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  1. To Op Gur Mukhs explain within the video of Ganka, the story goes gursikhs asked Guru Jee has there been someone who was so sinful that a normal person would think they were destined for hell and were saved
  2. Jaspreet your issue is the same the world around, the world is burning in fire which no doctor or medicine can put out, its a shame because there should be proper Gur-Sikhs on this forum who have reached Sachkhand/Nijgh Khar which can help guide people in their times of despair. Your problem is not understanding the internal family which gurbani tells us lives in sukam roop and influences the mind, from the average 79 years we live we are subject to the bachaans we gave when we were in the mothers womb where we promised to over come the vices which burns in everyone. We are so in the dark to who they are, we have no idea why we feel the things we do. You need to understand the relationship of Puan (oxygen) to the mind, what role the Punj That (elements the body are made of) have, who it is that controls our dreams when we sleep. All these things are taught by Brum Giaanis who explain what Sat Gurus bani is really telling us. Just to explain abit further there are 2 realms one that is within Puan and one that is detached from Paun, why Paun is important is because Dukh (anguish) comes in the form of vichaars (thoughts) we are bound to thoughts through puan, once we understand the relationship of paun, to the mind, we will start seeing and understanding what the bachaans we had with Vaheguru were.
  3. I want to keep this topic for the elder members who are serious about Sikhism and have a real interest in following Gurbani and are Practically searching for the Path. Subjects i was thinking of covering and looking for other peoples input are: - Path in Sikhism, where do Jatahs fall within this, the confusion around large personalities in all Jatahs and does that mean its not debatable or that we are misunderstanding what they were telling us and are maybe all saying the same things. - Realms. What does this mean for the implications of a possible spiritual realm and being accessible this through jaap. (reading this for many it may be the status quo, and in a way watered down because we have been subject to this notion of powers and Spiritual realms in our normal day to day thinking, so weigh this notion in your mind compared to possibly the discovery of Aliens, which notion for you is more of a" wow" thats true? "God or aliens" - Simran, as much of gurbani is based on the topic of simran what importance does that make to you, how high up the scale does it fall compared to education, work-aspirations and family. - Blind leading the Blind, in the world of education we expect our Uni professors and teachers to be educated to high a standard, and be qualified in subject they teach. What scrutiny should we give the people who are teaching the Path of Mukhti. - Faith over Evidence, is Sikhism a faith based religion, or is there more to us. For now i think thats enough topics, anyone feel free to pick one and we'll take it from there.
  4. To sum it up 92% of Gurbani is about Naam abiass, so you would think Guru Mahraj would have covered how to do simran in depth. Of course they have and is the deepest subject on earth because it relates to the physical realm and the unseen realm (Mun, Kaal, Chitar gupt and so on) So best thing is to learn from people who have practically gained spiritually, they will teach you about Dasam Duar, Unhadh Shabad how to Pass bavh sagar and be able to go in to pargash and be able to see the sukam forms like Punj choor. All the other people who havent reached this spiritual level of being able to hear/speak to Vaheguru are just not able to fully delve-in deep and teach what it means to do simran abiaas. Best bet is to listen to Sant Isher Singhs, Bhai Seva singh jee and Sant Waryam Singh jees katha, they talk about what it means to reach Dargaah and meet Sat Guru in Sukam form.
  5. Mat Pulo Rai


    there is no reference to this is Gurbani its all hearsay and speculations spewed as hard fact
  6. Funny i wonder what the significance of tying your hair where you think dasam duaar is, Dasam duaar is where the realm of Naam starts from something only the sukam Mun can access. So why tying your hair would be significant i cant understand. Best keep to basics and learn how and why we cant access Dargaah.
  7. You need to learn what Gurbani says about why the mind in calesh, its a very deep topic, best thing is to do is listen to the lectures from Bhai Seva Singh Jee
  8. Mat Pulo Rai


    Bachans that were given to you, were for you, and would have been shared with the wider sangat if they were meant to. Best to speak to who ever gave them to you and ask if it is ok to share them.
  9. Mat Pulo Rai

    New to Sikhi

    How is one from a Islamic-christian orthodox background, Mum christian Dad Muslim?
  10. Maybe this is for another Topic or Thread, but no bani has more power over any other Bani within Guru Granth Shaib, i know people dont mean to say that, only that they have heard that Sukhmani shaib has alot of power and helps if you do alot of it. It doesn’t work this way all bani has come direct from God it has all the same power. What Bani is, is a guide for how to Defeat the Demons that have control of 99% of the world, which make us sin in lust anger and so on.. Only the ones who are free from these Burdens of Maya have the answer to our Pains. Gurbani speaks of Simran again and again to the remedy to everything and i mean everything, Gurbani states all of Gods powers have been put in to the mantar Vaheguru. So listen to Sant Isher singhs jee, Sant Kartar singh and Sant Waryam singhs audios to learn more about what they tell us about how to meditate and find peace.
  11. Tbh no one here i dont think is a Doctor of Mental health if there is im sry, but mental health is real issue felt by alot of people, and well people have no idea what others are going through, though i think all mean well. But what you need to look to do is speak to someone about the depression, having suicidal thoughts isnt healthy. As for the question of Hex or having been given cursed, well that cant be the case, as it takes a farly high avasta to give someone some type of curse, you will have heard of the story of Banda Singh Bahdaar who tried you use powers vs Guru Gobind singh. The point im making is that you are not Cursed you need to get that out of your head, 2nd if you want peace and it is a real shame what you are feeling you need to spend at least 1 hour in the morning and evening doing Simran Abiaas. If you need anymore information feel free to contact me.
  12. For me this is abit of a shock as knowing of the Truth, is what drives me in Life, for people just turning off that part saying and I dont care to much, well if it was that way we wouldn't have what we call modern science and would still be living in the dark ages, its the slow transition of knowing more and more is what has the attributed of the Physical world giving us what we have things like Gps, or Planes or Nukelier Plants to medicines that keep us from serious illnesses. Put aside the spiritual side, which i think is the most important humans venture, if we stop moving forward in the Physical world we wouldn't have new technologies or medicines to cure new disease its because of forward thinking people we have what we do now in the world. Other side to the question what if we put a blind eye to Gurbani, well Gurbani Says "Bin Simran Naark Pyai" without meditating on Vaheguru its a strait road to Hell, also Gurbani says this Breath we have been given will one day be accounted for in the court of Vaheguru where our good deeds and bad deeds will be dissected and according to your karam you will be given your next Life. So alot rides on knowing what the truth is.
  13. Its called Baraag its happens more your mind becomes more Nirmal, its a good sign means bani is filtering through doesnt happan to many. Step after this is to start following Gurus Path of Buhgti Marag and realization of the sins we do and try combat them, from there more spitiutal things will be gained.
  14. Kaal is the overseer of the universe he was made and put in-charge by Akaal Purkah khandd pathaal dheep sabh loaa | sabh kaalai vas aap prabh keeaa | His role and the role of the other Sukam Jeevs that reside within this body have been told within Gurbani, some of their names you will know of like, Daram Raaja, Chitar Gupth, Jaam Dhoots, Atma, Mun and others. These sukam jeevs have there roles of which Kaal is the overseer. As for if the punj choor can effect the body, they cant not directly there effect is felt on the mind, Gurbani says this mental roog will effect the body, things like chinta, asha, balahsa will cause physical aliments, like cancers, depression and other illnesses. There is only 1 medicine Gurbani speaks of for every aliment sarab rog kaa aoukhadh naam | The Naam is the panacea, the remedy to cure all ills.
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