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  1. This is why people used to get married earlier in puratan times. Think about it, nowadays you legit have to be brahmacharya at ages when you're supposed to be married and producing children, which historically speaking, is unprecedented outside of the Sants in Indic tradition.
  2. Na bro, but ive seen that singh's instagram. we just happen to have the same username.
  3. Singhs in the jungle Puratan Nishan Sahib with the Ashtbhuja. Singh in the middle could possibly be Jathedar Akali Baba Nawab Kapoor Singh 96 Crori. Farladhari spotted on the far left. Some Teer and kaman action. Singh looks to be wearing chain mail Halla
  4. Based on the invasion of Nadar Shah. Definitely a must see.
  5. Always been advocating for a series that either animates or actually acts out the episodes of Panth Prakash. Imagine if we actually had a high budget film that covers those stories. This seems like a step in the right direction.
  6. I believe it may be anywhere in the ball park between 20-30 minutes. Basically you wanna slowly continue adding water until it kinda gets a sweet spot between pasty and dry. So you raggarh, add a little water, raggarh and so on. I can double check, but I think they read any type of bir ras bani. Some people opt to put all the ingredients in at one time and others (like the video above) add it as they go along.
  7. Yeah you would think you'd get all lazy but not at all. I honestly didn't feel anything other than internal calmness and focus. I believe the original maryada is to put 5 leaves but some people go a little overboard. It tastes like a desi milkshake only with a cannabis aftertaste. Pretty easy to make, you should try it out.
  8. I have actually had the opportunity to drink Degh with Nihangs. I felt relaxed, calm, and kinda focused. It kills that anxiety knot-like feeling you get in your stomach. Because of this, I always thought of it as a way to calm your nerves before battle. Imagine preparing yourself to launch an attack against some Mughal, Afghan, or some other adversary. The anticipation, unless you're at a high level of bhakti, will get to anyone. Your heart would probably be beating out of your chest, some may even shake and feel jumpy. Drinking Degh essentially eliminates that feeling completely and allows you to focus in on the task at hand.
  9. Hey bro, Don't let yourself get down. Relapse and learning is all apart of the process. Implementing your bani really helps, trust me. Remember to keep reminding yourself after each ardas.
  10. Just finds/reposts from around the internet. Usually, these guys have connects with the Dal or the Taksal so they get exclusive pictures. All das does is repost on the forum for others to enjoy
  11. At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter all that much. However, it honestly depends on where your views align if you're looking at this from a jathebandi perspective. My personal beliefs cause me to align more with Dal Panth/Hazur Sahib Maryada, so I naturally gravitate towards them. Also, these Singhs don't shorten the bani so I would go with them. The Taksal would also be a great place as well.
  12. I've only recently heard about these stories, though I am aware of that picture that floated around on the internet. Is there any truth to these claims? On one hand, we have people claiming they knew Singhs who were with them during that period. On the other hand, we have these stories coming up.
  13. I believe Baba Joginder Singh Ji just landed in the UK today or yesterday.
  14. Young picture of Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji Bhindranwale
  15. Best way is to start doing your nitnem (this includes Rehras, aarti, and kirtan sohila) and getting up for amritvela. Afterwards, do ardas and tell Maharaj "I will stay away from this stuff, only through your kirpa and daya." This ardas should be done after every nitnem or simran session as it is a constant reminder because you're doing it multiple times in the day.
  16. Turns out Fauja Singh was luring women. Video was recently released onto platforms like Twitter.
  17. Found this if any UK sangat is interested.
  18. Jathedar Baba Bishan Singh ji Misal Shaheedan Tarna Dal.
  19. That's what I initially thought as well, but the person who posted it said it was Baba Kehar Singh Ji. Both Gursikhs had a similar dastar style.
  20. dharamyudh


    Because Naamdharis are absolute masters at kirtan. Simple. On the topic of Akal Takht, it doesn't really hold the same authority as it did in the past. Just look at the people running it and you'll get what I mean. Most the panth, outside of stuff like Tankhaya, don't care about anything they have to say.
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