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  1. Thanx for the reply veere! I can understand your problem. Although am still in college so marriage is out of the question but to be honest, I don't think I will marry a Sikh. I know it's wrong to generalize that all Sikh women are like this but I have come across so many "kaurs" from gursikh families that had sexual relationships with hindus/muslims including in my own family that I can't see myself getting married to a kaur. On the contrary, my female hindu classmates are so decent and don't date around. Their only fault that they are not born in sikh families is ridiculous, I would choose them as a potential life partner over a sikh woman anytime anyday. My cousin(non amritdhari but keeps kesh) married a hindu girl and she liked sikhi so much that she adopted sikhi by choice and now regularly does nitnem and stop cutting hair, keeping fasts etc. They also have a son whom they are raising as gursikh. Never feel disheartened, keep following sikhi and have faith in Waheguruji and most importantly NEVER compromise your beliefs for a woman(especially a spoiled westernized sikh girl) their are plenty of non sikh women who will understand you and your religion and will be good wife and good mother to your kids! And for haters and pseudo feminists who love to silence voices of sikh men, remember sikh sangat.com is not an islamic website. Everyone has the right to speak their opinions. Am not spreading hate, I just wrote reality and life experiences with sikh families and sikh women at large.
  2. Just bcoz you have never come across an amritdhari woman like that doesn't mean they don't exist. I assure you they do. Infact plenty of them. I live in Delhi and I have seen many amritdhari/non amritdhari(but keshdhari) sikh women from gursikh families dating/sleeping around with non sikhs(especially hindus) and then seek marriage with rich and successful sikh men for 1) Money and property obviously 2) to please their families as they would never approve of a hindu guy. Just to let you know, amritdhari sikh men like myself don't sleep around, marry for money or drink alcohol. We are not perfect but we try to follow sikhi as much as we can. And most(not all) sikh women don't fit under this gursikh lifestyle. On the contrary, I know plenty of non sikh women who are decent and have self respect and I would definitely prefer them as a life partner over a sikh woman. Where am I wrong?
  3. Yes he is wrong. That's why I commented that he should marry a girl that fits his criteria but never ask a sikh woman to remove her kesh. But some other person commented "Singhs are supporting him" to which I again replied "None of the singhs support him, plz read all the comments first before passing unnecessary judgements"
  4. Very inspirational. Loved your comment veerji. Your life is a proof that Sikhi isn't inherited but earned. I will show this to some of my sikh friends who have lost their path to "fit in" society. Hats off to you my fellow khalsa brother
  5. If she was raped, this case would have become even stronger bcoz it would elevate from a religious issue or alleged abduction to a serious crime against women allowing involvement of women rights organizations. Did any such organization intervene? Family members called the muslim guy's family terrorists and kidnappers but they never uttered anything about rape. As per all the articles, reports and media coverage, the girl herself planned this abduction. Also, as I said before it doesn't make any sense for paki govt. both financially and politically, to deny justice. "Methods used are same as Hindus/Christians" when was the last time we saw indian/western hindus/Christians creating strong movement online, protesting, going viral on Twitter for justice of their respective paki women? Indian and western Hindus/Christians are so much divided by boundaries of country, caste, creed, financial status etc that they simply don't care. I have seen some Indian hindus do share fb posts about abduction of paki hindu women but it only got likes and comment section full of abuses on pakistan at best. "Truth is she wanted a divorce" she wanted to stay with her husband, this was her very first official statement. She also said she felt threatened by her family members. Also, it was her family who forced the court to annul their marriage and give her back, she herself refused many times with/without any interruption. If I consider myself in girl's situation, my family members are risking their lives DAILY in demanding justice for me, am backed up by all sikhs globally, protests are happening for me, sikh organizations are getting involved and the worst of all, one of the most sacred place to my religion like Nanakana sahib was pelted with stones, disrespected/abused and threatened to destroy? If those dirty hijabi women told me to go back to my husband, I will openly say screw you and your pathetic islam, I will go home back no matter what the cost. If anything bad happens to me or my family member, it will generate an even bigger backlash against Pakistan and Pakistan will officially be called country of terrorists globally. It makes ZERO sense for me to beg court that I want to stay muslim and go back with my in laws who will most likely torture me for tarnishing thier image in local community and getting them beaten by police and one of their sons jailed. My in laws will be the most dangerous place to live, I won't go unless I am so brainwashed by my husband's love jihad tactics and by Islamic scholars, that am risking my life, my family and my religion.
  6. In the previous case, it created a very strong movement for justice and even Indian govt put immense pressure on Pakistani ministers to bring the girl safely to home(bcoz of political gain over Pakistan not for welfare of sikhs). But the girl gave her statement many times that she didn't want to go home and live with her husband as a Muslim woman. Even her brother said that she refused to meet him several times during her stay in a muslim institute. And let us not forget the brother of guy, who threatened to destroy nanakana sahib and build a mosque as his family was tortured by police and in that video, he kept on saying the girl ran away herself. Who in their right mind would openly threaten a minority religion despite knowing the legal consequences and backlash from entire world. Paki govt is already on huge loans, they can't afford such religious fights as it can lead to riots further deteriorating the country and secondly, harm its reputation in front of its masters, so they had to do legal action immediately. Remember, I don't trust neither muslims nor Pakistan but girl was clearly given so many opportunities to go home back, she herself refused and recorded her statement. Pakistan can't afford a fight with sikhs or India either so it was clearly case of love affair. Family couldn't believe such shameful act from their daughter so created this drama. In the case of UK sikh girl, I felt bad for poor sangat who had to search her in times of a deadly pandemic only to know that she ran away with her non sikh bf and herself came back few hours later to reconcile with her family. Many sikhs gave it a name of muslim grooming even though no muslim was involved! We as sikhs should never portray such traitor women as victims. It's 2020 and you can't be groomed unless you yourself are fool enough to fall for flirting of muslim men wearing karas, assuming them as sikhs, have s3x and then play victim card of being groomed. Does a sikh woman doesn't even know how a singh looks? How a singh behaves? Am pretty sure a Singh will never have pre marital s3x/flirt in the first place and a Singh will also have kesh and turban, singh is not a mona guy wearing earings who has a punjabi name and calls himself sikh bcoz he has a kara! Even some Indian hindus wear kara, are they sikhs? I have never heard of muslim women dating a sikh guy bcoz she thought that he was a Muslim? As for this case let us wait for investigation. We can all do is spread this news to put pressure on paki govt to do legal action faster. We should not become the judge ourselves and call it abduction. It might be a case of love affair just like in above 2 cases. These incidents truly show how weak are our sikh daughters in sikhi, how weak our parents who fail to instill sikhi in kids and how fools some sikhs are who feel proud to serve langar to muslims globally and some ultimate legendary sikhs who give donations to mosques/mandir! Last time I checked, Guru Gobind singh ji fought against mughals for justice and protect sikh kaum instead of feeding langar to them.
  7. "Am not of west....I discovered India when i discovered sikhi".....Respected Sir/Mam, it doesn't matter whether you're from west or India or Mars! Sikhi is a universal religion. It has nothing to do with country, race or caste. "This mam/sir is well aware of whats going on punjabi sikh families" Yes bcoz our sikh religion teaches us to respect others and equally treat men and women. Look at the tone of your replies, its like you're screaming and shouting in frustration whereas I replied in a polite manner for a healthy convo. Plz analyse yourself. Also, plz don't go on "female infanticides" in Punjab. Crimes happen everywhere. Tell me which country is crime free? Rapes, domestic violence and other crimes on women happen in your country, in your region as well. Punjab is trolled to insult sikhs and spread poison in minds of others for sikh religion. Sikhi is the ONLY religion in world to give respect to women. Which religion made women as kaurs? Have you even bothered to read quoran, hindu vedas, bible etc? Women are literally depicted as s3x slaves that are servants of husbands whereas sikhi made you kaur(Princess). I partially agree with your point on parents. Some Sikh parents hesitate to guide thier daughters/sons and consequently they turn to smoking, alcohol, sleeping around etc. But parents are not COMPLETELY responsible. If their daughters themselves are characterless, hate sikhi, rebellious and want to "fit in" society to look cool why are poor parents blamed. Plz don't portray such traitors as victims. Such sikh women are disgrace on sikh community, not victims. Everyone knows osama bin laden, but does anyone know his parents name? Does anyone blame his parents for his evil deeds? Do you get it what am saying. You are responsible for your own actions whether good/bad, its wrong to ENTIRELY blame the parents or religion. Bad parental guidance is a contributing factor but not the entire problem. Lastly, you said sikh women are deprived of sikh values......wrong, both son and daughter are taught the same sikh religion Lol. But sikh women themselves don't wanna learn sikhi. They hate kesh, they rebel and want to copy non Sikh lifestyle. I participated in a sikh camp few years ago and their 90% sikh girls openly rejected dastaar and also rebelled against the idea of not waxing, kesh katal etc. If Sikh women themselves don't have any interest in sikhi, why should sikh men or parents be blamed? Plz reply in a respectful manner like mine. Your replies look like ranting to me. Lol
  8. Its very sad to hear this. That's why sikhs need to stop feeding langar/helping muslims. But previous time, it was not kidnapping. The girl ran away herself, converted to Islam by her own will to marry her low life muslim bf. She was a traitor, a characterless spoiled kaur despite being daughter of a granthi. She sold her sikhi for a muslim(delhi sikh women regularly do this for hindu guys). As much as I hate or don't believe in Indian/paki media, but this is reality. Remember few weeks back, a UK sikh girl ran away with her black bf and the whole movement started to find her! We should not portray traitors as victims although at the same time, its true that paki men do see sikh women with lust and suspicious hunger to convert them to Islam.
  9. Well said. Couldn't agree more. I feel sorry to say that this sheesha trend is increasing in delhi rapidly. Some of my sikh friends have started this sheesha and alcohol stuff(especially in rajouri garden area) and they called me a weirdo and uncool for not doing these things. Doing bajjar kuŕehits is "cool" for these type of punjabis. Very sad and shameful. These people don't derserve singh and kaur in their names! And the worst part, parents are fine by this.
  10. Sikhs should spend their time and resources in helping fellow sikhs, poor sikh farmers, sewadaars who can't even afford their kid's education etc. I have time and again debated with my local sikh community, some agree while others continue wasting money on langar and feeding wolves who don't give 2 fks about sikhi and think gurudwara as a restaurant. Not only with muslims, NO community has ever openly/largely helped or supported sikhs in times of need. No one stood up when innocent sikhs were brutally killed in 1984, labelled as khalistani terrorists for demanding justice, brainwashed/forcibly converted to christianity(in Punjab) and islam(in Pakistan) etc. All those few so called "social media influencers" could do is put up a lame post for sikhs with full of drama just for likes. They have no sympathy or empathy with us. Its high time we as sikhs should put aside stupid caste system, it doesn't matter whether you're a jatt, ramgharia etc we must UNITE and help each other. My dream is when I will become a licensed doctor, I will go to rural areas of Punjab and provide them free treatment with medications as they commonly get insecticide poisoning, endemic diseases etc and mostly, have no money for treatment. Its a request to all sikh bros to do something good for your community atleast once in life. Don't go on donating money to organizations(especially khalsa aid who will use that money to feed muslims/hindus Lol), go to places yourself and help them. Before anyone calls me a racist, read definition of racism. Thinking about better future of my community doesn't make me one!. Don't forget "Raaj karèga khalsa" is only possible if their is khalsa in the first place. We are the future of our community and we must protect it.
  11. As per sikhi, tattoos are not allowed. Yes, it's a shame that this stupid tattoo trend is increasing in Punjab but as an Indian Sikh, I can say that this is increasing in every community/religion. Thanks to Bollywood gay bs culture. The biggest irony is seeing some sharaabi/smoker mona/moni with gurbaani tattoos on their body. Honestly, as a practicing sikh, I get offended by this. There should be legal action on such punjabi atheists for disrespecting sikhi.
  12. Different people with similar opinions. It would help if you contribute to topic rather than spreading unnecessary judgments.
  13. I have lived in Delhi for 20 years(currently reside in maharashtra pursuing mbbs) and I completely agree with you. I don't know about Punjab but in Delhi, I remember once there was a sikh camp on importance of dastaar and 90% sikh females rejected turban and considered turban reserved for men only. Guru Gobind singh ji never made turban gender specific so why many sikh females have this mentality? This doesn't stop here. Here in delhi, many sikh families(including amritdhari ones) allow daughters to do waxing, eyebrow removal etc but force their sons to wear turbans which causes them to hate sikhi and ultimately become clean shaven in adulthood. Sikh families need to stop this gender discrimination and make sikhi equally applicable to both sons and daughters and most importantly teach them sikhi instead of forcing religion through their throats. This is also one of the reasons why so many sikh women are marrying hindus, converting to hinduism after marriage and raising hindu kids. A sikh woman who herself doesn't keep proper kesh, why will she marry a gursikh whose lifestyle is contrary to hers unless she has a selfish reason(like sikh guy is rich, highly educated, nri etc)
  14. After reading this entire bs I can only say that I don't think I even need to explain why you're wrong. This is the result of pseudo feminism brainwashing that has been already discussed. Am sorry but you're also a victim of this just like Min kaur, taapsee pannu, bbc and other pseudo feminists. As per your logic, everything bad happening in this world is fault of sikh men? Yep coronavirus spread bcoz of sikh men, next what? Do you know asteroid collision that killed dinosaurs 65 million years ago was also caused by sikh men?? Mam/Sir plz grow up. Atleast read before you rant. This is not the place to spread hatred. Plz learn to speak facts. Firstly, there is no inequality in raising son or daughter in Sikh families. Yes "Sikh" famiies, not "punjabi" families. Women are no way treated lesser than men infact daughters are given more freedom like daughter can cut kesh, wax her arms but son is forced to wear turban and keep beard due to which he rebels and ultimately hates sikhi and become clean shaven. Secondly, your logic of sikh women lieing and doing stuff behind parents back is ridiculous. Stop blaming parents and men all the time. I had numerous opportunities to have pre marital sex, drink, smoke but being an amritdhari boy, I know it's wrong and never indulged in these things. There is a thing called "self control" in sikhi. Lastly, don't forget "Mann jeetay jag jeet"(Conquer the mind conquer the world). If sikh women can't control their minds, sexual desires etc then it's their fault not sikh men's fault. Plz grow up. Also, am not gonna marry a sikh woman anyway. Am a final year mbbs student and there are plenty of hindu/muslim women that have good character and noble values whereas at the same time I know plenty(not all) sikh women from gursikh families engaging in cheap pre marital stuff. It's my choice. You have no right to judge me. Its a request, next time, debate with facts, not useless ranting. Anger kills common sense.
  15. Hatred? Did you even read my comment? Kindly tell me when did I say that "All" sikh women are characterless. I clearly said that there are some(infact many but definitely not all) sikh women that trap young gullible amritdhari singhs in marriage after dating around. It's my observation here in Delhi and even in Maharashtra(Mumbai). Also, just bcoz I praised hindu/muslim women for not engaging in pre marital stuff doesn't mean I hate sikh women. I just shared my personal experiences that my non sikh female colleagues have good character and moral values. My whole point was that women should not be judged based on their religion and appearance. Its a typical punjabi mentality that a saalwar kameez desi sardarni has a good character but western clothes wearing non sikh women are opposite. This mentality needs to change. I have noticed that some sikh men immediately say yes to marriage if the sikh girl is amritdhari or wearing keski without even doing proper research. Did I say anything wrong? Where is hatred?
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