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  1. At least the amount of social media accounts posting details of the 'accident' has stopped the government attempt to frame the narrative to one of Deep Sidhu being drunk and blaming him for the accident. What is the likelihood that this driver will commit suicide in jail?
  2. When I first saw the video of his interview with Barkha Dutt I went and checked Deep Sidhu's twitter, if you read his twitter from a few years ago he was a typical Punjabi with not much knowledge of Sikhi or what our people went through. But gradually you see him asking questions about what the state which claims to be democratic is discriminating against Punjab and Sikhs. He was on a journey, he was a product of the mass indoctrination of our people since the 1990s who wanted to break the chains of the propaganda that he had been subjected to. He would have been when the media has been portraying Santji and anyone who fought for the rights of Punjab as a terrorist. At some stage, Deep probably also felt the same, but his association with the Kisan andolan awakened him, he spent time with those who had taken part in the movement and he was thirsty for knowledge to find out what our people have been through. Harpreet Singh Makhu at Deep's funeral told a story of how he was contacted by Deep Sidhu in the early days and he was so humble and wanted to know more about the issues of Punjab.
  3. Here is the hypocrisy of someone of shares the same comrade ideology of Swaiman Singh. These comrades are the traitors within, they will espouse western views on women's 'freedom' to us and yet give Muslims a free pass for their oppression of their women.
  4. When he was alive Deep Sidhu was the biggest threat to the comrades and they hated him with a vengeance. Look at how they demonised him and the other youth after the Jan 26th incidents at red fort. They were directly informing on the youth to the Delhi police and telling them the names of the youth who are the red fort. What greater treachery could there be? For them the ideal situation would have been for Deep Sidhu to have been murdered in a fake encounter and then they could have blamed him and the other youth for destroying the andolan and they would have come back to Punjab and tried to negotiate with the political parties for MLA seats. Their plan backfired hugely because they failed to understand that the image of the Nishan Sahib on the red fort had such a huge impact on us. Their comrade ideology could never fathom what an effect that image would have because they have no knowledge of Sikh history. People like Swaiman Singh may appear to have the interest of Punjab in their hearts but what is their strategy for this? To bring a long dead and highly destructive ideology like communism which has been rejected by Sikhs back into relevance in Punjab. He called Guru Nanak a comrade, what greater insult could there be? Lots of these comrades will come out of the woodwork trying to gain some influence by associating themselves with Deep Sidhu such as Swaiman Singh is trying to do. He has been getting a lot of pushback from the youth who now understand what his real ideology is, hence his recent use of Panthic and Sikhi imagery in his tweets. Whatever good he did during the andolan is being quickly undone as people understand what he really stands for. The only people worthy of our support are the ones who the Indian establishment see as a threat to their rule in Punjab. Honestly I don't see comrades like Swaiman Singh as a threat to the Indian establishment. If anything people with his ideology give the likes of Modi and Shah a run for their money when it comes to jingoistic nationalism. His tweet just shows how out of touch he is, what is the hate that he trying to stop? Is in the Indian government's hate of Sikhs or is he trying to imply that just because such a large number of Sikhs have come to pray their last respects to Deep Sidhu that somehow this will create 'hate'. You can just see what nonsense his ideology is. The comrades hate any mass expression of the people over which the comrades have no control. Hence nonsense tweets like this one.
  5. He will be demonised in death the same as he was demonised in life by the Indian media. Not equating Deep Sidhu to Santji but after Operation Bluestar the Indian media claimed that drugs were found in Akal Takht, that women were being held as sex slaves there and that Santji was murdered by the Babbar Khalsa during the army attack. None of these were true. Anything that comes out of Indian media should never be trusted by us. That simple rule will ensure that we do not fall victim to their black propaganda.
  6. No offence dude but are you jealous or something? What he does in his private life is his business. How do you know that he is not in a committed relationship and they had both agreed to marry at some point in the future? As a Keshdhari myself, I don't judge any Sikh who is a mona, you don't know what his life has been and why he did not keep his Kesh. Deep Sidhu had started to wear a turban so I think at some stage he would have kept his hair, but then if he did people like you would be saying he is only doing it to get some influence in the Panth. No one can win with people like you.
  7. You are deluded about your people. Ravidasis create their own spaces, Valmikis create their own spaces, there is nothing unique about Tarkhans. All the BS about creating spaces as if that is something unique with Tarkhans, total delusion. There's a Tarkhan pensioner I know who for some reason drops his wife off at the Ramgarhia Gurdwara in the morning and yet himself goes to the Singh Sabha. Never thought to ask him why he prefers the Singh Sabha, might do when I next see him.
  8. Interesting enough, in Leeds, quite contrary to the usual Daily BS about Jats excluding non-Jats, it was the East African Ramgarhias who dominated the Gurdwara committee in the 1960s and excluded Jats from the committee positions. The Jats then set up the own biradri organisation funnily enough called the Indian Farmers association, collected money from every Jat family in the locality and build their own community centre. With the increase in the number of Jats in the early 1970s they then took over the Gurdwara and dominated the committee forcing the Ramgarhias to set up their own Gurdwara.
  9. Part of his bail conditions would have been that he needed to use just one phone and have it on constantly. The government would know by the minute where he was. He would have been tracked and if he switched off the phone the government would have sent him back to jail. The government could choose the time and place. The time was chosen because he had managed to raise the profile of the campaign of Simranjeet Singh Mann and he was getting a good response from the youth. His oratory and his way of explaining issues was unique. I haven't see one video where the interviewer after telling Deep Sidhu what others were accusing him of, show any anger or hit back with any counter accusations which did not have any basis in fact. The tragedy of the Sikh nation is that rather than people like Simranjeet Singh Mann becoming CM of Punjab we have sharabi kababi liars like Bhagwant Mann and the bemukh Badals having a chance to take power.
  10. I think we should be popularising the use of the word PAEDOSTANI for Pakistanis. That word would do so much to highlight the crimes of these people and if there is some shame in them maybe it might force the ones who might deem themselves to be good people to act against those of their people who commit these crimes.
  11. That should come as a shock for that Jagsaw guy who was here a few years chatting shite about how all the former Doaba Muslims who migrated to Lyallpur in 1947 are such great people.
  12. Anyone who has had the misfortune to interact with a East African Tarkhan would recognise the truth of your post. If anything you have downplayed their negatives and played up what little good they have in them. Daily is a East African Tarkhan par excellence. Daily is a one man representative of his people. They are masters at projecting their own negatives on to others. And here is the proof, projecting the Tarkhan tendency to move away from each other because even they know that each and every Tarkhan suffers from sociopathic personality disorder, each one trying to outdo the other in backstabbing as many people as they can. Look at Daily himself, the dude couldn't even get a woman to marry him, I mean he must be the worse example of a Tarkhan if he couldn't even get a Tarkhanani to marry him!
  13. The interesting thing here is that even with the much hyped Sikh influence in Canadian politics, while Canada has been accepting Afghan Muslim refugees by the thousands very few Afghan Sikhs and Hindus have been accepted.
  14. Of course you are. What is it with monkeyboys pretending to be Sikhs online as if that gives their BS view any credibility.
  15. All those idio.ts who were calling Deep Sidhu as a BJP agent have been shown to the liars they are. Deep Sidhu has been going from village to village to get people to vote for Sardar Mann and other candidates of his party. I hope Sardar Mann wins and Deep Sidhu is able to bring new life to Akali Dal (Amritsar). I was in Punjab in 1989 when Sardar Mann won from Tarn Taran by a record margin of 480,000. Simaranjit Singh Mann 527,707 88.1% Shiromani Akali Dal (SIMRANJIT SINGH MANN) Ajit Singh Mann 47,290 7.9% Indian National Congress
  16. You forgot to answer that question, seriously what's it like knowing your duggu daily genes won't go on after you are gone. Must be depressing. Let me know, I will get you the number of the Samaritans.
  17. Tarkhans opened up the construction industry, in your dreams maybe. Tarkhans have been kicked out of construction because the freshies are not deceiving too faced liars that Tarkhans are. Ask any other Sikh caste who they would rather trust to do the building works and Tarkhans are the last on the list. Even Tarkhans won't have Tarkhans do any construction work for them because they know what their own people are like..lol. Yes, there are issues with drug use in Punjab, but that is the case in countries close to Afghanistan where the drugs come from, Afghanistan itself along with Pakistan and Iran all have drug problems. Iran has the highest number of opiate users per population. As you are an arm chair expert who has never been to Punjab it is no wonder you can only use newsreports to highlight the issue. But Punjab's drug problem is not even as bad as the one in surrounding countries but as our people have a tendency to shout about our problems from the rooftops if you base your opinion on what you see on social media, you would think Punjab has more drug users than in the whole of India. That is not the case. Compare the map of Iran above with this of India. Punjab does have a problem but not to the level that Iran has. No doubt Punjab has a drug problem, Punjab has 2.8% users, Delhi has 2.3% users. Mizoram has the highest with 6.9%. Do we hear about the drug problem in Delhi? or Mizoram? Look at the news reports, people like to cite figures like 70% of Punjab youth are drug addicts. This is where there is a mismatch between data and anecdotes. As for Maula Jat, the actor was actually a Arain, a low caste in the rural order but definitely above Tarkhans.
  18. I hope at least Simranjeet Singh Mann wins from his seat. Social media has been active and people are waking up to how he has been pretty much been ignored by the Sikh electors even though he has given so much to the Panth.
  19. Clear evidence that the Jats were oppressed? What you have are letters sent home by Sipahis, so you think every soldier was oppressed? There is no doubt that especially in WW1 that the conditions these soldiers fought in were very bad and even some British units mutinied and had to be court martialled. You are a joker. So based on an article you think that every Sikh soldier was a slave of the British. I think you are projecting the slavery that your own Tarkhans underwent in East Africa on to Jats. Being in the army was a way to maintain a martial tradition, apart from Jassa Singh Ramgarhia, whose name you people had to adopt to gain some credibility in the Panth when he and his family were the only Tarkhans to ever achieve anything of note. The rest of your people have always been losers and maintain that 'proud' heritage into this century. Your people never had a martial history and that we the reason you people were never enlisted in the army because you were never classed as a martial race. Nothing to do with earning more money, if that was the case then Tarkhans would have more landholdings but they are behind dalits in land holdings. All the agricultural groups, Jats, Rajputs, Kambohs, Sainis, Lobanas and now even the Rai Sikhs (formerly pastoral Mahtams who when they came to Sikhi took to agriculture and were allotted land in the Bet regions of Malwa,) also look down on your people as losers. In the villages your people have had to move out because Dalits have started to do the same work and to a better standard than them so Tarkhans tend to work in the factories and small units in the small towns. So tell us about your proud history? What have you people achieved apart from being the Bhaiyas of Africa?
  20. Uplifted the Panth. SA.LAYA you're only contribution is starched paghs and indentured servitude! You couldn't uplift your khabba tatta!
  21. Looks like Duggu Daily you got triggered!. So let's dissect your bullshyt. The only thing Tarkhans pioneered was to be the only Sikhs to have been INDENTURED LABOURERS. Normally we associate INDENTURED LABOUR with UP and Bihari bhaiyas who were transported to various countries to replace SLAVES who had been given freedom due to the abolition of SLAVERY. I mean INDENTURED LABOUR was probably a notch higher than what your people were used to in Punjab anyway. You Tarkhans were so expendable then the Railways didn't even bother about how many of you were eaten by lions, quite an image so-called (fake) Singhs getting eaten by LIONS. That's you history! What's it like belonging to a group that bought such disgrace to Sikhi, to willingly be indentured labourers for the British and facing having to be eaten by lions in the process. Your people like to present themselves as successful by every Sikh community that came to the UK after you have left you far behind. Even the ones who came in the last decade have done better than you Duggus. All you have is your fake dikhawa of having a clapped out Mercedes car from the 80s with a Duggu number plate!! Having seen a few Duggu houses, they have the lounge all done up which is what vistors see and the rest of the house is usually a shythole. Even the Afghani Sikhs have left you far behind. A friend of mine who works in property says they have been buying up houses in good areas like crazy while band.ars like you still live in shytholes like East London. Where I live, the only houses that get sold are to Afghani Sikhs. So what's it like being a slave for the goray at the building site, must be embarrassing that someone who was born in UK and went through the UK education system and all the opportunities are yet ends up UNMARRIED. NO KIDS, WORKING IN A BUILDING SITE! No wonder the freshies chat to you, they think you are one of them because of the low level job you do and they must be surprised that someone born in the UK work's like a DIHARIA. You are a joke. And on a personal note, what's it like knowing that your line is going to die out with you? I suppose that's evolution for you, the weak will die out and the strong will pass their genes on.
  22. That's always the case, the interesting fact is that while those who become practising Hindus, Christians, Jews, Sikhs, Buddhists tend to become on the whole much better human beings, the same is not the case for Muslims. The worse ones are the ones who get that mark on their forehead from constantly bowing and praying.
  23. Its interesting but I doubt we would be able to prove that Punjabi as a language is 5500 years old. Probably the best we could do is to push it back to 500 AD or thereabouts. That would make it 300 years older than English the world language and this would be a great achievement. But what it does show is we have allowed ourselves to be propagandised by others and we have allowed their biased perception of Punjabi being a crude language to persist for many decades. Also the eagerness with which we have allowed the two foreign scripts such as Shahmukhi and to a lesser degree Devanagari to be considered Punjabi scripts has been downright criminal on our part. For Shahmukhi we allowed the falsehood that before Gurmukhi, Punjabi was written in Shahmukhi script by the Sufis. Nothing could be further from the truth, for instance the first written copies of Waris Shah's Heer in Persian script on the orders of a former Durbari in Maharaja Ranjit Singh's court in the 1850s. Prior to that there are copies of the text in Gurmukhi. The Sufis were an oral tradition and their compositions were memorised and recited and not written down. Probably the first ever writing of a Sufi was Baba Farid's Bani in Gurmukhi in the Guru Granth Sahib. During the British times, they recorded literacy according to language by knowledge of it's script. Gurmukhi was tied to Punjabi, Nastaliq with Urdu and Devanagari with Hindi. They never considered there was such as script as Shahmukhi and the very name imitating the name Gurmukhi shows it is of recent vintage. This acceptance of Shahmukhi script has led to Punjabi being one of the few languages in the world to have two mutually unintelligible scripts.
  24. How insecure are you? You need to see a therapist so you can get some help but to be honest of you are in your fifties then I doubt even the best therapist could help you. You are a lost cause. Keep having your little digs. The non-Tarkhans who have come over from Punjab in the last few decades have pretty much pushed the Tarkhans out of their traditional jobs. I have seen freshies make better wardrobes than Tarkhans who have been doing it for decades plus they do it cheaper and don't try and defraud you by bumping up costs after they have got your deposit. Freshies have cornered the building trades hence your jealousy. Be honest, how many freshies you have taken the pi$$ out of gone on to do better than a diharia like you. A fuD4u like you had all the advantages of being born her, being educated here and these freshies is doing better than you and have their own companies while you are slaving for Goray. Seems like you can't handle that the Jaats todays may be undergoing the same transformation into Sikhi that happened a hundred years ago in Punjab. To be honest I would rather have 1 Jaat coming to Sikhi rather than retain 10 Tarkhans in Sikhi. This is where the old adage quality not quantity is so true. Better to have 1 Jaat joining Sikhi and expanding the frontiers of Sikhi than retaining 10 backbiting, low IQ, kanjoos laagis like you.
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