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  1. What you worried about. We can always call this guy to save the day:
  2. Look at extant rahits (i.e. not the new modern one) for a more balanced picture.
  3. Black and Asian women are suffering 'systemic racism' in maternity care across the UK, report warns Birthrights charity said women of colour ignored, disbelieved and dehumanised White women were also often granted privileges, including visitors out of hours The report will be sent to MPs and demands staff receive training in diversity A year-long investigation into UK maternity care has found that 'systemic racism' is experienced by black, Asian and mixed ethnicity women. Charity Birthrights said the findings included evidence of a lack of physical and psychol
  4. What about Bhai Gurdas and Bachitar natak.
  5. This is the kind of crap that would get snuck into Panjab's fields if it hasn't already: Gene-edited crop production in Britain will be sped up to tackle Ukraine food crisis brought on by Russian invasion George Eustice said food law changes should pass through Parliament in months He insisted gene-edited food would benefit both consumers and producers It comes amid warnings from scientists about the unknown health effects Gene-edited crop production is to be sped up in the UK to help tackle the global food crisis brought on by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, t
  6. Maybe we are just on a learning curve as a community about social and geopolitical realities, and those of us who've experienced multicultural life and have been educated to some degree are at the forefront of recognising issues we face as a panth better than say people who've had little or poor standards of education and very limited life experiences outside of pend life?
  7. Like we've been seriously promoting Sikhi dharam. Most of us here should frankly face what vacuous stuff has been promoted for the last few decades.
  8. Dude, someone could type something like that in a few hours. What is this document, which org published it, it needs context.
  9. Just saw this, looks like they did go to Sikh PA: https://www.sikhpa.com/echoes-of-mutiny-interview-with-deep-hundal/
  10. Do you know the name of it? A dame to kill for (Sin City 2) was panned, but I thought it was good.
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hugh_Thompson_Jr.
  12. Fudhoos need training for moral courage....... What's going on here, then? Police bosses who are failing to tackle misconduct among their officers will be given lessons in 'moral courage' Senior officers deemed so poor at tackling misconduct they will receive training Training courses will instil confidence they need to stand up to bad behaviour The programme called 'Morale Courage' to be rolled out at West Midlands Police Police bosses who have failed to tackle misconduct among rank-and-file officers are being given lessons in ‘moral courage’, The Mail on Sun
  13. Nah, I think a writer could be subtle, it's the plot development and clever twists in the plot that make a great narrative. You could show how some new moghul recruit from a poverty stricken background is slowly turned more and more twisted as he witnesses more and more zulmh done by his comrades, depicting his mental crisis for instance. Exploring grey areas is the most fascinating part. I think childlike black and white narratives (i.e. clear good guys and bad guys) are totally underwhelming for intelligent readers. I thought Watchmen was good, relatively true to the original. I stoppe
  14. 'Ashamed' police chiefs will apologise for racism and commit to being 'institutionally anti-racist' in future Police chiefs are set to apologise for discrimination and bias within their ranks The National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) and College of Policing are set to outline a plan committing the police to being 'institutionally anti-racist' The plan was prompted by a report published after the murder of back teenager Stephen Lawrence as well as the murder of George Floyd in the US Police leaders are set to apologise and say they are 'ashamed' of alleged 'd
  15. I don't know if there is a profitable market for it (Sikh graphic novels)? Plus we all know what kind of stuff most apnay prefer...... We need Sikh Alan Moores and Frank Millers, who can narrate Sikh tales in a way that will resonate with a wide audience (including nonSikhs).
  16. This is where our people's are at..............fudhoos
  17. It's mad when I think about it. Apnay can put out thousands of bull5hit pendu bhangra songs and retarded movies, but can't muster enough enthusiasm for anything genuinely creative and innovative like this.....
  18. It's hard to tell, but what I think is highly likely is that if we have a stronger 'Panjabi cultural identity' than a Sikh one, we'll be forever complaining about the other communities that put their faith first over their culture and how they are more cohesive than us, and achieve more. I recognise we can't be all sombre and serious all the time as a quom, and that fun is essential in life, but I guess it's the context and arrangements for this that make a difference. We know we've actually helped put some of our own in the hands of predators in the past through this. A balance has to b
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