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  1. Hy who do you hope wins celeb BB, im hoping for Shilpa Shetty to win, her entrance was awesome and in her entrance video she was wearing an ik onkar necklace :D , around 36 secs you could see it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nz5MStABhRY...ted&search=
  2. There is one with the patka. berkoof
  3. got guts posting that on youtube should show his parents
  4. i dont know what i want :sady: , i just want to remain happy and avoid all things that make me sad , im sulking for some reason dont feel happy could be because i got exams...or a range of other issues
  5. How do you know he's a <cut> Admin Note: Please don't use such language. A warning has been issued.
  6. Erm i dont hate Hindus :nihungsmile: , its just some fanatics on here who do, i remember Pritam Singh khalsa used to hate them alot...well he posted funny pics of them , but he's vanished and quite a few people on here are anti hindu. I personally think the Sikh community has alot of cultural ties with the Hindu community
  7. *waits for kingsingh* :D Edit: LOL he's there already^^^^^^^^^^
  8. I agree we should just fight for one side ehme we dont want to be killing other Sikhs
  9. he should know just because he's black it doesnt mean he can rap
  10. Punjabi culture is wicked, thats why you see all other non-punjabi's dancing to our songs in clubs like guji's etc they listen to PUNJABI music and most dont know what it means and i remember the last time i went to a bhangra gig, manak E i think was singing 'dhair kol ke, vaheguru bol ke,' and lol the pakistani boys were dancing up and down. :D Now how many punjabis listen to gujurati music, obviously most south asians understand/listen to Hindi/Urdu due to bollywood movies. But Punjabi is the gangster language of south asia. :devil: :D
  11. Could you give us before and after pics :nihungsmile: , im not saying you should keep your hair since its your choice and i know how hard it is especially in the US where most of the people dont know what a Sikh is, atleast in the UK i dont feel any hostility from other communities. I would say more but Sikhs on this forum who are truely practising ones would get offended.
  12. Lol i thought it said something else hahahaha i was like eh... but it was just my dirty mind. :D
  13. He shouldnt have said he got attacked by white boys but instead he should have said he got into a fight with the lawn mower
  14. He's also a tabla fanatic

  15. This guy introduced me to SIKHI lolz before him i didnt know much apart from history

  16. OH MY DAYZ, thank God i didnt waste my money and go to the protest , well i want to swear at him but i cant since id get banned and well i understand what he means by being torn between 2 different worlds but he did go a step too far by making this story up
  17. LOL 'what kind of woman wants her husband to look like another woman.' Funny man :D
  18. Hmmm explains why i met so many vegetarians at uni
  19. He actually ran away from home and converted to sikhism and changed his name well thats what ive heard and its on wikihttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kuldeep_Manak Hmmm so are there many muslims left in the Indian punjab
  20. How your lifestyle is better? Just because we drive in luxury cars, study in good school and lives in mansion type homes ? It's very stupid quote to say that our lifestyle if better than the one who lives in third world... We can live in house made of gold.. guru jee ain't gonna care.. No matter how rich in materialistic world we are.. no matter if one of our dollar weighs 45rs of theirs.. it ain't gonna make any difference to dharam raj.. Only richness inside (y)our heart makes the difference. It seems most of you have no clue about punjab, its rich culture and heritage.. Yest they do have l
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