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  1. The one person who has popularise this suicidal philosophy of helping others while our people are in need is this guy. He has done more damage to our people than even our biggest enemies. I equate him with the Badals for the damage he has done.
  2. It's so amusing to see these Hindus soil their dhotis at videos of Sikhs sloganeering for Khalistan. They have been fed the lie that it is only a few Sikhs abroad who for money from the ISI are demanding Khalistan. These videos bring out the truth to these Hindus which they find hard to stomach.
  3. If each of those Sikhs at his Antim Ardas joined SAD(A) party and along with their family voted only for SAD(A) then that party would have at least 10-15 seats. Mann needs a base from which to take the Panth forward.
  4. The biggest mistake that our leadership made was not to contain our settlement in 1947 in just Punjab. The irony is that even after having suffered massacres solely because we were a small minority in Muslim areas a lot of our people went out of Punjab and became small minorities in Hindu areas. After 1984 a lot of Sikhs especially from Delhi, Bihar and eastern UP moved to Punjab. Since the 1990s a lot of our farmers seeing that farming is unproductive in Punjab with the small holdings they had, sold their land and moved into areas like Madhya Pradesh where they have done well economically but they are hopelessly exposed to violence by Hindutvis.
  5. UP has different regions, western UP is almost akin to Punjab and in some places they speak a mixture of Punjabi and Hindi. Eastern UP is more like Bihar. Most of the Bhaiyas in Punjab come from eastern UP and Bihar.
  6. There is actually a thriving Mexican Sikh community mainly in Mexico City. There are many Mexican converts to Sikhi mainly through 3HO but also there are Sikh businessmen and their families living there. Mexican people tend to have the same family values as us and although they are Catholics many are very open minded to Dharmic philosophies. These Afghan Sikhs are very astute in business so they should thrive as they have done in other countries. They usually make decision as a community so they might decide to go to the US but because they have got political asylum in Mexico they will probably get denied asylum in the US. If they had gone directly to the US they would have got asylum very easily.
  7. I am not fighting over castes, I am countering the demonisation of Jats by this guy. He is following the same agenda that Hindutvis have to demonise Jats.
  8. Thank you. I try and base my opinions on evidence and if there is an issue, I would rather spend an hour researching it and then give my view rather than just give an opinion for opinion's sake. The issue with our people is that we think that we need 100% of our people to become Panthic and committed in order to achieve anything worthwhile for Punjab. The fact is that need probably 20-30% of our people to be committed, in any society the majority of people act as sheep, they align with the party or movement that they think is the strongest. To win elections in Punjab you need a committed cadre of workers as well as having at least a few years of doing grassroots work for the people that you want to vote for you and well known candidates.. Unfortunately, our Panthic organisations fail to realise this. They think that just by asking for votes in the name of the Panth that will be enough, it might get you 5-10% of the vote but not a majority. For the majority, you need party workers on the ground, in the villages where they create an image of someone who is willing to help anyone and sort out people's issues. Look at Lakha Sidhana, he has a history of sorting out peoples' problems. He has been following the Kharkoo Samaj Sudhar movement's aim which in the late 80s by making sure that those women who are living at their pekey because their marriage has broken down are able to go back to their husband's house with honour. It is likely that he will win the Maur seat or if he doesn't then he will come a close second. The party he is standing SSM will be wiped out in the other constituencies their candidates are standing. Even Rajewal may lose his deposit in Samrala. It is the groundwork and grass roots work that counts. This is what Simranjit Singh Mann needs to do. His candidates are virtually unknown apart from Amritpal Singh Mehron who went to Delhi to help in the case of the rape of the Sikh girl in Delhi. The sad fact that rather than AAP, Simranjit Singh Mann should have been the change that the Punjab wanted this year.
  9. The higher caste Punjabi Hindus, the Bahmans, Khatri/Arora and the Bania has always been anti-Sikh and anti-Punjab to the core. Our leadership has failed to recognise that the Punjabi Hindu is deeply split even more so than our people. The Badal Akalis in 1997 by aligning themselves with the BJP which is the party of higher caste Hindu interests gave this section of the Punjabi Hindus a taste of power in Punjab which after 1966 they had never had. Simranjit Singh Mann's Akali Dal had supported the BSP and Kanshi Ram. Now the Badal Akalis after leaving the BJP have aligned with the BSP so it will interesting to see if the BSP made any gains from it. If you read the names of the Hindus who spread the most anti-Sikh vitriol, it will always be a Sharma, Verma, Bhardwaj etc - all Bahman surnames. The problem with our Panthic leadership is that they have never aligned with a section of the Punjabi Hindus with whom we have common interests. The Hindu Dalits and the Hindu agricultural castes. Together these form over 15% of the population of Punjab. The attack of the RW Hindus have been to divide Sikhs by using their narrative that Jat Sikhs have been killing and raping Dalits with impunity in Punjab so as to divide our people. Even some of our muppets with an agenda also latch on this and have been spreading this BS online. The area where the Hindu Dalits have dominance in Doaba is the place where Dalits are in direct competition with the urban Hindu and not the rural Sikh. These Dalits don't consider themselves Hindus and are anti-Hindutva. They should be our natural allies. We should go back to our anti-Manuvadi origins. Here is the typical Punjabi Hindu upper caste trying to demonise the Sikh majority to the rest of India.
  10. That is so cynical and that is why I thought you had issues over land there because such cynicism can only come from someone deeply hurt by his own. People are the same everywhere, some have an agenda here to present our people especially the rural people as devils which they are not and I am not saying they are all angels either.
  11. Again with the amateur psychology. So which book is it? The id.io.ts guide to psychology? So when you going to Punjab and actually get some real world experience of the place you claim to be an expert on? Lockdown's over, there's no excuse to keep being ignorant. A few weeks in Punjab will show you that your preconceived notions about Punjab are BS.
  12. There are good people and there are bad people that exist in all societies. You are doing a disservice to our own people if you accept the psycho babble that people like Daily dish out. Daily hasn't even been to Punjab so he's more like an armchair expert, lots of views but no actually real world experience. Plus he has an agenda, all that Pendu this Pendu that BS he comes up with. I Don't know about MisterSingh but he's probably not had his share of the zameen because of relatives back home so I can understand his toon toon main main mentality. I go by my own experience which is what you should be doing because those with an agenda love to highlight the negatives and belittle the positives. Unlike armchair expert Daily, I have been going to Punjab nearly every year, I was born in Punjab and came here as a 7 year old. So I know our people from close up. I don't go by what some freshies on the building site tell me what's going on in their Pind. I make sure that my kids go to Punjab and they still have a connection with Punjab, apart from our ancestral land I am planning to buy more land there in a few years time so they have an even greater physical connection with the land. I don't expect them to ever go and live their permanently but as long as they go every year and they have something to go back to which they love and respect and they know the people and can empathise with them that will be enough. People like Daily have no connection with Punjab, so it is easy for him to badmouth the people with his amateur psychology, only those who connect with Punjab and the people know that they are not a lost cause and never have been.
  13. It is the fault of the leadership, both the Akalis and a section of the Kharkoos. In 1989 When Simranjit Singh Mann's Akali Dal caused an elector shock to Punjab politics by winning 6 seats and supporting the Bahujan Samaj Party's leader to win the Phillaur seat as well as two Independents who had the same political ideology as Mann, Dhian Singh Mand in Ferozpur and Atinderpal Singh in Patiala. I was in Punjab at that time and my Chacha was a SDO and he told me that as soon as the results come in, all the Punjab police fake encounters were stopped and the Punjab police officer responsible for fake encounters were ready to flee to Delhi. They knew that Sardar Mann would be the next CM of Punjab when the assembly elections would take place. Akali Dal Mann won 29% of the total vote, the independents and BSP and Janta Dal candidate that had Mann's support won a further 29%, that 58% of the vote, even if we exclude the BSP and Janta Dal candidate even then the vote for Panthic candidates was 42%. Captain won a landslide with just 38% of the vote in 2017. When these took place in May 1991 candidates were attacked and the government cancelled in the elections, it was likely that Simranjit Singh Mann would have become CM if these elections had been allowed to take place. There was a major dispute between the Kharkoo Jathebandiyan about whether to take part in the elections. The ones who wanted to not allow them got their way and that was the biggest mistake that was ever made in the struggle. It allowed Congress and Beanta to come in in 1992 when all Panthic parties boycotted the election and those police who were fleeing to Delhi fearing court action for their crimes were given free rein. The boycott also allowed the traditional Akalis like Badal to bide their time and he came to power in 1997 in alliance with the BJP. The people need leaders that they can trust and the loss of trust in 1992 led to the failure of all attempts to create a Panthic alternative to Badal. In 2002 the Panthic Morcha of which Simranjit Singh was a candidate won only 4% of the vote. AAP won their seats in Malwa due to the Panthic vote, they didn't win anything in the Hindu majority cities and apart from one seat all their seats were in Malwa. The Panthic vote never had a home, either they didn't vote or they voted for the least anti-Panth of the candidates. This is why Deep Sidhu's support for Simranjit Singh Mann was so important. He was resurrecting the Panthic alternative to the Badals which is what Punjab needs. He understood that AAP will never do any good for Punjab, they have a sharabi kababi comedian as a CM face, at least in 2017, the likelihood was that Phoolka would be the CM if AAP won the majority of the seats. Punjab will be controlled from Delhi, with Bhagwant Mann as Delhi's rubber stamp. This is why a hung assembly will be the best outcome for Punjab, two parties with different ideologies having to unite to get a majority. Let them fight it out and then let the government collapse after a few year and then another election. This gives Mann two years to get the youth to organise, if AAP win a majority, then it gives him 5 years to organise because AAP will be a failure in Punjab and that is guaranteed.
  14. While the Hindu votebank is being consolidated and they only vote for Hindu candidates, we have these comrade id.iots seeking to split the Sikh votes and ensure that one day we even lose our dominance in the Punjab assembly.
  15. Maybe be less judgemental. Talk to the person who has such tattoos and explain that Sikhi is against tattoos and maybe they will understand and not get any more tattoos. Be more like him and not like him
  16. You know that those how were near and close to him who were both Keshdhari and Amritdhari and even Nihangs during those Singhu border days never once said to him that he must keep his Kesh or judged him for being a Mona. They knew that everyone is on a journey to Sikhi, some take longer others not so long. The ones who felt his loss were people like Barjinder Singh Parwana who is an Amritdhari because unlike you who is quick to cast aspersions and judge a person according to whether they are Monay or Keshdhari, he lived closely with Deep Sidhu and understood him more than any of us could. Your type of Sikhi won't bring the monay back to Sikhi.
  17. Great analysis by that Jo Singh guy! Did he actually listen to what Pannu said. He said he got calls from two people, one who said that AAP are pro-Khalistan and the other saying that Kejriwal will be ruling Punjab through Bhagwant Mann. How does this equate to helping BJP? If he wanted to help BJP he would have not denied that the SFJ letter was fake. He actually clarified that it was a fake letter. If anything Pannu is mudding the water just as these Hindustanis have been mudding the water in Panthic circles for decades. He is giving them a taste of their own medicine. AAP which thinks it can take Sikh votes for granted and only has to cater for Hindu demands in Punjab must have soiled their pants when the fake letter came out. Politics is a dirty business and it's about time some dirt was thrown at Kejriwal and Bhagwant Mann which costs them votes. The effects of the letter if it taken seriously will be the same as the Maur Mandi bomb blast with done followers of the rapist sadh on the directions of the Congress in order to scare the Hindus into voting for Congress but this time many of these votes may go to BJP. AAP will suffer because they will retain the Sikh vote in Malwa but not win in the Hindu majority cities.
  18. There's no need to feel bad. Being let down by those we trust has become a routine thing with our people that if someone comes who is committed to our cause we automatically begin to doubt him. I have met many Apnay who have come over from Punjab and although our friend Daily likes to call them pendus and sociopaths, this is not my experience. These guys were let down by our leadership who colluded with the Indian state to to keep them ignorant of the events our people went through in 1984. When these guys and those in India cut through the government propaganda, they are more Panthic than many Singhs I know. That is not to say that a small percentage are too far gone to change their views even after finding out the facts. The ones who still fly the Indian flag and think they are Indians first are usually Chamars from Doaba who will say they are Sikhs on one occasion and Hindus on another. Those from a Kisan background, Jats, Rajputs, Lobanas, Kambohs etc become more Panthic after finding out what India did to us in 1984. Deep Sidhu was lucky in one sense, that after the leftists and Hindu RW were baying for his blood after 26th January 2021, that he was not murdered in a fake encounter while he was on the run because then the leftists and Hindu RW would have blackened his name and probably even many of our people would have accepted the lie that he was a BJP agent. Can you imagine, becoming a martyr for your peoples' rights and yet to be condemned forever by the very people whose rights you gave your life for. At least he was recognised and will forever be recognised as a great martyr for our people. The ones who claimed that he was a Gaddar from the Kisan andolan stage, where are they now, long forgotten. Rajewal will lose his desposit, the comrades like Dr Swaiman are losing what credibility they gained by the seva they did at the Singhu border. Who even remembers that goon Rajinder Singh Deep Singh Wala? Only Deep Sidhu and Lakha Sidhana are remembered and will long be remembered for what they did for the andolan.
  19. Nope, we don't consider your people important enough for us to waste our time talking about let alone backstabbing, sorry to burst you bubble but honestly you really aren't that important. You are deluded if you think that. Just look at your posts on here going back over a decade, you are fixated on Jats the same as the rest of your people. You could drag Jats into a discussion on tiddly-winks! The pushback you got over the last few months were due to us having to put up with your anti-Jat BS for years. A Jat will tell you to your face what he thinks of you but your people have an insidious backstabbing mentality that is not seen in Sikhs of any other background. It's a racial trait of your people. What's with the homos comment? We have probably have the same number as any other community. Are you sayin we have more among Jats? The vast majority of the Jats I know are married, the only non-married guy in his 50s is you. You know what they say, the ones who are most anti-homo are usually closet homos themselves, hating out against the ones who have come out while they cannot. It does explain a lot of things about you.
  20. The truth will come out, there is no doubt about that. The same state that murdered our youth in fake encounters will not think twice before murdering someone like Deep Sidhu who more than anyone has awaken our youth again. I know that when someone great such as him dies, we cannot accept that it happened randomly, after all accidents happen all the time in Punjab and people are killed BUT this 'accident' has all the hallmarks of a state assassination and poorly carried out one at that. Maybe the state did not have the time to perfect the assassination and his murder was planned hurriedly due to the effect he was having on the Punjab elections especially on the campaign of Simranjit Singh Mann. The Indian state's narrative has always been to belittle the Khalistan movement as a movement of a few NRIs abroad funded by the ISI and having no relevance in Punjab. BUT a victory for Simranjit Singh Mann, especially as his previous defeats have always been presented as evidence that the Khalistan movement has no support from the people in Punjab would show that to be a lie. The Indian state could not allow that. Deep Sidhu's powerful oratory against AAP who I genuinely believe is the BJP's B team, the BJP know that no Sikh in Punjab will vote for them, so they are using AAP as a Trojan Horse to rule Punjab by proxy will have dented their chances to win a majority. Kejriwal's refusal to release Professor Davinderpal Singh Bhullar and his recent statement trying to scare the Punjab Hindus into voting for him by using the threat of a revival of Sikh militancy shows where his loyalty lies. Deep Singh was a threat to the Indian narrative on Khalistan and chance of the BJP's B team to rule Punjab. His video, asking Sikhs to choose between the Kirpan and Jharoo is so powerful, it will probably be the image of the Punjab elections of 2022. It as already become iconic. If AAP fail to get a majority, it will have been this speech that will have scuppered their dream of ruling Punjab.
  21. Credit to Kanwar Grewal, Harf Cheema and other singers who have come out in open support of Sardar Simranjeet Singh Mann.
  22. Credit where it's due. The Jassa Singh Ramgarhia Akhara seem to have their heads screwed on right unlike most Ramgarhia associations which tend to be more like social clubs and echo chambers for Ramgarhias to badmouth Jats. Credit also to the 7 Ramgarhia Gurdwaras that signed the letter to the PM from 230 Sikh organisations and Gurdwaras demanding Priti Patel be sacked for demonising Sikhs in the speech she made in the USA. Ramgarhia Board Gurdwara, Leeds Ramgarhia Board Northampton (Gurdwara Sahib) Ramgarhia Sabha, Nottingham Ramgarhia Sabha, Reading Ramgarhia Sabha, Wolverhampton Ramgarhia Sikh Gurdwara, Slough Ramgarhia Sikh Society, Bedford
  23. Five Singhs sent to jail for asking questions of Bhagwant Mann about AAP's refusal to release Professor Davinderpal Singh Bhullar.
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