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  1. The condition of environment in Punjab is deplorable and probably reaching a point of no return. Can't believe Sikhs have become so weak we let these people set up alcohol factories on the land of our gurus and pollute it to such an extent.
  2. how do they not though? Like a lot of "sikh" men think of it as a burden that adds hindrance to their lives. Just see how many posts are on reddit that I want to cut my hair. It makes no sense that someone who doesn't believe will go out of their way to wear a turban for the rest of the life. IDK man you would expect people like these to cut their hair. (if using an example of KP Gill or other so called"sikh" traitors who killed our people and continue to harm us then they worse turbans to blend in and to make it look like they were right since they themselves had uncut hair). I think the belief that people wear turban in Punjab culturally is not correct as many of such turbaned athiests have the saroop to blend in and fool Sikhs and harm us.
  3. Nope. Such a shame. I'd rather they cut their hair than do this while wearing a turban. Its clear they don't really believe in Sikhi as they wouldn't be doing so otherwise so why keep the turban? Doesn't make sense.
  4. Another guy got caught stealing a car in our city and had the last name Singh. Like the word Singh is just going to be associated with bad things now with all the happenings. Also when turban wearing "Punjabis" commit such crimes it affects the reputation of Sikhs way worse compared to some mona doing it because the turban is our identity.
  5. yup my mom and i saw the same news and my mum was like ehne besharam lok dastaar paayi hoyi hai and doing such heinous acts. But I don't think the one raising the flags are the ones doing all this. These people who are doing all this hardly care about sikhi or will contribute anything to Punjab's future. They are just in kaneda because others are going to kaneda not because they have some plans for the future or they want to do something for Punjab.
  6. I don't think it is a class or education divide. Punjabis who came here way back in the 70s and 80s, their young sons are killing each other off at such young ages in BC. My mom makes similar comments as to what was the point of coming to Canada for a good life if your kids are just going to end up killing each other at such young ages. I mean these people who are joining gangs are definitely not going to unis for science, math degrees for sure. So it may seem like its a education divide but it just ends up being that the people mostly involved in this stuff are not really going to be highly educated. Personally my dislike for such behavior(whether from new comers or the ones born here) stems from the fact that these people have shunned the teachings of Sikhi from their life. Its alarming to see young men from your community dying and killing each other off and wasting their youth and future.
  7. These people dont even leave little kids alone. And these dumb liberals talk about sanjha Punjab.
  8. Kaneda's halaat are really bad now a days. Alot of people can barely buy a new home with an average income. Punjabis are sold dreams of Canada being some land where money grows on tree. Reality kicks in when one comes here. Money issues are causing alot of Punjabis to partake in criminal activities. Many are committing suicide.
  9. Punjabis in Canada ( the students and the ones born here) are involved in all types of criminal activities.
  10. Punjabis have earned really bad reputation in Canada since past few years. Gang killings and violence In BC and then all this stuff in Ontario.
  11. Yup heard about this. Still don't know why they did it though. Some were saying it was due to his political views but i am not sure.
  12. Getting a headache just by reading the comments. What future does one envision for such a foolish community. Are these people going to cross Pakistani border to come help us in Punjab if we faced this?
  13. sorry no clout for that. We want as much media coverage and fame as possible.
  14. Democracy is flawed. It assumes every person has the right mindset to decide and vote what is best for a nation but as we have seen how easily people vote for freebies even if they don't need them it is definitely not the right system of governance since 99% of people are morally corrupt in one way or another. If you think about it wouldn't people who fought for a land contribute more to its development compared to people who just happen to exist in that land just because they were born in it and never fought for it? People care more about things when they have spilled their blood and sweat to earn it. 99% of Indians do not care for India outside their homes otherwise they wouldn't treat the entire country like a large dump.
  15. Every party in India is useless and gain their votes by promising freebies. Well that is what happens when you have democracy in third world countries.
  16. In Punjab everyone is trying to outdo the other in terms of show off and money. "Doesn't matter if I go bankrupt, how dare this person have a more expensive wedding than me. Now people will think I am poor and look down upon me."Same reason they feel jealousy from their own friends and relatives. What a sad society.
  17. They don't even own them but want to rent them to show off during the weddings or for music videos. Literally low iq behaviour. Maybe they associate money with masculinity.
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