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  1. He was just a front for the Italian Sonia Maino so there wasn't much he could do of his own accord. He's a quiet and highly educated man, a combination that isn't appreciated by the dumb Indian masses. They would rather have a loudmouth illiterate tea boy as their leader. Sikhs aren't any better in this regard.
  2. Exactly. Its human nature. If Christian missionaries became even more powerful in Punjab you can bet your bottom dollar that Sikhs would a Sikh version of Modi to stand up to them.
  3. The only reason for the rise of Hindutuva is the threat Hindus feel from Muslims. If Hindus did what Sikhs did in 1947 - get rid of all Muslims from their areas then no one would care about or vote for the likes of Modi. In Pakistan they dont have a right wing Islamic party because there is no threat from another religious group. The muslim league collapsed for this reason, no Hindus to fight against. Look at it from a Hindu's perspective - the Muslims got their own countries Pakistan and Bangladesh, pretty much all Hindus were removed from Pakistan in 1947 and the number of Hindus in Ban
  4. Its not just the numbers it's the quality. Muslims are always at the bottom of multicultural society. The likes of Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X were fools. At one point they believed in the nation of islam which believes that white people were created by a mad black scientist in an experiment that went wrong. Then they converted to regular islam. Malcolm X complained about white Christian oppression but was able to cavort around with white women in America in the 1940s. He went to the middle East in the 1960s and was treated well by the high society there which made him think that was
  5. Most Sikhs think Punjabi = Sikhs. They are not even aware that Punjab is almost 40% Hindu and there are more muslim Punjabis in Pakistan. We really are stupid.
  6. Punjab is important but it shouldn't be the be all end all. How many Muslims throughout the world know Arabic? Or Catholics know Latin and Italian? Buddhists who know Pali?
  7. Do the Italians go on about Julius Caesar, the French about William The Conqueror, the Muslims about Aurangzeb anywhere near the amount as we do about Maharaja Ranjit Singh?
  8. He was really good at Maths, Physics and Chemistry. He was able to help me all the way up to GCSE level. In fact I ended up taking those three subjects for my A Levels. I will definitely put in the same effort with my son.
  9. No but my father was a teacher in India, so he was able to help a lot. I remember we bought pretty much every practice test pack available in WH Smith and I must have gone through them several times.
  10. She is the Congress version of Arnab Goswami and very pro Muslim. If anyone asks you to say Bhindranwale was a terrorist ask them to first say Indira Gandhi was a terrorist.
  11. What a silly girl. Having a live in relationship with a Gujarati. If her identity gets leaked out no apna will want anything to do with her. The boyfriend and his parents lived up to the stereotype of being stingy businessness minded gurus, they think of relationships as business transactions. In fact both families seem like fools. I guarantee you both are from Kenya.
  12. To be honest hard work is the most important thing. There were some people who I used to wonder how on earth they managed to pass their test at all and a lot of them would have done no preparation either. The goreh did will until Year 9 or so but after that they got into the typical habits that working class kids were known for. Their parents did not push them into further education, not a single one of them stayed on for A Levels. In a town that has grammar schools, the other schools tend to have students who are not academically minded and that causes their unruly behaviour. There
  13. No, even in the 90s there were lots of kids from Southall and Hounslow going to both Langley and Slough Grammar, at Herschel they were importing goreh from outside Slough. If you out the hard-work in your kids will pass, if they are somewhat gifted academically.
  14. That is very true. How many apne become doctors, dentists, IT professionals because they are truly passionate about it? Very few, I think most do it for material gain and for a better standing in society. I'm not saying goreh don't do this but the majority of them who go into professional careers do have a great passion for what they choose to do. This passion then leads them to research and innovation whereas apne just keep the ball rolling. The heads of Microsoft and Google may be Indian but who actually formed those companies?
  15. I thought my post contained valuable information. I went to the worst ranked primary school in the whole country. The only reason I passed was due to my parents insistence and perseverance. Learn from this. I've seen a lot of apne professionals whose kids are failing this test due to them being more lax and softer than their own parents.
  16. I've got 3 downvotes for this comment. Either due to lots of suls on this website or a bunch of duffers.
  17. Back in the 90s my mum scared me saying if I didn't pass my 12 plus I would go to sul infested Slough and Eton. Even Herschel had its fair share of idiotic suls, I can only imagine how bad Slough and Eton would be. I passed with flying colours! The 11 plus/12 plus really isn't that hard. You just have to practice a lot and you will be ok. Primary schools do not prepare you for it. In the summer holidays before my 12 plus my parents made me do 3 practice papers a day and also one on every school day. Back then we didn't even know which day the tests would be.
  18. Yes but they would at least find fossils of our bodies. There is no evidence of modern humans from millions of years ago. We really are a very new species in the grand scheme of life on Earth.
  19. I prefer to believe the scientists. Scientists at least admit when they get things wrong.
  20. The scientific evidence clearly doesn't support this. In fact humans have only been farming for 12,000 years. So settlements are only that long. Before that we were just hunter gatherers with no civilisation. Hinduism whixh first mentioned the yugs is only around 6000 years old.
  21. So Sikhi is the only path to salvation? There are 7.8 Billion people in the world and Sikhs are just 30 million. So those other 7.77 Billion have to be reincarnated as Sikhs to end the cycle of rebirth? And that is just human lives. If you include animals and insects it is even more. It would take a ridiculously long time for every person to have the chance to be born a Sikh. In fact the world would probably have ended by that time. What about prehistoric animals like Dinosaurs that were around hundreds of millions of years before humans, what was happening to their souls? Were
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