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  1. Totally agreee. And what did fighting other people's wars get us? Literally nothing. I can't believe there are sikhs who celebrate being foot soldiers every year.
  2. I saw that picture too and i think what you are saying is correct. If you look at him during his younger years he was quite thin and his beard too was of unequal length and sparse which happens to people who never cut or shave their hair/beard but during the later photos his body looks like that of someone who has been using steroids and gyming and also his beard looked thicker and even which can only happen when you grow a beard after shaving.
  3. i think that picture is real and not photoshopped.
  4. Someone else pointed out the same thing of the increased presence of these people in Canada as years pass by.
  5. yeah then it again comes to money over dharam. Like i already said you will see people calling themselves sikhs change religion for money and benefits but their are millions of Muslims living in way worse conditions than poor Sikhs who do not change religion. Like when we cry about these christian missionaries changing people's religion using money it just shows that these people do not believe in the philosophy enough to not change their religion. Like we should help poor sikhs but if the only reason someone is staying in your religion is for benefits then what is the point of having such people? Its the same way how some non sikhs converted to sikhi during Sikh empire and British rule for benefits. It's not an advantage having such people convert to your religion. These people are converting because they do not believe in the philosophy which is like 90% of sikhs. Like someone on this forum said that even the weakest sikh back in the days was a better sikh than the strongest sikh of today's time. Following sikhi is not easy which is why actual sikhs will always be very very less in numbers.
  6. Somebody told me that there is a reason Punjab is getting empty because of what is going to happen in this decade. Rest rabb di raza hai.
  7. Don't worry just look at the current state of the world. All these people forget sikhi once they get rich. Just wait and see what the future holds. Already sant thakur singh ji bhinderawale said long ago that the condition of the world will be very very bad and sikhs in western countries who become lax in sikhi and are not prepared will die in huge numbers. These people don't realize that when things like civil war happen then army or police are not going to come and save them. They are busy running after money and think nothing is going to happen. Just look at all the bad things happening continuously since 2020 and still these people are sleeping.Just let these people be. Sabh de apne apne karam. According to thakur singh ji's bacchan this decade is really bad. So do as much paath as you can now because when things go bad we wont even get to read bani.
  8. When i talk about non practicing sikh tbh I mean people who do not see the importance of rehat maryada and bend rules of sikhi. Technically deep was a mona but he never ever talked or belittled the rules and conduct of Sikhi. Here the non practicing sikhs not only do not keep rehat but also constantly belittle the importance of the rehat. This is where the dil saaf meme came from. There are many amritdhari sikhs who are pawns and only keep the saroop to fool sikhs. Obviously a panthic mona is 1000 times better than such a person. I am talking more of people who constantly bend the rules to accommodate their own wrong doings and say that you only need a clean heart and no need to follow the rules and rehat. I wouldn't consider Badal as a sikh at all. This person has let so much anti sikh stuff to seep into Punjab.
  9. Non practicing sikhs are always criticizing the rehat and rules of sikhi as they do not follow it themselves. These same people will be out there telling the future generation that keeping rehat is not important just have a clean heart and it becomes a big issue as their collective voice gets bigger if they are not stopped.
  10. only around 5 % max are fully practicing sikhs for sure. Rest are just those who call themselves sikh but not really following the rehat at all. I mean i rarely see any sikh female here who has uncut hair. I see more men with kesh than women. For muslims obviously there are way more fully practising muslims compared to us but i see many who call themsleves muslims but indulge in stuff not allowed in Islam. The only difference is these muslims still know their boundaries and what is allowed or not and don't act like what they are doing is right compared to liberal sikhs who want to try to bend the rules to accommodate their wrong doings and also these Muslims get more strict with age but this is not the same with liberal sikhs who will pass on the same liberal teachings to their kids thus weakening sikhi in each generation. Muslims also are more organized so a liberal muslim has all the resources easily available to learn more about Islam where as with us everything is here and there. Also one thing I noticed is that some sikhs who came here decades ago think their own culture is backward and assimilate easily but Muslims as a whole do not think this way. I think a big reason is that muslim women are very strict about the rules of Islam . Have you ever seen a single muslim women ever mixing practices of other religions like sikh women who believe in all this nonsense superstitions do?We have no fixed defined boundaries.
  11. Nothing interesting for now. The usual skirmishes on diwali and then the recent handgun sale freeze.
  12. tbh anything can happen next year. Times are uncertain. Let's see how things play out.
  13. Let me be honest with you. I don't think any PM of UK will free jaggi as it doesn't benefit them in any way. Also UK economy and the society in general is going through tough times. They wont be able to fix this mess.
  14. Nothing is going to be fixed anymore. Its a downward spiral now. Just like most other civilizations.
  15. He didn't win based on an election though.
  16. I don't think he is going to be able to do anything. Like just because he is the PM doesn't mean he has the power to do anything he wants. He is accountable to the British people and has to take decisions that matter to them. Also Uk seems on a downward spiral. I don't think the issues are going to be fixed.
  17. I have a question though. Ramayana is written by the poet valmiki right? How did he know that all this happened?
  18. naah tbh i don't know if its due to intergenerational trauma but i have observed that there is alot of violence in a lot of Punjabi homes.
  19. Do these people do this fasting stuff because its fun or because they actually believe fasting will increase their husband's life because I know a sikh lady who used to do this karwachauth stuff with such fervour and then her husband passed away at a very young age. I don't understand are these people celebrating for fun or actually believe in it. Tbh if starving yourself for the entire day is your idea of fun i dont know what to think.
  20. Well they have strong belief and regards for Islam . So why would slurs or ill behaviour from random arab or white muslims deter them from believing in what they think is the truth?
  21. TBH i don't think it has much to do with Indian caste system. Its a result of Whites being the Dominant group and then the competition among the rest as to who is closer to the dominant group. The more you look like the dominant group the better your position in the society would be. Thus you have this division of mestizo,castizo and what not and people competing amongst each other as to who looks closer to the Spaniards/Whites the most. I mean i notice the same thing among some punjabis. They will be talking online about how some of them look like Southern Europeans or Persians and how people cannot tell they are brown especially on racist online forums trying to convince whites how they are not brown and look like Southern Euos lol.Its basically trying to be as closer to the Dominant group as possible.
  22. Its quite common for these groups to marry racist whites. Didn't you see that racist mexican lady abusing those 3 Indian women and saying why are you coming to America? And guess who she was married to?
  23. He probably thinks he is white. This behavior is more common than you may think. Its just that now they don't want to risk loosing their jobs. I have seen some native americans bootlicking whites and badmouthing other Pocs!
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