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  1. Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji Maharaj, Punjab, C 1835 in the Toor Collection. This is supposed to be one of the oldest paintings of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji Maharaj and his Sahibzade alongside some Gursikhs. So what the description notes is that "Bhai Hathi Singh retrieved this painting dated to (1698 CE) from Guru Ki Mehal in Dehli (1723 CE) who kept it with himself until his death in 1782 CE Akali Kaur Singh Published this in his Gurshabad Ratan Prakash in 1923 CE."
  2. Here is his Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jatindersinghdurhailay/
  3. His depiction of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj really caught my eye as well. Really talented Singh.
  4. Jatinder Singh Durhailay makes some nice art as well.
  5. 100 percent. We'd be able to get accounts for 84 and MAYBE partition from those who are still alive. However, we would also need to get accounts of people who were active and participating in the Kharku Lehar and get the stories of great shaheeds like Baba Avtar Singh Ji Brahma and so on. Also, does anyone even possess the gyan of writing an account of history in that style of poetry?
  6. I was thinking about this the other day. We should be recording everything that happened for future generations just like Akali Baba Rattan Singh Ji Bhangu because all that happened is panthic history. Perhaps a volume 3 might need to be put in the works.
  7. India is really embarrassing itself on a global scale. They really filed an FIR on an 18 year old girl! They were also burning pictures of Kamala Harris' niece who spoke up about the farmers protest!
  8. Props to this man Immortal Technique. He's been supporting us for a while and educated himself on Operation Bluestar and the whole 80s-90s fake encounters.
  9. Twitter is filled with all these vile nationalist and Hindu supremacist accounts. These guys literally make memes of dead children on Twitter and their staff doesn't bat an eye. These greasy midgets are keyboard warriors who act tough behind a screen. They really think they uphold Dharam and it is disgusting. Moreover, Kangana's tweet is LITERALLY calling for a genocide!
  10. Beautiful. Let us support them to the fullest extent.
  11. This podcast talks about the Deep Sidhu situation. It is really good.
  12. It's getting bad. RSS started marching in front of Sri Sis Ganj Sahib. Our brothers and sisters in Delhi and surrounding areas need to be tyaar bar tyaar. Shastar up and defend yourselves if the time comes.
  13. BJP sent goons to Singhu border and started pelting stones at the Kisans. The police stood there and watched! Just like 1984! They literally beat a Singh instead of stopping the goons.
  14. A conflict will most likely arise. Kaljug is getting darker and darker. Today I saw a post from a RW Hindu comparing Modi to Krishna Ji! That's how twisted these RW people are and they constantly want to put down people who speak up against their corruption. The whole world recognizes these guys as call center workers, scammers, and Apu off of the Simpsons
  15. India is completely unstable and these nationalists are adding to it. Moreover, about 2-3 days ago there was a minor standoff between Chinese and Indian soldiers. Only time will tell I guess.
  16. He used to be associated with the BJP through a guy named Sunny Deol who is close with Modi. However, he disassociated with him and joined up with the protest. I just find it weird how he just left the protest. Additionally, this whole thing started because of the lack of communication between the youngsters and the Kisan union leaders who basically sidelined the young guys. It was poor leadership at the core and we got the following results. Moreover, the police definitely set the whole Red Fort situation up. These guys basically opened the gate to the Red Fort and let them in.
  17. Yeah, basically the farmers confronted him and he just left on a motorcycle. There has been an FIR imposed on the union leaders now (who weren't even involved with the Red Fort) and somehow Deep Sidhu didn't get one and mysteriously disappeared. Furthermore, the power supply at Ghazipur border has been cut off and I feel like the police is going to rush people out that area.
  18. Type of comments these keyboard warriors make. Give insecure, nationalist beta males a computer and you get this. You could imagine why the Mughals and Brits were able to rule for so long.
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