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  1. Fateh. ... Dont distort bani. I replied cos i was asked where it says abt idols.... I do get out when and where needed. You are clearly missing the point here. Perhaps you dont want to admit. You start a tradition - it will get manipulated How many statues have been established of our sikh leaders in the past 300 years? So why and where this new trend And the point here is - FFWD to another few 100 years; and then think. Statues (Worshiped or not) will be a norm at this rate. Statues of kings is another point.... Art is great. Look at Zafarnama and many other religious writings -
  2. Fateh hence i did not quote the shabads merely pointed out where it is banned within SGGS The point I was making: Would future generations not starting seeing Idolism as a norm. Why start something which is clearly banned in our religion.
  3. oh and Ang 1160 and 739 Infact you should research SGGS to find out more and enlighten us Also refer to the Sakhis of Bhai Bhairo and Bhagat Sadhna! Fateh . . .
  4. Fateh Friendly stranger - pls refer to Ang 556 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji... You will notice idolism is clearly banned. Statue / Image depends on defintion Coming back to my main points - seems no one has any views. Fateh . . .
  5. Fateh In the recent news you have probably seen the statue of Baba Banda Singh Bhadhur being put up in India and in the UK. At one hand I am in owe of people who are remembering our Heros; however at the same time my comment is on the establishment of the Statues. Baba Banda Singh Bhadhur started currency but used Guru's name on the currency rather than his own; then why establish statues for him Take this forward a few generations do the future generations will start considering Statue Establishment in Sikhism a norm; where as it has been clearly banned. I raise eyebrow at the l
  6. Sorry if i wasnt clear It is not SAROOPS It is the Saropas. I do wear them as small keski but ..... hope that clarifies. Fateh
  7. Fateh I get saropas from gurudwara's whilst visiting India. I use these and have been using for a long time. Some of these are really old and worn now. What do you guys generally do with these which are used? Fateh . . .
  8. Fateh Thanks to all your comments. However I stick with my point. Who has a parkash of maharaj at home or on a manji sahib. You need 2 rumalas. 1 x under and 1 x over. I have clearly stated I can not sew, so need to go an get one from the shops. the point here is that the shops (sikh shops) only sell 1 x rumala + 1 x palkan; This is what I am highlighting. What should be done on this to change this to 2 x Rumalas. Thanks Fateh...
  9. Fateh . . . . Rumala Issue I had to go and get a Rumala for Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji. I cant sew so had to go and get one. All places have Rumala’s as 2x Plakan, and 1 x Rumala. Whereas the need for Rumala is 2 x Palkan, and 2 x Rumala (1 for under and 1 for over). I did resolve this by buying 2 sets however don’t need 2 x palkan …. Why do Sikh shops sell these as as 1 x Rumala where as the need for any of Maharaj’s Prakash requires 2 x Rumalas. No wonder the Gurudwaras are saying don’t give so many Rumala’s as we are overstocked. Perhaps the real reason is that the Gurudwaras
  10. Fateh . . . Very true... there is a lowering of standards in all aspects and we (including me) seem to be ignoring all of this. In turn if we look at the rehat maryada it seems to be cut and getting shortened over the time. For example Take the Damdami taksal detailed rehat maryada it states every single detail on how the protocol should be adhered to. Similarly there should be one from Akal Takhat but the available one is a much shorter version just highlighting matters rather than discussing in detail. My concerns were on how to improve this. The committee members seem to be turning a b
  11. Fateh.... Thanks Mer Khalon.... Veer ji...it is not a matter of who is the more humble It is more of a concern on what and how the protocol should be adhered to These may be minor things but we should be keeping the utmost respect esp whilst being in gurudwara (and other places as well) and I noticed that these are not being followed. Suggestions on how to get these improved will be highly appreicated. Talking to the Gurudwara committee doesnt go anywhere. They are present in the gurudwara most of the time and surely ignore this. Fateh .. .
  12. Fateh… A few points on Gurudwara protocol: Appreciate your thoughts/comments and constructive feedback on if I am right in the first place, and how some of these can be improved. 1. Basant: We have any traditional gurudwara in India, where a basant raag shabad is recited at the beginning of kirtan. However I notice that in the UK and USA the ragis don’t follow this. Even ragis who are from India (including Hazoori Ragis) tend to forget this when they are in the West. Should a basant raag shabad not be recited in the west during the months of Jan – Mar. 2. Prashad: In many traditional gurudw
  13. Fateh I am looking for a good recording of Bhai Karanvir Singh UK - Chaupai Sahib Looked around but cant find a decent recording.. Any help appreciated Fateh . . . .
  14. see the link with statement from the beeb http://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/complaint/SundayMorningLive/
  15. I fancy a cup of tea now ;-) However it is not tea time yet..... Can I still have a cup of tea?
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