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  1. “A woman doesn’t want to win, she wants a winner” She doesn’t want privilege, she doesn’t want a human being disrespected and the above being said so have some respect. With your above comment you disrespect hard working women, successful women, women like my mother who Single handedly made millions from her businesses, cared for a bunch of children, cooked cleaned and was a superwoman. While my father was off being an alcoholic and womanizing. My father was not on a high salary when they married. You disrespect female lawyers, doctors, politicians, bankers, CEO’s and Directors like my mother, sister and cousins and more. Grow and and become more civilized.
  2. “A woman doesn’t want to win, she wants a winner”- your words I’m open to learning new things and to other people’s opinions, but this one is truly so sexist. Maybe some women don’t want to win, I don’t know, but I know that some do want to win.
  3. No, you are wrong. I’m not speaking to you with regards to this topic anymore because you seem to be extremely prejudiced, and there’s no point.
  4. In our seemingly humble little community, a young woman (with her best years ahead of her) earning £45,000 would never deign to lower herself by agreeing to marry a male making "only" £35,000. Women on £100k would only ever marry a partner with a lower salary out of absolute desperation for obvious ticking-clock related reasons. And those aren't even the types who are content to embrace the spinster life. ^^^ Your earlier post. You’re speaking about the majority of women in the Sikh community Or Punjabi’s I’m assuming. That’s not just certain cases, you’re stereotyping a whole group of people. I never argued those exceptions don’t exist, read my earlier post. I said not all women care about what you assume they care about with regards to the above. I’m telling you that there Are women out there who don’t care about those things.
  5. Sikhs aren’t meant to drink alcohol.
  6. Wow, what a civilized response. There are good souls out there, you are assuming that all women are materialistic monsters, and as a woman I am telling you that’s not true. I myself don’t care how much money a man has, as long as he is nice, kind and treats me well etc and we click properly. Grow up, open your mind and stop putting women into a box. Men and women are Equal. Guru Nanak called himself a lowly worm, and a sinner. He knew that all beings are Equal, that was his message, Humility , that no one is higher or lower. Do you think his sister cared about how much money a man has, or his female bhagats. Do you think that Mai Bhago cared, or any other good, unmaterialistic female in the world today cares.
  7. Tell him to go to bed on time, his routine is messed up. Maybe you can teach him properly about the benefits of discipline, having ample sleep, a routine etc. Google psychology videos on how to deal with his behavior or speak to a therapist who can properly advise.
  8. No. You’re twisting my post, she was one example. Plenty of high salaried women I have known have gone for men at times with literally hardly any money. Because they recognize the men to be Human Beings, and that your work, job and money, doesn’t make your soul. Guru Nanak often times had very little money. And good souls didn’t treat him like dirt and discard him for that. Love is blind and knows no limit, plenty of women falling in love with/ marrying men with not much, for its the soul that matters, not what you have. Not every woman is as materialistic as you make out, Just as every man is not as bad as some may make out.
  9. Sorry you’re going through this, you seem like you loved your hubby. Breakups are never easy. Hope Truth and Naam will get you through. Try and find friend or family support. With me, even if there was no support, I would turn to Truth. Pain is the medicine for without pain, we often forget God. I realised that Pain is Truth, it’s just Karam, it’s God and it’s love, fed to us for a reason. Push through it, recognize it as Karam, and get stronger.
  10. No, you have just had negative experiences probably. It’s not true for all males.
  11. No. Like I said, I’ve known plenty of women on high salaries considering and marrying men in a lower wage. One woman was married to a rich man who treated her like dirt and now considers men on a way lower wage than her for marriage.
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