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  1. Hi, I agree to an extent. But women can have deep dark thoughts that they don’t share with the world also. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the movie the purge. Sometimes humans wish to commit awful deeds deep down, but don’t because society says it’s wrong, not because they don’t want to. That’s why it’s important to quiet the mind. Yes, a huge number of women still suffer abuse at the hands of men, it’s unbelievable in a world that claims to safeguard its citizens, and to propagate human rights. Patriarchal societies are still as rampant as ever, and many women still treated as sub
  2. Good post. The vikaars are not more active and dominant in men. It’s Kalyug, these thieves are rampant In many humans regardless of gender.
  3. Maybe just turn up. They would probably do matrimonials there
  4. That’s true, thanks so much
  5. On another note, a bunch of trolls and bullies have set up a thread doing my nindya and emotionally abusing me in another thread. Read it and see how nindya works, and how people who speak such sweet words on other threads can become demons on another. Such are many so called bhagats in the age of Kalyug. Wolves in sheep’s clothing.
  6. Did you try the Gurdwarras. Gurdwarras In Coffs Harbour in Brisbane, Parklea or Revesby in Sydney should be able to help.
  7. Sat1

    Interfaith Marriage

    Oh bullies, I’m being ganged up on, how scary. Grow up, and be civilized. This isn’t a schoolyard. I must be the oldest one here.
  8. There are whole passages on slandering, you could quote one. The nindaks faces are blackened, It’s a great crime. Gaslighting and slandering can lead to a human being going insane. You hear of kids who grow up mentally unstable after their nindya being done by bullies, and adults who become the same. Very sad. It’s effects can be very real. Some people can not be affected by it and don’t believe it, but in my experience, if it’s bad enough, that’s rare. I believe that much of the world lives in fear of it, and that the media plays on this fact and feeds off And encourages the low self
  9. Sat1

    Interfaith Marriage

    Downvote what posts? I didn’t do that, I’m not sure who did. Someone downvoted a lot of my posts in another thread, was probably the same person. It’s the Khalsa, it’s not a Religion. It’s the Path of Truth. Of which there is only One. You wish to confine God to a Religious sect when Guru Nanak taught otherwise. Many who claim to be Sikh have fallen into the ego of the external appearance and neglect the internal. They spend their time praying and then going out and doing nindya of good souls, many of the men downplay woman to lift themselves up and think that the external
  10. Nindya is a great crime in Gods court. A lot of Auntiya, uncles and youngsters think it’s okay which is baffling... a lot of them do their daily five bania and simran but find that it’s okay to behave really uncivilly and engage in nindya rendering their bhagati useless, as when we engage in the five thieves in that way, we fall
  11. This is possibly part of the reason why a lot of Muslim kids suffer sexual abuse by adults. As is stated in the Jewish writings that sexual abuse of children is okay. These religions are corrupted and twisted
  12. Sat1

    Interfaith Marriage

    There is no religion. Dasam Granth Ji explains that the teachers of Hinduism and Islam became corrupts and became psychopaths, Mohammed circumcising his followers and the gods and goddesses were in ego making people worship them. Religion is false, there’s only the Pure Uncorrupted teachings that the Gurus taught. They added teachings of other bhagats who were born into other religions but who detached from them and practiced Truth, to show that religion is false. That Truth is One. That’s why Guru Nanak says to replace the Hindu and Muslim rituals with truthful actions and deeds ins
  13. Sat1

    Interfaith Marriage

    This quote proved what I’ve said. Read it again. Your ego is blinding you to what’s right in front of you. There’s only One. Religion is false, we’re not Hindus or Muslims, God is One. Sikh means Student, were students of Sat.
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