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  1. And looking at his posts for the last decade or more there is no cure for his Jatphobia.
  2. Jats are pure evil according to him and are at the bottom of everything wrong in Punjab.
  3. The situation in Haryana and Western UP is slightly different to Punjab, in Punjab the Jats were the main landholding caste in central and east Punjab. In south-east Punjab (ie Haryana) This status is shared by Gujjars, Ahirs and Rajputs. In the Jat belt of Haryana -Rohtak-Hissar-Sonepat, it is similar to Punjab but in other areas of Haryana these other landholding castes also have large populations. In Haryana, the Jats are estimated to be about 25% of the population and their solidarity has meant that they have pretty much ruled Haryana because the other landholding caste do not have the sam
  4. The figures are for the 1931 census when the mass of Sikhs lived in Punjab. There have been changes since 1931 but I would estimate Jats are still over 50% of all Sikhs. Your calculations are incorrect. Sikhs were 57% of Punjab population so 16 million out of 27.7 million. Dalits were 32% of the total population of Punjab of which Sikhs Dalits were 5.3 million out of 8.86 million total Dalits. This makes Sikh Dalits 33.7% of all Sikhs in Punjab. This then leaves 66% of non-Dalit Sikhs. The settlement of Sikhs in 1947 was very disjointed, with the vast majority of Jats being resettled in
  5. Total Ignorance, Dalit numbers have remained the same until 2001 when a new caste group of Mahtams now know as Rai Sikhs were given scheduled caste status. You have f all knowledge about Punjab. The facts and all the data shows a different picture than your ignorant characterisation of Punjab.
  6. Why does Punjab uniquely have the highest Dalit population? Is it because there is such low violence and murder of Dalits that their numbers have kept increasing while in the rest of India the constant harassment and murder has over the centuries lower the population of Dalits?
  7. More up to date data from 2019. Look at Haryana, a lower overall population, less Dalits than Punjab and nearly 6 times as many crimes against Dalits. Either the Jats in Punjab are unique in suppressing all their crimes against Dalits or Punjab for Dalits is not the hell hole you claim it is.
  8. I'll leave this image here. Punjab has the highest percentage of Dalits at 32% than any other state and yet percentage wise has the least number of crimes than other states. So who is right, me or you? While I present the facts you present your BS picked up from SM to buttress your inherent hatred of Jats.
  9. Writes the guy who hasn't even been to Punjab. So where you're counter to the above with FACTS and not a display of your gross ignorance. Your hatred of Jats is clear for all to see, this isn't your fault, this is something that Tarkhans teach their kids and this hatred is ingrained in you. I have never encountered such hatred for Jats even among the so-called lower castes who you claim are so discriminated against by Jats.
  10. The last caste census was done in 1931 apart from the figures for the lower castes which are still tabulated. Contrary to your claim of 'dirty' treatment of Mazhabis by Jats, the Chuhras of Punjab have been becoming Sikhs consistently since 1931 and that has been because they live in Jat villages and they take the religion of their patrons. In 1931 Sikh Chuhras were just 26% of all Chuhras (only counting the Sikh and Hindu Chuhras) in united Punjab. in 2011 Sikh Chuhras were 62% of all Chuhras in the combined Chuhra population of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal (the old Punjab) I
  11. There you go again with your extreme ignorance of Punjabi rural culture. There is no such thing as hatred for Mazhabis by Jats. You don't even have any knowledge of the caste dynamics in Punjab. The other castes are called LAAGIS, the provide services for the Jats and get paid in grain or other produce. The Chamars and Mazhabis provide farm labour, Tarkhans building work or repairs to farm implements. Each caste had a role and there was no such thing as hatred for each other. As for reservations, this is an issue for every caste that cannot get reservations. Just because you have only co
  12. Or why don't you consider the fact that no one is threatened by anyone of whatever caste and most of your caste bias stems from your own insecurities. The reservations issue was that it is caste based and not income based and one particular caste the Chamars have pretty much taken the lions share of reservations and the only way other castes like Mazhabis or Chuhras can now take advantage of reservations is by the percentage reservations being increased and this lead to non-lower Castes losing out.
  13. Sorry I rattled your cage. Your knowledge of Punjab comes from those freshies you worked on the building sites with as well as social media. Prove me wrong, tell me you have actually been to Punjab. As for being the second biggest group in the Panth, you are sadly mistaken. Below from 1931 census.
  14. The day that Ramgarhias like you start to impress Hindu Tarkhans in north India with their commitment to Sikhi so much so that these Hindu Tarkhans start to become Sikhs in large numbers then you will not hear any Jat attempt to rubbish this in the same way as you have tried to rubbish Hindu Jaats becoming Sikhs.
  15. I agree. Unfortunately we have people in our community who go out of their way to p1ss of Hindus by helping Muslims even when these Muslims were the ones in the wrong. Case in point, Simranjeet Singh Mann needlessly got involved in the Muzaffarnagar riots issue when he went to tour Muslims refugee camps to show his support for them against the Jats who they had been involved in riots with. Ravi Singh of Khalsa Aid also has the same mindset. He deliberately helps Muslims and his attempt to equate the Delhi riots of 2020 with the genocide of 1984 shows his malicious intent.
  16. Thus is wrong. Being Punjabi is a large part of the Sikh identity at present due to Punjabi Sikhs being a majority of Sikhs as well as the fact that the vast majority of events in Sikh history took place in Punjab. BUT there is nothing to say that at some stage another ethnic group might to convert en masse to Sikhi and still wish to preserve their language and cultural traits which are not against Sikhi. We need to understand that other religions have become quite savvy in the way they go after converts from any particular group. They promote the aspects of their religion which they kno
  17. The biggest problem is that our enemies the liberals and left wingers have managed the convince the vast majority of our people that converting others is wrong and 'non'-inclusive'. They are very adept at twisting Gurbani to suit their agenda.
  18. There is so much potential in Sikhi becoming the religion of a large chunk of the population of Haryana, northern Rajasthan and west UP. So Hindu Jaats who want to remain in the Manuvaadi order are already trying to present the conversion of Jaats to Sikhi as a betrayal like this guy. He is presenting Jaats as having been Hindus thorugh out history when the truth is the Jats' original religion was ancestor worship or Jathera. Just as we have Jathera shrines for all the Jat gots in Punjab there are Jathera shrines for the Jaats of UP, Haryana and Rajasthan. He states that many vi
  19. The Indian establishment has always seen the link up of Sikhs and Jaats in northern India as a threat. The Sikhs hold the border with Pakistan and the Jaats encircle the capital Delhi. Around the same time as the Sikhistan proposal, there was also a scheme that included floated by the East Punjab Maharajas to join with the Jaat states of Bharatpur, Dholpur and Alwar and to create a state between Lahore and Delhi called Jattistan. I know the name might give you a heart attack but that scheme would have created an untenable situation for both Pakistan which considered Lahore as vital to Pakistan
  20. Agreed these Jaats are on the rougher end of the Jat spectrum but their interest in Sikhi seems genuine. Like Sikhs Jats they also have a perception of themselves as a people rather than a caste and as such they feel greater solidarity for all Jats then say a Dalit in Haryana would have with a Dalit in Punjab. This solidarity as well as the desire to progress economically and politically is what is pulling them towards Sikhi. Their role in the pre-1966 Punjab was not anti-Punjabi, they did not disown Punjabi like the Punjabi Hindus, their language was always Bagri and Haryanvi which were
  21. I disagree, expanding into India will just mean placing small minorities of converts far away from Punjab and without the power to protect themselves. Rather than expanding into India, we need to put all our efforts and resources in our CORE areas. The areas where we are either a majority or a sizeable minority. That is Punjab, Jammu, the lower hills of Himachal, Ganganagar and Hanumangarh of Rajasthan, Northern Haryana and Western UP/ Terai area. This is the area that we should be concentrating on because any conversions will increase the Sikh population and these areas have been influenced b
  22. The Singh Sabha did not come about in a vacuum. The other two religions of Punjab also attempted to present their beliefs in the light of modern research and in language that the rulers would understand. The Singh Sabha also faced the real possibility that Sikhi would be subsumed into Hinduism.
  23. Before 9/11 the Taliban was close to a war with Iran over how they were treating the Shia Hazaras in Afghanistan. When they will come to power they will take the country again to the 6th century. Let them rule their shithole country and destroy it as they did before 9/11.
  24. I think the family is Ahmedias or Qadianis who are classed as non-Muslims and oppressed in Pakistan and not allowed by Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj. The interesting thing is how the Muslim organisations in Canada have now 'accepted' them as Muslims in order to further the Islamophobia agenda. The Ahmedias also have kept quiet as they think that this could lead to some sort of acceptance of them in the larger Muslim community. You can see that they were Ahmedias but the sign left at the site and carried by some who protested against the crime. "love for all and hatred for none" is a A
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