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  1. So I was on linked in today, one of my connection a Sikhni with phagg, so she looks like a follower of Sikhi, had a post 'the importance of your name' wherein she goes on and quote "Your name is often your greatest connection to your self identity and individuality." I responded with, quote " why get caught up on ones name? Are we not supposed to get rid of attachment? Such as 'self identity' or 'ego'. She then replied with quote "That's another view on it - thank you for sharing your thoughts. For many of us it's about courtesy and showing each other respect." It got me thinking are we now in situation, where we think we know better than the teachings of Guru Granth Sahib Ji? Or am I making a mountain out of a mole hill. Would like some other people's thoughts on it. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
  2. I"m not picking on anybody, I asked a question, "a great connection to your self identity and individuality", I assumed we are supposed to let go of our individuality.
  3. Redoptics

    Dealing with an angry wife

    You treat your wife pretty well? You need to sort your way of thinking out, do you ever pray together? Seems like she is a trophy to you.
  4. Redoptics

    Which is your favorite wine?

    Yeah I n high school and everyone had a drink from the same chalice, wine representing Jesus's blood etc etc.
  5. Redoptics

    Which is your favorite wine?

    I used to go church or England high school, they made us have wine and bread for communion.
  6. Redoptics

    Unresolved anger with God?

    You don't seem to understand, if you follow and understand Sikhi , you should not pray to another human being you should only pray to Guru Granth Sahib Ji ( your living Guru). If you are praying to another human being you are not following Sikhi.
  7. Redoptics


    Misterr Singh, is this audition? Claps , masterful
  8. They all have the same joyt, the truth of Veheguru in human form.
  9. Redoptics

    Regarding touching any human being’s feet

    Didn't the Gurus touch the feet of Gurmukhs? Can not remember where I heard it.
  10. Started watching this guy , think his explanation and contemplation on Guru Granth Sahib Ji is awesome, check it out. Thoughts? Anybody else watched this series? Ramnik Pal Singh Randhawa - Shabad Vichaar from Theory To Praxis:
  11. I do agree that he sounds arrogant at times, but do like how he breaks things down and communicates across well.
  12. Redoptics

    Dealing with an angry wife

    Well you hearing s one sided story to be honest, you don't even know the person and now she is 'animal' and a ''spoilt child" ? What ever happened to empathy , this is the problem with divorce rates within the Sikh community.
  13. Redoptics

    Dealing with an angry wife

    How is dropping his wife and him returning home going to resolve her issues, what you need to do is ask why she gets upset so quick, see a councillor or something, do something productive together. Money constraints at the beginning of a marriage isn't good either.
  14. What I'd do is change your password, to some random string, you can Google string generator. Enter that as your new password, it's so random you will not remember it, just remember to switch of any auto login and do not allow your phone/desktop to save the new password.
  15. Redoptics

    Unresolved anger with God?

    Well he isn't a Sant/Sadhu, he is a con artist using Sikhi to get what he wants, I would advise leave this fake Guru, you are only supposed to pray to Waheguru Ji his form is the Guru Granth Sahib Ji. I also would advise start learning Gurmukhi and making sense of Guru Ji is saying when you read from Guru Granth Sahib Ji.
  16. Redoptics

    How To Brainwash A Nation

    Everytime you switch on the TV you get brain washed, the beauty for the people in charge, most people don't even know it.
  17. Redoptics

    Bhagat Namdev jis mandir

    Think inwards not outwards.
  18. Just thought you guys might find this funny.
  19. Noticed this alot when people are reciting Benti Chaupai, the last part of the pauri is usually missing and so is Ariil, Chaupai, Svaiyaa and Dhohraa. Just wondering what is the reason here ? If anyone knows.
  20. I have heard that sakhi, however the word that was pronounced wrong, ment something different to what the word actually ment, so yes we do have to be careful. However you are learning so mistakes will happen.
  21. Same I usually read via transliteration, until I can sing it then learn the Gurmuki to understand the full meaning, as we can not seem to translate into English correctly.
  22. I think this is the full version.
  23. Yup, go to the cog top right hand corner for settings. Under Bani options you can change the length.
  24. Just downloaded that app you must have your settings as the short version. Turn on extra long version.
  25. Redoptics

    How do i stop wanting attention?

    I would also say stop seeking outwards, start seeking inwards.

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