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  1. Or are they same ? if they are different.... explain your answer....
  2. APEY13

    Black Magic

    Lol, you'll never see a ghost in any intelligent guy ..... They are Paid BrUh... You still believe in that Sh!t ?
  3. And trying to gain sympathy from the panth he doesn't even follow ?
  4. Yes Baba Deep Singh was born in 1682. He was Baptised By Guru Gobind Singh ji himself at vaisakhi in 1699... Baba Deep Singh spent two years in Anandpur before leaving in 1702... In those two years he remained close to Guru Sahib, learned Sikh Martial Arts, Horse Riding, Gurbani interpretation from Bhai Mani Singh... He was again summoned by Guru Sahib to Make Copies of SGGS.... SO yeah he was very active when Guru Gobind Singh left the world.
  5. C'mon dude MECCA is name of the city..... Anyone is allowed there..... The pilgrim is called MEDINA...... nd i dont think Bhai gurdas mentioned Baba inside Medina....
  6. How do you know Guru Har Rai died a natural death at age 31 ?
  7. Yeah but how ? A random body cant just pass away at the age 31and in 40s right ? I mean ill appreciate if you know any author who has addressed this topic in their book...
  8. okay i had the doubt anyway... thanks for clearing it.... Is there any history available regarding other gurus ?
  9. What were the causes that :- 1. Guru Angad Dev Died at the age 47. 2. Guru Ram Das ji Died at the age 46. 3. Guru Hargobind Ji at age 48. 4. Guru Har Rai ji Died at age 31. 5. Guru Harkrishan Ji Died at age 7. ( Most children survive chicken pox, Could there possibly a Conspiracy here and against all the gurus ) ?
  10. and yes, if you have free time you can join a SIKHI camp somewhere
  11. Well, correct me if im wrong, but i dont think this thought process aligns with sikh Principles, again, correct me if im wrong.
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