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  1. This is exactly one of the reasons why I decided that I will never marry a Sikh woman. Even my parents have accepted my decision despite we all are amritdhari. I think deep down in their hearts they also realise that the current situation of sikh women is pretty much messed up. I feel sorry for those sikh men who went for arranged marriages thinking that they are marrying a "gursikh" woman from a gursikh family, little they realise that their so called "gursikh" wife has been used by hindu, sullay and Christians and she is only marrying them for money/property or to please her family. Dear Sikh men, its a humble request, always RESEARCH before saying yes to an arranged marriage to a Kaur. No matter how much parents are gursikh and pious, there are kaurs that are tramps and have done a phd degree in deceiving parents. You want a wife who has high moral values and character, trust me there are countless hindu/muslim women that fit this criteria.
  2. This woman manu kaur looks and behaves like a typical punjabi atheist. Her cheap and disgusting thinking is not a surprise for me as she's not a Sikh in the first place. Just another whitewashed "kaur" What truly disgusts me is that "Singhni kirandeep kaur khalsa" at the bottom. She is wearing keski yet supporting this tramp? This woman should neither call herself "khalsa" nor "Singhni". Fake amritdhari women like this bring a bad name and identity for Amritdharis. "Waheguruji loves everyone" is the typical excuse given by punjabi women on reddit before sleeping around with pakis and later cry grooming/forced coversions! These women need to introspect.
  3. No need to imagine mam. Its already happening. Go any famous matrimonial websites and there you will see "kaur" profiles stating "Clean shaven preferred". Most sikh women do prefer mona guy. They only marry sardars to please their familes OR after sleeping around with non sikhs and wanting to redeem themselves for their sins by marrying a sabat surat sikh OR bcoz most sardars are rich and successful. Hardly 1-2% sikh women marry sardars bcoz they love sikhi and love sikhi swaroop. And most of these sikh women are amritdhari or gursikh since childhood. But who cares? I hardly see any sikh woman commenting on these hardships faced by sikh men. Why do you think Amritdhari Sikh men like me want to get married to a non Sikh woman and hate "kaurs"? I live in India(delhi) and so many of my hindu/muslim female friends have complimented my Turban and beard. They find Sikh men more masculine and attractive than non sikh men. Kaurs have dug their own graves and playing typical "woman's card" and blaming ALL sikh men. Just bcoz 1 Singh wants a moni doesn't mean that everyone does. Infact grand majority of kaurs want a mona and pretty much vocal about it. What is your take on this issue? Lastly, read the replies carefully. None of the Singhs supported the guy in question rather told him to not disrespect amritdhari women with facial hair. Plz don't spread pseudo feminism virus here.
  4. Please elaborate. I didn't get your point. Am a very straight forward person hence I don't write sugar coated answers or fake advise. My replies are purely based on my life experiences, truth and obviously my sikhi. If that's an irony, then so be it. I simply don't care.
  5. The real problem is toxic and self hating punjabi women like you. Sikhism is the only religion that prohibits pre marital relationships and teaches us how to control lust. Hindus have kamasutra scriptures, infact many hindu vedas teach how to lose virginity. Many hindu rishis slept with other's wife as "Gurudakshina". And I don't think I need to talk about Islam. Everyone knows that how mohummad married multiple women including a minor called Ayesha who was just 9 year old. Technically it is rape, that too rape of a child but muslims call it a holy nikaah/marriage. You don't know how lucky you are to be born as a Sikh. Secondly, you said "decent south indian hindu" here in delhi, your "decent" south indian men are regular customers of prostitutes in Delhi red light area and are pretty vocal about it. These "decent" hindu men can also be seen drunk and sleeping overnight on the road in front of a desi bar with only police to come at morning and beat their asses for blocking roads. Why don't you visit delhi to see your "decent" men? Thirdly, I don't understand whats the problem with sikh women. Just bcoz a modest sikh girl chose a wrong guy, doesn't mean every sikh guy is like that. Sikh men are known for character and respecting women. There is a reason why random women feel safe in company of a Sikh guy with turban and beard in lonely street at night. When was the last time you saw news of a sardar raping a girl? Its extremely extremely rare but hindu/Muslim men are regularly charged with rape cases or sexual offenses like infamous "nirbhaya" case of delhi and Muslim grooming gangs of UK raping non Muslim women especially sikh. It takes 1 wrong sikh guy to renounce your faith, your respect for sikh men and most importantly your sikhi? Shameful! I have never seen hindu/Muslim women ranting on religious forums defaming their own community men despite being physically, mentally and socially abused by them. Grow up miss kaur. If there 1 singh that had pre marital sex, there are 99 others like me who don't indulge in sex and marry as virgins. But kaurs? Its so hard to find a decent kaur nowadays. Even the kaurs that are virgins, fool around with hindus/muslims and then find a decent sardar guy for arranged marriage to satisfy their families and redeem themselves. Its time to introspect dear kaurs!
  6. I completely agree with you. Its actually good that non practicing "sikhs" just call themselves non Sikhs or get filtered out. They are misrepresenting sikhi and distorting Sikh religion to suit their selfish needs and cheap lifestyles. Am literally tired of seeing "kaurs" posting pics on insta almost naked and showing their breast. Its really disgusting to see them type "proud to be sikh". I follow "Sikh youth UK" on insta and there was 1 kaur typing "parnaam shaheeda nuu" on Sant bhindrewala ji's post and in her profile, almost all her pics were wearing bikinis showing everything! Will our shaheeds feel proud to see their daughters half naked? I would be happy if these type of women simply call themselves atheist and don't poke their nose on gurbaani posts and sikh related matters. I equally hate toxic punjabi men like sunny hundal. Only loyal and true sikhs should represent sikhi and khalsa fauj.
  7. This is the best answer so far on this topic. Thanx a lot veerji! This is exactly what we Sikhs need to do. Just one correction brother, am not blaming all sikh women, I said majority. Living in Delhi for 20 years and in Maharashtra for 3 years, I have seen hundreds of "kaurs" converted to Hinduism and typing "proud to be a sikh" in their profile. They follow all hindu rituals, do murti pooja, keep useless fasts, karwachauth etc and call themselves "sikhs". This has really disturbed me a lot but later on, I realized I must focus on myself that I NEVER become like these traitors and always progess as a gursikh. The only thing that I can do at best is spread awareness and prachaar. You explained this problem regarding Sikh women perfectly.
  8. Exactly! I have noticed many gursikh men from sheltered familes that are unaware of current situation of sikh women. They instantly say yes to arranged marriage without properly checking the girl's background and her past through her friends. 99% sikh women will not disclose their past sexual affairs for obvious reasons so such gullible gursikh men become fooled very easily. Sad reality but truth. That's why we need more websites like this to spread awareness and come up with solutions to tackle this problem. And yes, that tatto girl was gurbaani, her nickname is baani. She is infact a gasti. Go to her insta, she's a very cheap and disgusting lady. I don't understand why these type of women have names like "Gurbaani". Atleast Sunny leone represents herself by this name mostly and rarely uses kaur aka kiranjit kaur.
  9. "Women are not whining or complaining on forum" Disagreed. There are threads in this website regarding women complaining of conversion by their non sikh husbands. Even on YouTube, several sikh women have complained about "love jihaad" by Muslim men in UK. There are several documentaries on that topic as well. The only point am making is that these women are playing "victim card". They very well knew that guy is Muslim or non sikh, still involve relationship with him and when things don't work out, they play as victims of love jihaad. Muslims are programmed by Islam itself to convert people. If tomorrow a Muslim tries to convert me, I will show him who truly sikhs are and what is the meaning of khalsa. Our ancestors gave their heads, not turban or sikhi. "Society excuse men" Thats a typical pseudo feminist statement. Who told you this? Sikhi is the ONLY religion that treats both genders equally. I have seen sikh men get disowned by families if they trim beard or do kesh katal. One of my relative went to China for MBBS in a private medical college, he got influenced by wrong peer pressure and decided to become a mona, since then his parents have not talked to him and declared him dead for themselves. "I know of 1 case"..... yes you know 1 or few cases where sikh men converted but I live in Delhi and here, not gonna lie, I know more than 100 cases where sikh women converted(including amritdhari women) to hinduism(mostly) and to islam. I don't know a single case where a sardar gave up his turban for a non sikh/sikh woman. Rather, I have seen clean shaven sikhs becoming keshdharis. I know sikh men including my own family where they married a hindu girl and she became a guriskh(by choice) after marriage and raise gursikh kids. I suggest you to come to India and see for yourself. Let's be real, in today's time, sikh men are the backbone of our kaum. Agreed there are some who drink, smoke, beat women, have non Sikh lifestyles etc....but there are plenty of gursikh men who do follow sikhi with full passion and dedication. Go to Gurudwara Bangla sahib at 3 am in morning, I feel proud to say that I see countless amritdhari/keshdhari men chanting waheguru while doing sewa. I hardly see any women participation. Gurudwara is open to all so why women have so less involvement in sewa? Look am not a hater, am an amritdhari myself but we need to think realistically and practically. We need to find a solution why majority of sikh women are not following sikhism as compared to overwhelming population of gursikh men. Its a sensitive but important topic for debate.
  10. Completely agreed! You won't believe, one of my relatives name is Nanki kaur and she slept with hindus before marrying her gursikh husband for money. She was very famous in Rajouri garden for having countless affairs. God knows how she tricked an innocent gursikh guy. Few years back, there was a bigg boss contestant called "Gurbaani" and she was a Randi. She even called herself atheist born to sikh parents!
  11. Its a polite request to keep your personal fights outside this forum. Kindly focus on the topic of this thread. Besides, the way you talked to @AjeetSingh2019 itself shows how much a "real" sikh you are. He gave his own opinion but got really TRIGGERED and pounced on him. Veerji, sikhi also teaches to control "krodh". Honestly, your reply seemed like typical pseudò feminist answers that I see on quora. No offense bro
  12. That's why I said I will never marry a sardarni in my previous posts. Most Indian Sardarnis(especially from delhi) have no self respect and will spread their legs for any non Sikh guy and convert to Hinduism or islam. After marriage they realise their mistake and play victim card. And some of our dumb sikh brothers will say "Sikhi teaches humanity" "We are her brothers we must help her"..........to all such sikh men, I advise you to wake up. This sikh woman is not a victim. She married a muslim in her right mind and senses. She dug her own grave. She deserved it. Don't show sympathy for such traitors. Never forget, Guru Har rai ji disowned his son Ram rai for changing a word in gurbaani. Sikh gurus have never shown sympathy to traitors or enemies of sikhism. Plz wake up and don't fall in pseudo liberal propaganda of media. @jkvlondon Any words miss? Do you still believe that sikh men should wait for gursikh women? I hope you remember our previous debate. Mam, plz wake up. There are countless posts on this website regarding conversion of sikh women but I have not seen a single post of amritdhari guy leaving sikhi for a non sikh woman.
  13. Simple answer veere, there is NO caste system in sikhi. All Sikhs are sikhs irrespective of khatri, jatt, ramgharia etc. I don't even know my caste and I don't want to know either. Last name is SINGH and thats enough. Punjabis who follow caste system are not following Sikhi and there is a strong possibility that such sikhs won't follow other hukumnamas like keeping kesh intact either. Despite overwhelming population of fake sikhs or punjabi atheists, you will always find a gursikh, a true sikh who follows sikhi with utmost love and passion at any place be it punjab, delhi, mumbai etc.
  14. She's a fake veerji. Look at her post on "interfaith anand karaj" and also that Singh who tagged her on fb and look at her language how she responded. She's a pseudo feminist and has anti Sikh sentiments. You can call her sunny hundal's sister, only difference sunny hundal does it openly and she does it behind the back.
  15. Indian media is no different. You must be knowing about an incident where few nihang sikhs attacked punjab police. Our indian news channels were flooded with "NIHANG SIKH chopped off cop's hand". When a hindu rapes a girl then news is "Man raped a minor". Even in the infamous rape case of nirbhaya, news was "4 men and a bus driver raped delhi girl". Indian media is ALWAYS biased towards Sikhs. Crime has no religion then why did they mention "nihang sikh" ? Does the judge in the court also calls them as nihang sikhs? They must be having names. Instead of showing this as an individual crime, Indian media attacked the entire sikh community. I have never heard of news like "4 hindu men raped nirbhaya" "Brahmin man killed wife". Basically, Indian media = hindu media = Anti sikh elements = BJP and RSS = Modi(I know many will disagree with me but this is the truth, am a non political person but this is what it is) Peope like Min kaur, sonia deol and sunny hundal are snakes and traitors of our community. And equally fools are those sikhs who hail them as heroes or well wisher's of community. You won't the believe the no. of sikhs that consider min kaur as gursikh! That's not even funny! Are people blind? Then there is "Harnaam kaur" the infamous keski wearing bearded punjabi athleist woman that post nude pics on insta in keski. And some gullible sikhs praise harnaam for keeping beard believing she is amritdhari! I think our people don't spend much time on social media and completely unaware of reality.
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