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  1. According to Dasam Granth Bani Bhagat Ji's arrival was always imminent, He was always going to be attached to naam, he would always have risen as that was his destiny, his father had no influence in it whatsoever. Sis, I've not judged anyone. I was making a stark comparison about how a Mahapurkh I knew had sons who strayed from the path, they were clearly more fortunate than I to be born into a household where someone immersed in Sikhi resided, however you can't claim their avasta is the same as their fathers when they themselves were so far from Rehit. Same goes with Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharajs sons. Gurbani even states they turned their back on their father, how does that correlate to having the same Avasta as Akaal Purkh himself.
  2. There's no mention of Bhagat Ji's mother being the reason he wanted to do Jaap in Dasam Granth Bani, it only states that his teacher was the one who taught him, im 100% certain if this detail was important Guru Sahib would have put it down in his bani, if Bhagati is inherited as you say then Guru Sahib's children (every last one of them) wouldn't have walked away from Sikhi, even Gurbani criticises them, as the Sakhi from Bhai Sahib's book points out its alot more complex than simply spiritual states. On a personal note I have noted that I was in the presence of an extremely highly spiritual person (I tend to call him a Mahapurkh but honestly I have no idea what his state was, only he would know), He was amritdhari, really high jaap doing person, he was even blessed with Ridhi Sidhis but his children strayed from the path of Sikhi, one of his sons cut his kesh and ate meat as well. So that Thesis of yours while it holds some merit isn't totally accurate.
  3. Where did you get this info from? Just curious as I've not heard about the Bibi Nanaki part. The bold part I do not agree, Bhagat Prahlad was a Pure GurSikh while his father was the total opposite, Bhagat Ji's avasta was far greater than his fathers, Who you are born into isn't really as simple as avasta, it's falls down just to karam and past deeds. There's an interesting story about rebirth in Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh Ji's book.
  4. I heard the same thing, looking at the RM of DDT and SGPC they both say we shouldn't associate with the followers, but don't really mention anything about Baba Ram Rai.
  5. Bro Swarg isn't the same as SachKhand, that saga depicts the ascension to Heaven and not SachKhand. Respect for Baba Ram Rai Ji is important however being a member of Guru Sahib's family is a blessing for past good karma, Even Guru Nanak Dev Ji's own sons were described to have turned their back on their father and carry sins on their backs for it. Neither of us are at the level of Brahmgyan where we know where these beings are now, it's best not to state anyone is at SachKhand except those Guru Sahib has specifically ordained.
  6. See this is what I love about you, you'll spread the same stuff again and again but none of it correlates with Gurbani, the fact that a Mahapurkh has a completely polar view from you means nothing to you since he's against you. I bet if he had same the thing you were spewing here, you'd be on here barking up the place about how we're doing Sant Nindya by ignoring it. Bhai Sahib Ji specifically stated Vishnu hasn't realised god, I bet that's a hard pill to swallow Just for once in your life swallow your pride and bow toward Bhai Sahib's knowledge, not that you will obviously since you already admitted you don't think he's right ("I dont agree with it" anything we don't agree with we deem false). Please Don't sit there on a high horse and preach from it when you can't even be arsed taking a mahapurkh's words there, I'm not going to sugar coat anything, If you don't want to tell someone when they ask about the Character of Vishnu and lie about it then please do that, the rest of us atleast try to comprehend Gurbani and listen to Sants who know more than you.
  7. If you genuinely don't agree with what a Mahapurkh is saying then you're so far lost in your own ego there's no saving you, if you ACTUALLY believe that you know more than Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh Ji who's done so much tapisya and Jaap, who was a Brahmgyani then you really are no sikh. Rather than pretending to be a pious person maybe learn from actual ones, read Shabad Hazare Patshah 10 and then tell me its praising Vishnu, the fact that you ignored the portion where Akaal Purkh stated that the gods worshipped power rather than god is so funny and just shows everyone how delusional you are to protect Vishnu, so much so you'll make up lies about Gurbani to do it.
  8. I'll just leave this here from Bhai Sahib's book. This is a translation of the words, the actual punjabi is pretty much the same. If anyone wants them please read the punjabi copy of Unditthi Duniya page 37-38
  9. You have to be the densest person posting here, and this is including all the trolls. I specifically sent you words from a Mahapurkh earlier on where he says Vishnu hadn't realised god, Did you even read Unditthi Duniya? Or is the words of Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh Ji something you can't swallow as they completely wreck your views about everything. Just read Dasam Granth before posting nonsense about Vishnu, He's called a worm in there, just read Krishn Avtar, or even more just read this and then tell me Vishnu realised god. Rather than posting half baked quotations about Gurbani you have no knowledge in comprehending, There's nothing in that Gurbani mentioning its about Krishna, in-fact its about Akaal Purkh and describing him as the embodiment of beauty, Krishna was described as being breathtakingly beautiful so that Gurbani is applying those beauty standards to convey how astonishingly beautiful God is.
  10. You could also translate Baldev into meaning Strength of the Divine couldn't you? if Bal= Strength and Dev= Divine. So baldev could easily mean Singh of the Divine Strength, not sure though as im still learning about etymology
  11. Learn to read Preeto, she said Devta are subjected to Kaal, that means they die, they are reborn etc etc.
  12. Sis would be great if you could find that for me, sounds really interesting. If I recall right Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh Ji also mentioned something similar but involving a child being born just to take amrit.
  13. There's power in names, even if we look back in history in places like Egypt you'll notice how much emphasis someones name has on their character. Someone's true name was believed to give you complete power over them, even looking at western names there is a religious attribution to them all.
  14. I lost interest after the second book in all honesty, Seems like there's a nice trend going on in post-apocalyptic society based books. Makes me wonder if people are finally thinking a bit.
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