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  1. I wonder if a leopard can change its spots hmmm ?
  2. If anyone fancies a go at making ps3 disc images, I have just uploaded a tutorial today, need 1000 subs before you can make some cash, help a brother out lol
  3. Hmmm interesting conundrum, from what I am aware he sounds like another Sri Chand, blood is nothing if you don't follow Guru Granth Sahib Ji and and become one with bani.
  4. Where is the news, this happens all day everyday, he should of just give him shitter, actually he should of twated him with a chupple .
  5. I know ps3 was the bomb lol now its retro to all the youngsters haha
  6. I dont know if they are many gamers on here, but in my free time I do play retro games. I came across this great front end called core type r, so I built my first pack for it, including vids, cover art etc. Please if you a reto gamer head over and like and subscribe. I will add more content if its worth my while.
  7. Too many of us taking amrit way before we are ready.
  8. Looking for the English version, iknow I can download the pdf, but want the actual book. If anyone has one for sale , can you pm me. Thank you.
  9. Only person I know who does something like that is sikhart.com https://www.sikhiart.com/product/baba-deep-singh-ji/ https://www.sikhiart.com/product/akali-phula-singh-ji/
  10. This is the actual 3d model and you can move it, zoom in etc, pretty cool. https://skfb.ly/6RHE9
  11. After further investigation, its actually a 3d recreation, they are trying to recreate the 3rd and 4th plates. https://taran3d.com/3d-charaina-guru-gobind-singh/
  12. This is interesting, Guru Gobind Singh Ji battle armour, 1st plate has Japji Sahib inscribed on it, 2nd plate has Akal Ustat inscribed. https://www.anglosikhmuseum.com/charaina/
  13. Looks like he removed the post, as its no longer on my activity page anymore
  14. Personally I would put her on an English course, loads of options available, free in some colleges etc. Then she could apply for interpreter jobs, again loads of options.
  15. In regards to the moon, Guru Nanak Ji has been described as the moon and is used in Guru Granth Sahib Ji a lot, it represents bringing light into the darkness, spiritually.
  16. Eat your dhal, and your good to go
  17. Why are people obsessed with protein
  18. Its not that we are ignorant or our existence, we are ignorant of everything is Vaheguru. But vail of maya is such a distraction, most people think Vaheguru is elsewhere but is everywhere and everything. So you can not be separate from the ocean, we just don't know we are in the ocean. Ang 23
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