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  1. Amrit Peevoh Sada Chir Jeevo - Drink the nectar which gives you immortality. nice post, lets put up messages to encourage sangata to take anmrit this year and locations of amrit sanchars. Every Vaisakhi the Khalsa Panth is given an extra boost of Chardi Kala when new Sangata join the path.
  2. Budha DAl have printed a two a part teeka which is available from book shops in India.
  3. I think hes from mehta chown, however not sure if his name is sant balbir singh or giani gurmit singh - anyone know>?
  4. who is the Singh in white doing the little talk before the dastar bandi?
  5. Well states KZ come on someone do the seva of getting this years dates up please
  6. Yawn, we can argue till the cows come home as they say. Of course the jathedar of the Budha Dal only knew some of the vidiya, because he only learnt from Baba Gian Singh who was only Nidar Singhs gurdevs gurdev. Do you stay at the chouni in Raqba? You obviously dont and hence I cant stop myself from laughing at your posts. For the past few weeks jung vidiya has been taught at the Budha Dal chouni at Raqba, a handful of Singhs are learning. I know this may come as a shock to you and others who believe that Nidar Singh is the only person in the whole wide universe who knows how to do some damaga with a tulwar. However, I must advise that if you dont know something its best not to keep repeating it hoping that people will begin believing you, regardless of how successful Nidar Singh may have been at this ploy - you are just making me laugh harder at each of your posts. Again to repeat Jung Vidiya is taught at Raqba, you can go stay there and see for yourself - you might want to check whether or not something is happening before trying to authoritively present a false view. Perhaps you would have been better refraining from posting, which you say you try to do. Not trying to be hostile, but what you have written about the Dal is incorrect. Peaceout !
  7. Theres an elderly Nihang Singh who learnt from Baba Chet Singh Ji and Baba Santa Singh Ji, both former jathedars of Budha dal, who is currntly teaching at Raqba. What he teaches may no collaborate to what Niddar Singh teaches but it is Jungee Vaars that he teaches.
  8. Secondly, if you had actually spent time in the dal rather than just believing everything you are told by Singhs in the UK you would know that jung vidiya is taught at Raqba by a long serving member of the Budha Dal Singh to other Nihang Singhs every morning. Peaceout.
  9. fateh thanks everyone. at close look at the second picture posted by 1000 looks like baba santa singh was right at the front. can anyone make out whos taking baba santa singh round to do darshan of the shaheed singhs bodies?
  10. Fateh. Im looking for pictures from the funeral of the 13 Singhs that gave Shaheedi with Bhai Fauja Singh on Vaisakhi 1978. Please post here.
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