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  1. 5aaban

    Vintage Punjab

    High buns were quite popular in that era. However, that high-bun look here is created with a dome-shaped jewellery known as a Saghi Ful, which was braided and secured in the hair. Married Punjabi women in the past wore this. Other than covering their head, some Sikh women also wore large white chadors. This practice used to be common in villages till some decades ago. These days the push has been towards women wearing turbans. I think many more women would be open to covering their head with scarfs/Dupattā than wearing a turban.
  2. Thats why Sikhi is fast declining in Punjab. These numbers are nothing to get excited over because when it increases in one country, it decreases in Punjab.
  3. 5aaban

    Vintage Punjab

    No the vast majority didn't wear any sort of turban/keski. A Panjabi Dupattā/Fulkari/scarf was the preferred head covering. A long plait, braids or a high or low buns were common hairstyles. 1890. A Sikh grandmother, her daughter, and granddaughters (Source: Bonham’s auction lot 306.) 1875. Amritsar. Sikh girls enrolled in a school Early depictions of women at Amritsar painted by William Carpenter in February 1854.
  4. Actually it was kept much before that in Panjab. It was known by a different Panjabi name ("Karue da vart"). The Hindi term "Karvachauth" was popularised through soap operas although the concept of the fast itself existed before that in Panjab. A bunch of other fasts existed in Panjabi society too on punya, masya, etc.
  5. From the book Sikhs of the Punjab written by R. E. Parry in 1921. "No one is a Sikh by virtue of birth" Diet of Sikhs
  6. But unlike the brightly-coloured Lamborghinis, the Rolls-Royce was black. It was a Black Badge edition, which is a more sporty version, designed with enhanced torque, power and control. The four men later posed in front of the purple Aventador, looking proud of the fact that they had just led such a lavish pre-wedding procession. The fleet eventually arrived at the destination. They were parked outside the destination, showcasing their grandeur. Expensive cars are a common feature within modern Asian weddings. Several are hired by family members and are driven in a convoy to the wedding as a way of portraying luxury. This is one example which shows that no expense is spared to ensure that a wedding is a memorable, yet flamboyant event. When it comes to South Asian weddings, competitiveness between families is always a huge thing. Families are always looking to have a bigger wedding than the last person. What's the point of these cars in big Asian weddings? They're probably rented so it's a bit weird showing off something you don't even own.
  7. https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/rabbi-shergill-to-bilkis-bano-come-to-punjab-sardars-will-protect-you-3276292
  8. Abducted girls are definitely given something or really brainwashed before making the video. You can note that in many cases and in the above video I linked. It's a recurring pattern, they can't all be consensual.
  9. Pakistan: Sikhs in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa protest as Islamists forcibly convert a female Sikh teacher and perform her nikaah On Sunday, her family members knew about the forced marriage and subsequent conversion. The family reached the police station where nobody cared to register their complaint. In another incident of flouting human rights in Pakistan, a female Sikh teacher was forcibly converted by Islamists in Peer Baba of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province of Pakistan on Saturday 20th August 2022. The Sikhs in the KPK province are protesting against this forced conversion. A video of the protests appeared on Twitter on Sunday, 21st August 2022, in which Sikhs can be seen protesting and raising various slogans outside a police station in Pakistan. According to a report by Aaj Tak, a young female teacher from the Sikh community was allegedly kidnapped on Saturday, and on the next day, her family was informed that the young girl is now married to a Muslim person. There is deep resentment in the Sikh community due to this incident. Dina Kaur, a Sikh teacher was kidnapped on Saturday. On Sunday, her family members knew about the forced marriage and subsequent conversion. The family reached the police station where nobody cared to register their complaint. According to the family members, the local police have not registered any FIR and have asked the Sikhs to be silent on this issue. BJP leader Manjinder Singh Sirsa has expressed concern over this incident. Tagging the government of Pakistan in his tweet, Sirsa said, “How can a family silently watch its daughters being forcibly converted and emotionally exploited? This is against basic human rights and we stand in support of the Sikh brothers of Pakistan. I urge India’s External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar Ji to intervene in this matter.” He added, “I urge the External Affairs Minister to hold talks on the issue of minority Sikhs in Pakistan. Pakistan’s Prime Minister’s Office is also not paying attention to this. Our earlier tweets on the safety of Sikhs in Pakistan have been ignored.” Persecution of Sikhs in Pakistan Earlier in May 2022, two Sikhs were killed in Peshawar, Pakistan. In that case, a strong protest was lodged by India. At that time, the spokesperson of the Indian Government said, “We have seen reports of the brutal killing of two Sikh traders by unidentified armed men in Peshawar. Sadly, this is not the first incident. Even before this, there have been attacks on Sikhs, a minority community in Pakistan.” https://www.opindia.com/2022/08/pakistan-sikhs-protest-islamists-forcibly-convert-teacher/
  10. Marriages in Panjab were quite simple too until NRI's started the extravagance culture. This gradually caught on in other areas.
  11. Our elders discouraged Bhangra too, I never saw them partaking in it. Weddings in India started getting out of hand due to people imitating big fat Bollywood-type parties with performances. Everything was more simple before. Even today, sometimes men and women sit seperate at parties.
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