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  1. All these disorders are made up crap, mostly by pharmacuetical companies and pyschologists to cash in. Kanna te doh maro.
  2. I'd cut my hair everyday if that was the case, what a lame thing to cut your hair over.
  3. I have heard just this morning that a Williams Lake Gurdwara has been set on fire by white youth, who is in police custody at the moment. There was a single granthi in the gurdwara at the time. Anyone know more to this story?
  4. Keep faith, as cliche as it may sound Waheguru will sort everything out.
  5. I am not speculating whether they are Sikh or not. But they do speak fluent Punjabi, and thats a fact not a speculation.
  6. http://youtube.com/watch?v=L4_DFt6e9tI&search=1984%20tribute
  7. Regardless of his religion he was amazing... On the field he was named the "Wizard of Hockey" for he exerted complete control on the ball. It appeared that the ball used to stick to his hockey stick while playing. So great was the magic of Dhyan Chand that the Tokyo officials broke his hockey stick to search for a magnet inside, and tried to console themselves saying he had added some sort of glue. On one occasion, a lady from the audience asked Dhyan Chand to play with her walking stick instead. He scored goals even with them!
  8. Hi do any of the admins know when and what the next SikhGiving project is.
  9. WARNING: Fun is against the tenets of Sikhism.
  10. I dont agree with most of the posters here, but you have established your stupidity by your quote.
  11. Sounds like your angry and you have had some personal experience with this problem.
  12. Sikhs are to blame, but for allowing Punjabi culture to interfere with our Sikhi.
  13. saintsoldiers.net ofcourse Storming the temple http://www.saintsoldiers.net/ss/video/stormingtemple.wmv
  14. This is a great victory, most Non-Sikh Canadians do not support this decision. I have read many boards filled with hate for this decision. But that doesn't really matter.
  15. Sikh Veer Jawano Gabru'o Sikh Ton Jaan Vaar Dayo -My young Sikh brothers sacrifice your life for your faith Aaj Panth Warda Karjaeeae Sirr Dehkay Karj Uttar Dayo -The panth is in debt, give yourself up to pay off this debt. Jo Zulam Koum Te Ho Rehay Nay, Kadd Takk Bhravo Sehnay Nay -Brothers how long will we have to bear these injustices? Ki Khoon Ehda Hee Wagg Day Rehnay Ah -How long will our blood flow? ...
  16. Agreed, most Indians don't know <admin-profanity filter activated> they think "Sardars" are turbaned Hindus.
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