Sikhi provenance - that the vast majority of our community are oblivious too. Our perception of our true ithihaas seems seriously skewed.
  15. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11291431/Suspect-murdered-Sikh-family-eight-month-old-baby-year-long-feud-them.html?dicbo=v2-5e8af710ea671bb73c7db8fe6fa48ec4&ico=outbrain_footer
  16. Have you seen the state (and rep) of many apneean. It's no shock (to me) that some apnay 'opt out'.
  17. I reckon he might have been bummed by the priests when he was younger? I've met a couple of apnay whose fathers have sent them to proper CofE schools to try and improve their life chances. This might be a side effect?
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