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  1. I think some of them do this to avoid the cold winters too.
  2. Yeah, and certain fudhus alienating and abusing Mazbhis in the pends, to the point of them converting to other faiths or trying to start their own ones really helps.......
  3. Come on. A lot of these groups were originally patronised/funded/trained by some western nation as some sort of strategic move to oust some leader in a far off land. But that blew up in their face. What kills it is that these goray are so twisted they'd do exactly the same dumb political move again. The mind boggles. These people's kookars are coming home to rest. It's probably karmic returns for letting so many Sikh and white working girls get raped and abused for decades and still having the front to turn around and tell Sikhs that no such problem exists. That the goray still have time to write multiple reports about the 'problem' of Sikh 'extremists' in the UK and still deny grooming, maligning active Sikhs with some terrorism label - says a lot!! I say screw them and let them fight the problems they have created themselves (for a change). These people made their own bed - let them lie in it. Sikhs protect your own community (the panth!). And I say don't worry about extending that to any snivelling, sycophantic gadaar amongst our own whose more bothered about currying up to establishment goray than watching out for his/her own Sikh brothers and sisters.
  4. The new series of Alien films.
  5. It's a shame you didn't learn how to write in English during your two Phds and your MSc. Keep trying son. With kirpa you'll get there one day. Regarding the question of which class you belong to: In Panjabi I think it's called the 'fudhu bundha class'. I hope that's clarified for you now - and there's no need to thank me for it. It's my pleasure.
  6. That was cool man! I've never seen a Panjabi film like that. I liked the atmospheric filmography. I got to say, I found parts hard to understand because of the thick accents. One thing I've realised is that the Panjabi I heard growing up was much more enunciated than this. I could get into this type of stuff. I've got to add: a lot of the brickwork I see in from back is absolutely appalling (to put it mildly), which is surprising because I've seen loads of badass apnay brickies over here?!!??!
  7. 'I admire the rebel against injustice, man or women, because I know that it is to them that all real progress is due.' Frank Sproson
  8. You got to be careful when you go back home from abroad because a lot of people automatically perceive you as some sort of isolated prey. Make sure you take appropriate measures to protect your personal security.
  9. Because I went through a phase of reading and translating Panjabi stuff I learnt words that I never heard growing up, the problem I found with that was that when I used these more 'advanced' words in convos with other (especially desi) Panjabis, they didn't have a clue about them. There is a big cultural problem with the ahhm apna not being bothered with increasingly their vocabulary to make it more sophisticated/advanced. This I think goes back to a point Ranjeet made a while ago on another thread about apnay not being remotely bothered about learning when it doesn't directly relate to some career/financial progression. This widespread cultural phenomena of having no respect for improving one's gian for the sake of gian really keeps us undeveloped as a quom. The other thing I wanted to say is that if we're trying to get closer to our heritage we need to go even beyond Panjabi. The last few years looking at Dasam Granth just starkly highlighted how important knowing Braj Bhasha vocab is for us.
  10. That is one FAT book! lol SK considers it his best work btw.
  11. I think learning to read Panjabi is important too. It's good if kids grow up seeing parents/family doing this. It should be normalised in families.
  12. My nephew said he saw that Die Hard in Punjabi in a cinema back home years ago, he said it was hilarious. Yeah, we should have more of that. I like films that have intelligent social observations within, Panjabi films that I've seem don't seem to have that.
  13. I hear that. I don't watch Panjabi films, because I don't like all the casteism that gets promoted within and often feel it is quite shallow. I love arts that is brave, intelligent and has a good social message. One Panjabi film I partially watched recently was that Udta Punjab. I couldn't get all the way through (got over half way). I liked the style and message, but I HATE musicals and when that Jazzy B type character came up, I struggled to suffer it. But that doesn't mean I don't love aspects of Panjabi culture, and Sikh culture in general.
  14. You know, maybe some Canadian brothers or sisters can give us some advice on dealing with these types of antiSikh government actions? You lot seem to have more experience than us in this?
  15. If this is all that happened, and there isn't a load of email/phone/text calls between you both, I'd consider going to the old bill and telling them and getting him/her charged with harassment. Or getting a restraining order.
  16. I don't think dasam pita's first language was Farsi, but they were obviously very proficient in it, and had been well read in the classical literature of that language.
  17. I think you're making a lot of presumptions here. I don't like this thread because it forces borderline egoic responses but I feel I have to get the alternative perspective out. If linguistic abilities are a marker of class as well as having the ability to communicate across social levels, then your accent doesn't really come into it. I remember at uni when I was around proper middle class white people, their vocabulary wasn't any better than mine, often worse, even if they did speak with 'oxford accents'. People might sound different to that but that doesn't mean they are any less intelligent. You talk about not giving in to popular culture, but making yourself talk in a certain way to fit in with people you perceive to have 'high class' isn't any different to any other sheeplike compromise, even if the utilitarian logic behind it is to give yourself more opportunities by fitting in with power holders. If you go by the logic above then Sant Jarnail Singh Ji was 'low class' because they spoke in rustic, common language, in a very common Panjabi man's accent. You talk about drugs and class - do you seriously have no idea about how much drugs the middle class and upper class youngsters take??? Coke and stuff. I might be as 'common as muck' but do you get the impression that I don't have knowledge of my lineage, my people's history and don't have an interest in art and history in general (as well as many other subjects)? Face it, many people confuse acting and speaking in a pretentious, supercilious manner as some sort of 'class' marker. That's not class in my books, and the ability to see through this and not fall in line with the oft-repeated thinking demonstrated by Big Tera (and others) is testimony to the ability to not accept such notions like a sheep.
  18. I bet you my English is better than yours, as well as my Panjabi. Just because you talk like you've got Boris Johnson's tuttay in your mouth, doesn't give you any class. lol And face it, you're a giddarh hiding behind some poncey persona. I'm a Postgraduate, so I'm probably more educated than you too. Clown.
  19. Your presumption about me is wrong. Is mine about you accurate though? You can give it the large, but I'm still educated, and I'm deeply rooted in my heritage - even if I don't talk like some poncey tw@t. Are you a genteel physical coward?
  20. You sound like a knob who would be useless in any tight situation?
  21. Cool, sounds a lot more affordable than London.
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