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  1. Not in South America, it is very common for women in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil etc to have children out of wedlock. No honour crimes there.
  2. I think the Catholic countries have moved on from this. Southern Europeans and South Americans don't have this honour culture when it comes to women anymore. The Indian subcontinent and the Middle East are crap places that everyone wants to leave. People from those countries who want to keep backwards thinking like sexism and casteism alive in their new countries should be deported.
  3. India is a hellhole for women. It's a country full of repressed perverts. Even we are guilty of mistreating women, killing them before they are born. We have the worst gender ratio out of all religions in India.
  4. Their numbers will continue to grow as more Sikhs move abroad and more Biharis and UP people move to Punjab. We will eventually become a minority in Punjab and its largely our own fault. If there was ever a Hindu CM for Punjab then Punjabi language will die out even quicker than it already is. The Punjabi Hindus love Hindi just like Punjabi Muslims love Urdu.
  5. Imagine if a modern artist drew the Gurus like this, there would be death threats galore.
  6. India is good at copying art. Just look at the music and film industry there.
  7. Good move, I dont want to see posts about bobs and vagene.
  8. There are a lot of Keshdhari Sikhs who do not want to marry a woman who wears a keski and doesn't trim her body hair.
  9. What she fails to realise is that her countryman are desperate to get to the USA, and Rihanna isn't even American.
  10. Do you think they could even comprehend such a thing? Are Sikhs from Punjab running away to North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam or to the UK, USA, Australia, Canada?
  11. Its not an uncommon scenario. Is your wife and your brothers wives from India? Also do you all live together?
  12. This thread smacks of hypocrisy. Sikhs are the most obsessed with going abroad out of all communities in India. Often using illegal methods. Travelling through dangerous South American jungles, Mexican deserts, hiding in wheel compartments of aeroplanes, going to fake colleges. All just to get to Amreeka or Inglaand. A lot will make up excuses that they are being oppressed in India, but thats nonsense, its all for material gain. They are not fleeing Iraq, Syria, Rwanda. What do these unparh illegals do in the West? 10 of them live in one house, they continue their heavy drinking and
  13. The players are all built like tanks so there are physical benefits to it.
  14. Alpha, beta? Are we wolves? Humans are too complex for such classifications. Society has changed, these aren't prehistoric times where you could just beat and rape anyone. People who do that now are labelled as psychopaths and achieve nothing in life, they'll most likely be stuck in dead end jobs and poverty. Having said all of that, a father's relationship to a boy is very important in how he turns out.
  15. There have always been traitors in our midst. I think some Sikhs even fought alongside the British in the Anglo Sikh wars.
  16. The Americans are spreading 'democracy' and giving 'freedom' to the people of those countries.
  17. You can ask the Hindu why do Rishis and Sadhus keep long hair?
  18. I think it was just some Khatri Hindus who did that. They are also the community that has the most shared surnames between Sikhs and Hindus in Punjab.
  19. I would wait quite a while. I've always found Bill Gates involvement with vaccines very suspicious. Do we consult Doctors for Computer related issues? So why does he have such a big say on medical matters? His father was also head of the American Eugenics society. A very dodgy character.
  20. Do you know how guns used to operate in those days? They were extremely slow, often you'd have to reload after every single shot. Today you have high power hand guns and machine guns with large cartridges and high rates of fire. Welcome to the 21st century.
  21. If you want to learn a martial art for self defence then you're better off learning boxing/muay thai/judo/wrestling. The day of the sword has long passed. If you're learning for historical and cultural purposes than go with Gatka rather than Kendo.
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