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  1. Read about mahan shaheeds of khalistani lehar 1984tribute is a website which is pretty easy to navigate and has 100s of short biographies of khalistabi shaheeds very good.
  2. I didnt watch the video but from just ur statement i can work out that it is ..... Bullsh*t So sikh women getting abducted and raped by punjab police and black cats was their fault? Stop spreading hate and anti sikh things, pls think before posting such blasphemous and sexist things which would only be expected in non democratic countries or places were there is no human rights. Do u think civilians who get killed in wars are to blame for their own death vy someone else? Were the 30 000+ sikhs to blame for their butchering by political hindus in 1984 november? Khalistan Zindabad SARBHAT DA BHALLA
  3. There is more than enough food on earth to end world hunger and more than enough food in india to end hunger thete but what is the brahmin game plan? Make dalits minorities and poor people slaves who work all day for a chance at getting a meal every once in a while. If the govt was interested in ending hunger in india it could but that's not its aim Khalistan Zindabad
  4. Face palm All ur info is prpbs from pro cannabis lobbying US websites. And bhang has nothing to do with sikhi it is prohibited. If u want to save punjab farmers get back our over 75% river water stolen by indian govt You can only save punjab with... Khalistan ONLY SOLUTION
  5. That is one of many reasons, miri and piri had to be established as a part of every sikhs life and sant sipahi, that is the main for the khalsa. 5 kakkar is part of being seen off far so people can ask for help, not being a coward or ashamed of sikhi, being unique, to remember your role and put you on path to waheguru. These are just a few of the reasons.
  6. You say a sikh who does not demand rule back is not a sikh, by your logic you are not a sikh for saying no to khalistan. The akal takth at the time was run by brahmins controlled by british. There was no possible way to get maharaja dalip singh back, do you think the british would shoot themselves in the foot?, assuming that what you said about maharaja dalip singh getting raj when he was adult, do u remember how we lost raj due to hindu and brahmin betraying us off to british, who is gonna give it back? Brahmin waged war against us when guru nanak sahib took off jannu at age 1f1, ssince then brahmin has done everything to destroy sikhi, pollute with fake bani, rituals, moorthi puja, caste etc. So called sanantani sikhi is destroying sikhi, Lets say dalip singh got back and british were thinking of giving raj back, sikh leaders had been tricked by gandhi, enemy of the sikh quam, into saying that they will not agitate for sikh raj, or try to get sikh raj, they would most likely have denied in the aim of a united india, the chance of us getting the chance from dalip singh is a whopping 0%. Here is the hukammnama which was issued , it was revoked in 1995 apparently. If you support this then you are definitwly not a sikh. : Ik Onkar Sati Gur Prasadi Sri Akal Sahaye, Akal Sahay, Takht Sri Akal Bunga Sahib Ji, Sri Darbar Sahib We the undersigned Singh Sahibs, Poojaris, Takht Sri Akal Takht, Bungaji Sahib and Sri Darbar and Baba Atal Rai Sahibji, and Jhand Bunga Sahibji and Shaheed Bunga Sahibji, have examined the case of Gurmukh Singh, Secretary, and have found that this person at some places, contrary to the Guru’s devotion, has shown disrespect to Sri Guru Granth Sahib and Guru-Ansh (descendents of Gurus) and Gurbani, orally and in print, and this leads to the conclusion that his faith is totally averse to the Sikh beliefs and for such reasons we all Poojaris, Granthis and Lambardaars of the aforementioned Gurdwaras, put in our hand that the said Gurmukh Singh is expelled from the Panth Khalsa. The said Gurdwaras shall not accept his Ardaasa and shall have no link with him. Let all Sikh sangats be warned to avoid his association and following. Whosoever shall adhere to his following shall be deemed to be a be-mukh and be taken to be liable to tankhah (fine) and shall be punishable with the similar treatment. This issues on 7th Chet, Samat 418 Guru Nanak - Christian Era March 18, 1887. Signatures: Present Singh Sahibs, Auhdedaars, Granthis and Pujari. 29 Panth dignitaries, including Bhai Narain Singh, Granthi, Gurdwara Tarn Taran
  7. shiromani gadar parbandakh committee long long ago the sgpc used to be panthic but that has been long lost....
  8. Shaheed General Shubeg Singh also had his scalp removed by indian security forces during operation blue star. http://www.sikhmuseum.com/bluestar/photographs/index.html#tn3=0/slide33 http://www.sikhmuseum.com/bluestar/photographs/index.html#tn3=0/slide32
  9. gadaar , congresse chumcha. could have been worse tho
  10. Answer to this all: https://www.sikh24.com/2020/12/18/op-ed-sacrifice-of-baba-ram-singh-in-light-of-martyrdom-of-two-sikhs-of-post-47-struggle/ There are many examples of sikhs who have done hunger strikes till death, self immolated for the rights of the sikh nation.
  11. Spreading more <banned word filter activated> nice? Indira Gandhi faked her death so that her planned genocide of all sikhs(OPERATION SHANTI) in ~10 days couldn't happen because the decided to butcher us straight away after. It makes no sense what so ever for her to fake her death. The massacres were a small scale of operation shanti. No one can relate to you if they have adequate prior knowledge.
  12. Dude i gurantee you pakistan is funding khalistan and sikhs for justice. They are SOOOOOOO RICH they definitely can feed their own people and run their country. Could not be having a problem with that. Thery are ROLLING in gold and money they literally have nothing better to do, definitely not fighting hindustani backed <banned word filter activated> baclochistan militants. You know what there has been no atrocities committed in india only in pakistan because they are so rich they can't stop a retarded insurgency which has been going on for a very long peroid of time. So logically the "super rich" country will give out millions of dollars to sikh freedom fighter groups. Indians are so <banned word filter activated> stupid, i assume they lack common sense possibly a product of brahmin rule for thousands of years..... they keep talking about how pakistan took land after 47 but does anyone talk about hyderbad etc. Khalistan Zindabad Hindustan Murdurbad
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